What Are the Best Swimsuits for Moms This Year?

Let’s talk about the best swimsuits for moms, shall we?

Now, I know you may not be looking forward to swimsuit season. And, believe me, I totally get it.

It can be difficult for most of us to appear in public almost naked. Go figure. 

And if you’re a mom who is worried about stretch marks, loose skin, a muffin top, saggy boobs, varicose veins, C-section scars, extra pounds, or cellulite, it can be even harder!

But here’s something I want you to know: your kids DO NOT CARE how you look in a swimsuit.

Use the fact that they accept you unconditionally (and this means regardless of your appearance!) as motivation to put on that swimsuit and get out there with them!

While I hope you’ll remember that showing up in a swimsuit is what matters most, there are some really great swimsuits for moms out there that can flatter your figure and help you feel more confident.

Read on and check ‘em out!

As an affiliate, I may make a small commission from the products listed below at no cost to you. 

One-piece swimsuits for moms

Let’s start with one-piece swimsuits first. One-pieces have seen a huge resurgence in popularity over the past few summers – and for good reason!

They often cover more bodily real estate and can come with all kinds of shaping panels, etc. One piece bathing suits also can often be more strategic about patterns, seams, and lines to have a more flattering overall look.

The Striped Ruffle Swimsuit

The ruffle one piece is one of the best swimsuits for momsThere are so many things to love about this bathing suit from Goodnight Macaroon!

First, the vertical lines throughout are very flattering and will elongate the length of your torso. At the same time, the inset with horizontal lines will create the illusion of a well defined waistline.

Finally, the v-neckline in front and back is universally flattering and the ruffle adds a bit of fun to the whole look!

The Knotted Front One-Shoulder Swimsuit 

the one shoulder suit has a lot of old time glamourThis is the perfect swimsuit for moms who want a lot of coverage but still want to feel glamorous!

The full coverage bottom will help you feel tucked in and secure. The glamorous one-shoulder look and knotted front have a certain Marilyn Monroe throwback sexiness as well.

If you love retro or classic fashion, this one is a no-brainer for you (not to mention the under $70 price tag!).

The Santorini Swimsuit

the colorblocking on this swimsuit for moms is so flatteringThe best thing about this best selling swimsuit from Boden is the color blocking, hands down.

First, notice the strong visual waistline created by the perfect placement of the white horizontal stripe.

Also, the brighter colors in the center of the suit draw the eye to the center – leaving the darker colored areas around the edges of the suit to receive less attention.

I own several Boden swimsuits from years past and they still are in fantastic shape. The quality this company provides is top notch!

The Kefalonia Swimsuit 

this gorgeous swimsuit for moms is all about shaping and controlThis gorgeous suit uses color blocking in a similar way as its sister Santorini, but the v-neck and halter style tie here can be even more flattering. 

This suit also features body sculpting support in front and back, plus paneling throughout and lightly padded fixed cups for boob support.

As I mentioned before, Boden swimsuits are super high quality and worth every penny. Mine have lasted for four years and haven’t stretched, faded, or pilled at all.

The Ruffle Sidestroke 

this one shoulder suit is a favorite for sureThe incredibly popular swimsuit for moms from Summersalt (such a cute name, right?!) has been jazzed up a bit with a fun ruffle and some cute contrasting polka dots! Unlike the non-ruffle version, this one has lightly lined soft cups to give you some shaping around the bust. Also, if you like an interesting back to your suit, this one has a unique diagonal keyhole that adds a really fun design element to the whole look.

The Causeway Swimsuit

this is one of my very favorite swimsuits for moms that I personally ownI own this suit myself and I absolutely love it!

It has just enough structure to it to help meet feel supported in all the right places.

It is super fashion-forward with the asymmetric mesh panels – just be sure to apply sunscreen to your stomach before you put it on!

The back is very minimal, but because the straps are adjustable, you can make sure the support is still strong.  

This suit is perfect for a pool or beach!

The Ruched Bandeau 

this timeless bandeau swimsuit is a great choice for momsThis classy suit from J.Crew offers full coverage in the hips and bum, while the ruching up both side seams will do wonders for your figure!

Removable pads and an attachable halter strap make this suit extremely versatile too.

With plenty of colors offered in this best-selling swimsuit, you cannot go wrong with this gorgeous style!

One Shoulder Cut Out Swimsuit 

the cutout one-piece is a fun swimsuits for momsThis fun suit combines the best of both worlds – it looks like a bikini from one side and a one-piece from the other!

Made from eco-friendly fabrics, this J. Crew bathing suit also has removable padding.

The white tipping throughout makes for a classic and crisp silhouette, and a definite must-add to our list of best swimsuits for moms!

there are so many great swimsuits for moms

Two-piece bathing suits for moms

Let me tell you a little secret: You do NOT have to have a perfect body to rock a two-piece, okay?!

And here’s another thing I want you to promise me: please don’t judge any other mom out there who may not have a perfect body and chooses to wear a bikini anyway. If anything, use her confidence as an inspiration for your own.

Okay, with that being said, keep reading to see some really great two-piece bathing suits for moms this year!

Joy Ruched Floral Two-Piece Swimsuit

this two piece swimsuit is perfect for moms!Available in three colors, this is the ideal two-piece swimsuit for moms.

With a flattering high-waisted bottom and cute ruching all over the top, this is sure to flatter almost every figure.

With no underwire, it is sure to be really comfy too.

Finally, this suit is also easy to customize with removable bra padding and removable straps if you’d like to wear the top as a tube top instead!

Sailor Ruffle Two-Piece

this swimsuit for moms is so cute!If you have a smaller chest, this suit from Goodnight Macaroon would be ideal for you (and don’t worry, I know how that feels, ha!)!

With a volume-enhancing ruffle on top and a full-coverage high waisted bottom, this suit will help you to feel super confident!

The perfectly aligned vertical and diagonal striped panels will do wonders for making your thighs look longer and slimmer too.

Samos Cup-Size Bikini Top and Foldover Bottom

this bikini is a great swimsuit for moms who need support on topIt can definitely be difficult to find good fitting and supportive bikini tops, but this one totally solves that problem!

You actually purchase this bikini top by cup size, just as if you are selecting a really great waterproof bra.

The straps are fully convertible to x-back and are also completely removable.

The Eze Foldover bikini bottom is also incredibly flattering and allows you to select how much tummy you’d like to show!

With tons of fun colors and patterns, this suit from Boden is one of my favorite bathing suits for moms this year!

The Marina Two-Piece 

the patterns on this bikini are ultra-flatteringThis eye-catching suit from Summersalt features adjustable straps and soft built-in cups up top.

The high-rise, mid-leg bottom features smoothing panels throughout.

The real standout feature are the diagonal stripes though! They create such a great visual and bring the eye up and away from typical “problem” areas on the body.

Oh, and if you’re not into stripes, there are lots of solid color-blocked options available in this suit as well.

The Plunge Bikini Top and Hipster 

one of my favorite two-piece swimsuits for moms, this pink one is a stunner!This classic bikini from J. Crew is a great choice for anyone who loves that timeless look. The wide band under the cups adds tons of support. With removable pads and adjustable straps, this bikini top is a fantastic choice for moms who are large or small busted. The hipster, or boy-short, bottom provides lots of good coverage and is perfect for those moms who know they’ll spend a lot of time chasing little ones at the pool or beach!
The Forecast: Sunny Skies. Cute Swim! Shop Now!

Mommy and me swimsuits

A great way to encourage yourself to get out there in a bathing suit is to buy mommy and me swimsuits! Your kids will feel so special to have a bathing suit that matches mom’s. 

Eve Pink Feather Trim Swimsuit

these mommy and me swimsuits are so awesome!My girls and I own these swimsuits and we love them!

While Goodnight Macaroon website lists them as a feather trim, it is actually better described as a  a floral trim instead. I’m pretty sure that the floral trim on these swimsuits dries so much better than a feather-trimmed suit would!

For these suits, which are available in black or white, I recommend sizing down for your girls, regardless of what the size chart says! (The adult size chart was spot on for me though.)

After a lot of searching for the best value for the money, these mommy and me swimsuits are my very favorite!

Multi Confetti Sidestroke

this is a beautiful swimsuits for moms - and girls! These adorable Summersalt suits are super popular on Instagram – in fact several girls’ sizes are almost always sold out!

Summersalt has just introduced a bikini version for girls, so that may be another way to get your hands on this sweet matching pair!

Pink Floral Mommy and Me Swimsuits

this swimsuit set includes a match for little boys too!It can certainly be hard to find mommy and me swimsuits for mom and son, but this sweet ensemble is available on Etsy!

If your son isn’t into florals however, there are more father and son combos more readily available online.

my girls and i in our mommy and me swimsuits

Great cover ups (for getting to and from the pool or beach!)

Now, I’m ONLY including this section because I really think you might love some of these beautiful coverups.


Please promise me that you won’t stay covered up the entire time you’re at the beach or the pool. These aren’t for swimming in, okay? Okay.

The white crochet coverup

This is the perfect, classic coverup with a fun crochet twist. Light and airy, it’s sure to coordinate with almost any bathing suit a mom could wear. Pair it with a fun, floppy beach hat and you’ll be looking perfectly ready for a day in the sun.

Long, gauzy coverup

Finding a lightweight, maxi-length coverup can be hard to do. But this gorgeous style from Goodnight Macaroon combines romantic features and perfectly placed crochet trim, ties and other details with a gauze material that is truly stunning. If you have a romantic style this is a wonderful coverup to try!

Rainbow ombre maxi coverup

the rainbow coverup is a favorite for momsThis show-stopping coverup is all about making a splash! The vibrant colors from aqua to the bright red ruffle at the bottom make a statement that you are a mom on a mission to have fun! Not to mention the adorable rainbow tassels hanging from the sleeves. Pair this with any brightly colored bathing suit, some metallic flip flops, and a woven beach bag!

Boho stripes crochet coverup

this coverup is great for those who love boho styleIf you are into the super popular boho-chic style, you’ll love this one! This striped crochet coverup comes in a variety of colors – from the blue and navy you see here to a rust colored version as well. With a short length, this is great for walking along the beach when you don’t want your coverup to get super sandy!

Vertical stripes and tassels coverup

the poncho style coordinates well with most swimsuits for momsWith super flattering vertical stripes and lots of on-trend tassels, this fun poncho-style coverup is perfect for any mom! It is available in three colorways: pink, blue, and grey.


Final thoughts on the best swimsuits for moms

If you are solidly in the camp of not loving swimsuit season, just remember that you do not have to be a runway model to feel comfortable in a bathing suit!

You CAN decide to look at your body – and any or all of its flaws – with compassion towards yourself.

Choose a swimsuit that you absolutely love and wear it with pride! Doing so will teach your children volumes about self-acceptance and confidence.

It will also help them to see that physical appearance isn’t nearly as important as the happy experiences you share with the ones you love.

So throw on that bathing suit, mama, and get out there!

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That’s my roundup of the best bathing suits for moms this summer!

Which ones do you like and why?

What Are the Best Swimsuits for Moms This Year?
What Are the Best Swimsuits for Moms This Year?
What Are the Best Swimsuits for Moms This Year?

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  1. Okay – I am not a mum but I would definitely wear some of these! They are super cute! I especially like (and need) the ones with an underwire haha! I love the stripped ruffle one piece too!

    1. Thanks for reading, Chelsea! Finding the right underwire support in a bathing suit can be tricky – its worth the search though!

  2. I love the striped ruffle suit!! I also love the reminder that kids just want a mom to play with them and dont care about how their mom looks in a swim suit. Let’s go make memories with our kids!

    1. Me too, Melissa! I had to put that one first! And you’re absolutely right – memories matter so much more than our own possible inhibitions!

  3. There are some super cute swimsuits here. I completely agree when you say that our kids don’t care about how we look in that swimsuit! My kids just want me to be present. 🙂

  4. I got my first high-waisted two-piece and I LOVE it. I’ve learned that the most important part of any bathing suit is that it’s swim and tug-safe! kids love testing your suit! ha!

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