The Ultimate Camping Scavenger Hunt + 6 Free and Fun Summer Scavenger Hunts

If you’re going camping or need some screen-free fun this summer, your kids will love these great summer scavenger hunts!

Summer is such a wonderful time of year! School’s out, the sun is shining, and there’s so much fun to be had!

These summer scavenger hunts have been designed to help your kids appreciate all the special things that happen during this season – from trips to the pool or amusement park, to going camping and on a summer vacation.  

Additionally, you’ll find that the summer scavenger hunts you’ll find here are perfect for kids of all ages.

There is no reading required, which means even your younger kids can get in on the action!

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Free Camping Scavenger Hunt printables for kids

To grab the Camping Scavenger Hunt or any of the other summer scavenger hunts, click right here or on the image below.

When you do, you’ll gain access to the summer scavenger hunt printables  (as well as more than 100 other great printables for kids too!)

summer scavenger hunt printables

You’ll get these seven different summer-themed scavenger hunts:

  • Camping Scavenger Hunt
  • Summer Scavenger Hunt
  • At the Beach Scavenger Hunt
  • At the Pool Scavenger Hunt
  • Amusement Park Scavenger Hunt
  • 4th of July Scavenger Hunt
  • Summer Vacation Scavenger Hunt

To make everything crystal clear, let’s take a more in-depth look at each of the summer scavenger hunt printables next! 

Camping Scavenger Hunt

If a camping trip is on your list of fun summer activities, be sure to take along this cute camping scavenger hunt!

It would be perfect to occupy your kids while you’re setting up camp or starting the fire.

camping scavenger hunt

Here’s a quick list of every item on the Camping Scavenger Hunt, from top to bottom, left to right:

  • flashlight
  • fire
  • lantern
  • sleeping bag
  • roasting marshmallows
  • compass
  • tent
  • binoculars
  • thermos
  • moon
  • backpack
  • picnic table
  • hiking boots

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Summer Scavenger Hunt

The Summer Scavenger Hunt is perfect for those easy days at home!

You could post this on the fridge or on a bulletin board and let your kids could check these items off throughout the summer months.

summer scavenger hunt

The thirteen items they need to find are:

  • sunshine
  • watermelon
  • beach ball
  • ice cream cone
  • sun hat
  • flip flops
  • sunscreen
  • kite
  • sunglasses
  • popsicle
  • pineapple
  • bathing suits
  • lemonade

At the Beach Scavenger Hunt

If there’s a beach day scheduled for your family during the summer, take along this fun scavenger hunt!

It’ll give your kids something to do while you’re setting up the umbrella, slathering on sunscreen, or laying out beach towels.

at the beach scavenger hunt

Here’s the list of the items they’ll need to find:

  • lifeguard chair
  • sunglasses
  • sailboat
  • beach umbrella
  • snorkel mask
  • seashell
  • palm tree
  • beach ball
  • sand castle
  • beach towel
  • surfboard
  • sunscreen
  • beach hat

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At the Pool Scavenger Hunt

If the pool is your summertime scene, take along this fun scavenger hunt one day to mix it up a little bit!

at the pool scavenger hunt

Your kiddos will need to find these items (listed from left to right, top to bottom):

  • cooler
  • pool float
  • diving board
  • flip flops
  • goggles
  • inner tube
  • beach ball
  • sunscreen
  • ladder
  • flippers
  • beach towel
  • slide
  • no diving sign

Amusement Park Scavenger Hunt 

This super cute Amusement Park Scavenger Hunt would be perfect to do with your kids while you’re waiting in line for the rides!

amusement park scavenger hunt

Here are the thirteen amusement park items to find:

  • roller coaster
  • hot dog
  • bumper cars
  • snack cart
  • cotton candy
  • pirate ship swing ride
  • midway games
  • ferris wheel
  • carousel
  • tickets
  • spinning teacup ride
  • popcorn
  • castle

4th of July Scavenger Hunt

The 4th of July scavenger hunt would be perfect to pull out during an Independence Day barbeque or while you’re waiting for fireworks to begin.

4th of july scavenger hunt

Here’s the quick list of the items your kids need to look for:

  • fireworks
  • American flag
  • popsicle
  • rockets
  • White House
  • balloons
  • sunglasses
  • calendar
  • cupcake
  • flag bunting
  • Statue of Liberty
  • George Washington and Abraham Lincoln
  • patriotic top hat

Summer Vacation Scavenger Hunt

Whether you’re heading to the airport or driving to your summer vacation destination, take along this fun Summer Vacation Scavenger Hunt to keep your kids occupied!

summer vacation scavenger hunt

The featured items on this cute printable are:

  • sunglasses
  • brochure
  • water bottle
  • suitcase
  • car
  • interstate sign
  • map
  • airplane
  • road sign
  • tickets
  • hotel
  • camera
  • backpack

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Variations for these summer scavenger hunts

While you can simply print out the scavenger hunt pages and have your kids find each of the items, you can also make this extra fun with a couple of easy changes:

1. Have a scavenger hunt competition

To have a scavenger hunt competition, divide your family or friends into several small groups.

Then you’ll need enough copies of the same scavenger hunt page for each group.

Give each group the same amount of time to work on the scavenger hunt. They can either cross items off the list as they see them, find and bring back the physical items, or do a photo scavenger hunt (more on that in a minute!).

The group that finds the most items on the page in a specific amount of time is the winner!

2. Organize a photo scavenger hunt

A photo scavenger hunt is lots of fun! For each item on the scavenger hunt checklist, players need to take a picture of themselves with the item.

This means each team will need a phone or other type of camera. Encourage teams to take silly or funny photos for extra points.

And if they can’t find a specific item, they could always take a photo of themselves impersonating it.

For example, if players can’t find a snorkel for the Beach Day Scavenger Hunt or a line of pair of binoculars for the Camping Scavenger Hunt, they could act them out and take a picture instead.

At the end of the scavenger hunt, it’s best to have each team share their collection of photos by screen sharing to a larger screen, such as a television. This way everyone can see each other’s photos more clearly.

You could even give a small prize to the team for the most creative or goofiest photo!

Final thoughts about these summer scavenger hunt printables for kids

Whether you add some extra challenges to these fun summer scavenger hunts, use them for party, or during a screen-free week, or do them all at once or one at a time is totally up to you!

Whatever way you choose to use them, we hope you and your kids really enjoy them and that they help you find some great ways to connect as a family during the summer months this year!

(If you haven’t downloaded them yet, you can get access right here!)

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Will you be using any of the camping scavenger hunt or any of the other summer scavenger hunts this year? 

The Ultimate Camping Scavenger Hunt + 6 Free and Fun Summer Scavenger HuntsThe Ultimate Camping Scavenger Hunt + 6 Free and Fun Summer Scavenger HuntsThe Ultimate Camping Scavenger Hunt + 6 Free and Fun Summer Scavenger HuntsThe Ultimate Camping Scavenger Hunt + 6 Free and Fun Summer Scavenger Hunts

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