145+ Adorable Printable Lunch Box Notes to Start the School Year Off Right

Sending your kids off to school is definitely exciting, but it can also be a little sad, especially at the beginning of a new school year.

We absolutely love these adorable Back-to-School Lunch Box Notes Printables and ideas because they can give you a small way to feel connected to your kids while they’re at school!

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What are printable lunch box notes?

Plain and simple, printable lunch box notes are premade notes that you can print on your home printer and quickly put in your child’s school lunch box before they go to school.

Then, when your kiddo opens their lunch box at lunchtime, they’ll find the note you left for them.

Lunch box notes can be funny, encouraging, uplifting, or heartfelt.

Why kids appreciate lunch box notes

Have you ever been amazed at how much joy your kids get from the simplest things?

Then it’s no surprise that kids LOVE getting a special note in their lunch box from time to time.

According to Bonnie Compton, a child therapist and author of Mothering With Courage, lunch box notes can go a long way in making our kids feel special because,

“It is our human nature to want to be acknowledged for who we are, and kids are no different … Imagine how a simple love note tucked into their lunch box or backpack will help brighten their day at school … You’ll be creating wonderful childhood memories for your kids, and maybe one day, they’ll surprise with you a note of your own.”

Also, if words of affirmation or receiving gifts are either of your child’s primary love languages, a printable lunch box note is a perfect way to help them feel loved.

Tips for printable lunch box notes

There are a few super easy tips for making the most of your lunch box notes printable. Keep on reading to check ’em out!

  1. Print your lunch box notes on white card stock. They’ll be much sturdier this way. (And if you want to re-use them someday, consider laminating them too.)
  2. Use sharp scissors or a paper cutter to cut the lunch box notes apart. 
  3. To ensure that your child will see their note, use tape to stick it to an item in their lunch. You could use regular tape, washi tape, sticky tack, or any other type of tape you want!
  4. For that extra special touch, consider adding a short sentence to the back of the note, or signing the note with a simple expression of affection.
  5. Keep all of your remaining lunch box notes clipped together in a safe place, so you’ll have them ready when you need them!

Free lunch box notes printables

The free Back-to-School lunch box notes printable we’ve got for you here at Jen Bradley MOMs are pretty great!

They are 12 different notecards on one sheet of paper, and we’ve included lots of white space to make the lunch box notes as printer-friendly as possible!

Free Printable Library

To get your free copy of the 24 Back-to-School lunch box notes printable, you can click right here or on the image below!

back to school lunch box notes printable

You’ll also get access to the Jen Bradley MOMs Free Printable Library, which contains 24 more encouraging lunch box notes for kids, and over 100 fun printables for kids, holidays, and more!

Back-to-School Free Lunch Box Printables

Here’s an up-close look at the different back-to-school lunch box notes for you!

Learning and growth lunch box notes

The first twelve lunch box notes all have to do with learning, growing, and having a positive attitude.

All of these things are super important to keep in mind during the back-to-school season!

back to school lunch box notes

Here are some ideas for using each of the lunch box notes above:

“I believe in you!” – Perfect for the first day of school, or anytime your child has a quiz, test, or assessment.

“Let your light shine today!” – Encourage your child to be their own unique self as the school year begins!

“You can and you will” – An on-point dose of positivity and confidence for your kiddo.

“You’ve got this!” – Let your child know that you’re behind them one hundred and ten percent.

“Learning has no limits” – Give your child some encouragement to learn as much as they can this school year.

“Hang in there, I’m here for you” – Remind your child that although school can be tough, you are always there to support them. (And who doesn’t love a cute sloth to cheer them up?!)

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“I’m cheering for you” – Sometimes your kids just need to know that you love and support them.

“Mistakes are proof that you’re trying” – Give your kids the permission to learn and grow from their mistakes and help them develop a growth mindset.

“Hope you’re having a super day!” – Perfect for your hero-loving kiddo!

“You totally rule!” – Remind your child that you think they are top-notch.

“Just a note to say I love you!” – Those three little words are so important for kids to hear!

“You can do hard things” – Give your children the reminder that they are often stronger than they think they are!

Affirmations lunch box notes for kids

The second page of lunch box notes is basically short positive affirmations to remind your kids how special they are and how much you love them!

Here’s a closer look:

back to school lunch box notes part 2

“You are a rockstar!” – Let your kids know that you think they’re awesome!

“I love you to the moon and back” – Remind your kids that no matter what happens during the school day, they are loved by you.

“You are my sunshine” – Give your kids the reassurance that they are important to you.

“You rock my world” – Perfect for your kids who need a little confidence boost as the school year begins.

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“You are out of this world” – If you have a child who loves astronomy, this is THE perfect lunch box note for them!

“You are dino-mite” – Made with your little dinosaur-enthusiast in mind!

“Just BEE yourself” – Remind your kids that they are awesome as they are, and they don’t need to change to fit in with the crowd.

“Good Luck – I’m thinking of you” – This one is also perfect for the first day of school or for the first quiz or test of the school year.

“Stand tall” – A cute giraffe reminds your child to stand strong in their beliefs, even if the crowd is doing something differently.

“You can do it” – The quintessential positive affirmation that your kids need to hear!

“I’m so proud to be your mom” – Made especially from moms, this sweet sentiment can boost your kids’ spirits anytime!

“I’m so proud to be your dad” – Especially from dads, this lunch box note can be super meaningful to your kids!

Other ways to use the free printable lunch box notes

One of the great things about these awesome printable back-to-school lunchbox notes is that you don’t have to use them for your kids’ lunchboxes at all!

There are plenty of other places and occasions to give your kids some extra encouragement.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Stick one on your child’s bathroom mirror or on their toothbrush
  • Put a note inside their backpack
  • Have your child use one as an encouraging bookmark
  • Stick them inside your child’s binder or homework folder
  • Laminate them and have your kid stick them inside of their locker at school or in their bedroom closet
  • Put a pair of notes inside their shoes on the first day of school
  • Place a note on everyone’s clean dinner plate at the start of a meal
  • Hide them around the house and have your kids hunt for them
  • Put one inside your kid’s sports bag before a big game

More free printable lunch box notes resources

There are so many other awesome places to find great lunch box notes, too!

Here’s a list of our favorites:

lunch box jokes
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dog lunch notes

From left to right:

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simple lunch notes
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From left to right:

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6 Blank Printable Lunch Box Notes from Picklebums

8 Dinosaur Lunch Box Notes from Frugal Mom Eh!

fun lunch notes
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From left to right:

40 Free Printable Lunch Box Notes from Mom Envy

27 Super Cute Free Printable Lunch Box Notes from This Tiny Blue House

8 Rainbow-Themed Lunch Box Notes for Kids from Eats Amazing

With all of these lunch box notes, you’ll have more than 145 cute notes on hand. That’s almost one for every day of the school year!

Final thoughts about the back-to-school lunchbox note printables

Lunchbox notes are some of our favorite things to help kids feel loved and appreciated because they are so simple and yet super effective!

And that’s what we’re all about here at Jen Bradley|MOMs!

Click right here to get access to the set of 24 free Back-to-School Printable Lunchbox Notes in our Free Printable Library!

If you don’t want to leave your email address, or you want to grab our entire 60-piece lunchbox notes set, they’re available in the JB MOMs Designs Etsy Shop right here!

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145+ Adorable Printable Lunch Box Notes to Start the School Year Off Right145+ Adorable Printable Lunch Box Notes to Start the School Year Off Right145+ Adorable Printable Lunch Box Notes to Start the School Year Off Right145+ Adorable Printable Lunch Box Notes to Start the School Year Off Right

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