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the best swimsuits for moms summer 2020

What Are the Best Swimsuits for Moms This Year?

Let’s talk about the best swimsuits for moms, shall we? Now, I know you may not be looking forward to swimsuit season. And, believe me, I totally get it. It can be difficult for most of us to appear in public almost naked. Go figure.  And if you’re a mom who is worried about stretch

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3 Things You Need to Do to Prevent Summer Learning Loss

Mama, have you heard about summer learning loss and what it means for your kids? Summer learning loss, commonly called the summer slide, is the tendency for the majority of kids to forget some of what they learned during the school year during the summer months. Recent studies show that kids in 3rd-5th grade lose:

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you can create a great summer capsule wardrobe by copying mine right here!

The 33 Piece Easy Summer Capsule Wardrobe You Need to Copy

You’ve been asking, so here is a rundown on everything I’m including in my 2020 summer capsule wardrobe! Before we get started, let’s define what a capsule wardrobe is, shall we? It’s simply a collection of clothes that are carefully selected to compliment one another. Having a capsule wardrobe has made my mom life SO

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a summer bingo board is a great family activity

How to Create an Awesome Family Summer Bingo Board

Creating a family summer bingo board can be a fantastic way to get everyone at your house excited for summer! So, what exactly is a summer bingo board? It’s a fun way to display and keep track of summer activities that you want to do as a family. And when you complete a row or

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home organization secrets to help you save time

5 Home Organization Secrets to Save Time

What mom couldn’t use some organization secrets to help save time, am I right? I’m so excited to have Kasey from www.thatproductivefeeling.com here to share her five ultimate home organization secrets to help us stop wasting time everyday! Before we dig in, I have an awesome new resource for you to help you get more

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3 easy tips to help you become a more fashionable mom

3 Easy Tips to Help You Be a More Fashionable Mom

Have you ever wanted to be a more fashionable mom? If so, you are in the right place, friend! Before we even get started, let me explain something: this is NOT about vanity. The point of becoming a more fashionable mom isn’t to look better than other moms who may still be stuck in frump

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5 Pieces that Will Help You To Look Put Together and Still Feel Comfortable in Your clothes Everyday

5 Awesome Ways to Look Polished AND Feel Comfortable

Do you think it’s possible to look put together and still feel comfortable? It’s a question I’ve been asked many times. As the creator of The Confident Closet, I often hear from women that they don’t want to get dressed in “real” clothes because they just want to be comfortable. This has always been perplexing

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There are lots of indoor activities you can do to stop boredom at home!

Indoor Activities to Stop Boredom for Kids of All Ages

The minute a quarantine order was mentioned for our little town, I started searching for indoor activities to stop boredom for my five kids. With no gymnastics, parkour, homeschool choir, piano, STEM academy, or church activities, I wondered what I would I do to help them fill their time. I’m not a mom who enjoys

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You can boost your productivity with these 4 simple steps

How to Boost Your Productivity during a Pandemic

Here we are, nearly a month into quarantine life, and maybe you’re beginning to wonder: how do I boost my productivity during this pandemic? I feel like I’m drowning under kids and housework! If you’ve been sitting on the couch watching Netflix for so long that you keep getting the “Are you still watching?” message or are

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3 easy steps that will make decluttering clothes quick and painless

3 Easy Steps To Make Decluttering Clothes Painless

Decluttering clothes CAN be a relatively easy (and painless) experience!  Believe me mama, I know the prospect of decluttering clothes can seem overwhelming, especially if your closet looks anything like mine used to.  My Story Four years ago, walking into my closet brought frustration and overwhelm on the daily! My closet was jam-packed with literally

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Hi there! I’m so glad you’re here. I am a mom of five kids who is trying to live a stylishly intentional life. Read More …

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