Decluttering Your Closet in 3 Simple Steps

You really can declutter your closet in 3 simple steps!

This time of quarantine and staying at home due to the worldwide pandemic is the PERFECT time to buckle down and declutter your closet for good! To get my free printable workbook and video all about this closet decluttering process, simply click here

I know the prospect of decluttering your closet can seem overwhelming, especially if your closet looks anything like mine used to. 

My Story

Walking into my closet brought frustration and overwhelm on the daily! My closet was jam-packed with literally hundreds of shirts, over sixty pairs of shoes and a ridiculous number of unworn pants and shorts. I was completely unable to find anything to wear that I liked, much less put together an outfit that looked decent.

Also, I often felt guilty when I took a good look at my closet. I knew there were SO MANY things that I never wore. Most of those things were pieces I bought myself, so I felt badly that I’d wasted good money on them. Other items were gifted to me by my relatives or friends. A few things were those wishful thinking pieces – the ones I wore as a college cheerleader, hoping that someday I’d find a way to squeeze my mom of five hips back into. 

You are NOT alone

Does this sound at all like you? Do you feel overwhelmed by your closet clutter? It’s okay, mama.  

I’m here to tell you are not alone! In fact, most women in America have 103 items in their closets, according to a 2016 study by ClosetMaid. Of those 103 items, 33% are deemed unwearable or are unworn. And beyond that another 57% of the clothes in our closets are described as being too tight or too loose. That’s 90% of our wardrobe that isn’t serving us well

These survey results show that many women could benefit from decluttering their closets!

Finally, here’s the kicker: of the 41% of women who report not being able to find something in their closet at least once a month, 66% of them go out and BUY MORE NEW CLOTHES to “solve” the problem.


I think you get my point: most of our closets are full to the brim of things we don’t wear.

The benefits of decluttering your closet

I want you to just close your eyes (but keep reading, too, okay?! :)) for a moment and picture your closet completely decluttered. Just imagine how it would look. Your clothes would all have space to breathe and your hangers would be ordered nicely. Every item would have its proper place.

You would be able to open your closet door every morning, take a deep breath, and feel purposeful and intentional. And you’d be able to quickly chose an outfit that flatters you and makes you feel confident.

Ahh … isn’t that nice?

I am telling you from one friend to another, that it is WORTH it to declutter your closet. You are worth it. Repeat after me: I AM WORTH IT. 

There are many psychological benefits to decluttering. In a 2018 Psychology Today article, decluttering is linked to increased confidence and competence. What mom doesn’t need those things, right?!

The very act of decluttering has proven to be energizing, helping us to make quicker decisions and act on the tasks before us. 

To learn about 20 more life-changing benefits of decluttering your closet, read this post here from Marie-Anne at Some of my favorite things that she mentions are being able to save time and actually enjoy putting together an outfit everyday. 

Decluttering your closet in 3 simple steps will have great benefits for you!


Decluttering Your Closet Step 1: Mental Preparation

Now before we get started with the actual physical work of decluttering your closet, we need to do some mental work. 

First, tell yourself that you ARE doing this!

You are capable of conquering your closet clutter! I’m serious. Say this out loud, okay?

Next, resolve to make quick decisions.

The longer you allow yourself to deliberate over a particular piece, the less likely you will be to let it go. 

Accept these three facts: 

1. Keeping an expensive item in your closet will not bring back the money you spent on it. The money is gone. If you don’t wear the piece, let it go too. 

2. You do not need to hold onto clothes to preserve a memory. If you are honestly worried about forgetting the person or event that you associate with that piece, first consider if you have any photos or mementos from the event or of that person. If not, take a photo of that item of clothing. Store all of these types of photos in a folder on your phone called “Memories from clothes.” 

3. If an item is more than two sizes too big or too small, it is likely that piece will be out of style by the time you work yourself back into it. I promise, I’m not trying to sound harsh. I just want to be honest with you – everyone needs a friend who will shoot straight even when it’s difficult. 

Finally, choose a place to donate the clothes that you will be giving away.

Having a destination in mind for these items will help you to feel a sense of purpose and intention with your decluttering. You may even think of a few specific people who would be blessed to receive the items you’ll be parting with that are still in good shape.

Decluttering Your Closet Step 2: Physical Preparation

Okay, are you ready to get to work decluttering that closet?  

The first thing you’re going to do is to put all of your clothes on your bed!

Yep, just dump ‘em all there. Remember, you’ve resolved to work quickly, right? 

I imagine you want to sleep in that bed at night, so this is your insurance that you’ll get this project done. Tell yourself that you are DOING THIS! You are not going put any of these clothes on the floor at the end of the day.

Next, grab 3 large bins, boxes or bags.

They can be 3 of the same type of container or 3 completely different containers. Use whatever you already have on hand. Go ahead and give them labels such as trash, donation, and wait. 

Decluttering Your Closet Step 3: Sort

Now we’re ready to  sort through your clothes quickly. Remember, you need to work quickly and make fast decisions.

The longer you physically touch or hold onto an item, the harder it will be to part with it. We respond to physical touch and sensation in a deeper way than if we just observe something, so make it a point to not pick up each item and examine it for any real length of time. 

Select your favorite items first. 

Go through the piles of clothes and choose all of your favorite items first. Simply put them back in your closet before they get too wrinkly.

These will be the clothes that you wear on repeat, or the ones you often receive compliments on. Take these items off of your bed and and put them back in your closet. 

Next, locate anything that is beyond repair and is not worth donating.

Put these in the bin marked trash. These are the clothes you can quickly identify that are not serving you at all and wouldn’t be a blessing to ANYONE. 

Is the piece torn, frayed, or stained beyond repair? Is it missing a button that’s been lost? Zipper broken?

Stop thinking you’ll get these things fixed. If you didn’t do it within the first two weeks of it needing a repair, that shows the item is simply not that important to you!

You trash pile will probably be a fairly small pile, so jump right in and get it done. 

Let’s move onto the next pile: Donate. 

Now, the vast majority of people let themselves get bogged down right here, but not you!! You are going to keep pushing through, trusting your gut. Believe in your ability to make good decisions. And if you are feeling frustrated, just download my free guide and video to help you along

Identify any item that you have not worn in the past year and place it in the donate box. Ahh! I know that seems hard! But, friend, it’s time to STOP holding onto clothes for those “just in case” moments. 

There is a reason you haven’t worn that piece for a YEAR (or longer). If you don’t like an item enough to wear it right now, you don’t like it enough to keep it.

A few more questions to consider about whether to donate a piece are: 

Do you find yourself pulling and tugging at the neckline or hemline throughout the day? Have you wondered if the color is off for you? Do you wish the material was thicker, or less itchy, or less stiff? If the answer to any of these questions is YES, donate these items too. 

Your pile on your bed should really be dwindling now. This is awesome!

Your donate pile will probably be quite large – and that’s a good thing. Do not be afraid to send very nice or expensive pieces out into the world. I believe that the good we give is always returned in one way or another. 

The fail safe

Now if you are having a hard time with some of your clothes and you just can’t decide what to do with them, I have a fail safe for you! It’s called the WAIT bin. Take all of the remaining clothes on your bed and put them here. 

These are the things you kinda like and think you might wear, but you don’t love them. These are the things you’ve worn a few times in the past year, and that you don’t necessarily love. You could see yourself wearing them if you had at the right pair of pants or the right top to wear with it. 

Put all of these in the wait bin and place that bin somewhere you won’t see it often. Under the bed, in the attic or garage, or in the guest bedroom closet would be perfect. Now, if you find yourself looking for a particular piece, go back and get it out of the bin and return it to your closet. But only take that one piece!

Finally, look at your calendar and set an appointment for yourself six months from now. This will be a reminder to get your wait box and open it up. There will be things in there that you’ve completely forgotten about. If they haven’t crossed your consciousness in six months, give these away too. 


Okay, friend, your bed should now be clear of clothes and you should be celebrating! You have just decluttered your entire closet. I’m so excited for you! You will feel a sense of accomplishment and purpose when you walk into your closet every morning.

Now, if your closet is looking pretty bare, sign up for the waiting list to get into my Capsule Wardrobe Collaboration! I’ll be teaching women just like you how to stop wasting time and money on clothes they don’t wear. We’ll identify your style, learn your perfect color palette, how to shop for your lifestyle, and learn how to buy the best clothes for your body shape and size. Registration for the course begins on Tuesday, April 28th. Head right here to get more info! 

I'm excited to teach you how to declutter your closet in a very simple way!

Let me know – are you going to be decluttering your closet anytime soon? Get my free guide to help you along! 

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66 thoughts on “Decluttering Your Closet in 3 Simple Steps”

  1. Thanks for sharing these practical tips on decluttering. I like the idea of the wait bin. There clothes I have attachment to although I have not worn them in about a year.

    1. I’m so glad to hear it, Bunmi! Yes, putting things out of sight in the wait bin is so helpful! So glad that resonated with you.

  2. It is crazy how much our thoughts play a role in women wanting to keep articles of clothing, even if they are worn. Those statistics are shocking but I totally believe it! My mother-in-law likes to buy me clothes, I’m the daughter she never had. Most of the time, her picks are spot on, but occasionally, there are misses and I feel bad getting rid of them. These are some great tips for decluttering a closet in the quickest, easiest way possible. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks so much for reading, Elizabeth! I can totally see how it would be hard to get rid of those picks from your mother-in-law. You are right, so much of what we hold onto is all in our minds!

  3. Ugh, I really need to do this! And to our kids’ closets as well. Thanks for the reminder. I’ll finally do it as soon as I work up the motivation.

  4. Carletta Shannon

    Decluttering my closet in definitely on my to-do during this shutdown from socializing. This article will definitely be my guide. Your three facts under mental preparation are powerful!

  5. I love your tips and steps to decluttering. I think it’s awesome that you devoted a whole step to mental preparation- it’s So important to decluttering FOR GOOD, and I think so many people overlook it. You’ve definitely motivated me to get to work!

    1. Thanks, Kelly Marie!! I’m so glad to hear it! And you are so right about the mental preparation – it is the foundation for any long-lasting decluttering!

  6. I love your tips and steps to decluttering. Decluttering my closet in definitely on my to-do during this shutdown from socializing.

  7. Clutter drives me crazy, so I am constantly trying to decrease the excess. Thanks for sharing your tips! I especially like the one that keeping an expensive item will not bring the money back. So true!

  8. These are all such amazing tips! I’m pretty good about consistently decluttering my closet, but I’m definitely guilty of hanging on to a handful of pieces that I’ll probably never wear or wear again…I loved your advice about not being able to bring back the money, so just let it go!

    -Madi xo |

    1. Thanks, Madi! That was a big hang up for me too when I first decluttered! That’s awesome that you keep up with yours pretty consistently!

  9. Great info on decluttering. Before I can declutter, I need a closet revamp! One thing I do not agree and I am probably in the minority here…but all clothes come back in style at some point in our lives…I often get upset when I see fashion come back and I got rid of something that I once loved…because of it – then I miss it. Secondly, I have kept some of my favorite pieces since 2014 – it is a great thing because this year I have lost over 10 lbs and fit into all of the items that I once did and boy does it make me not want to beverage and eat like I normally do – and this started before social distancing!

    1. Judean, thank you! I think you are right that many pieces do come back into style over time. But it’s a matter of storing them and seeing them unused for that length of time that I feel is rather draining. That is awesome about your weight loss journey – what a big accomplishment for you! Way to go!

    1. Thanks, Jen! Yes, that was a stretch for me at first, but there were too many times that I “decluttered” but didn’t make a big enough dent because I was too nice! 😉

  10. I need to do this so badly! I’m definitely in the mental preparation stage– I have so many clothes that just don’t fit my lifestyle anymore

    1. Hi Ainsley! That is such an important stage – and so essential!! If you’re looking for more help on identifying your style, come back soon! 🙂

  11. I’ve been meaning to do this for so long but instantly get overwhelmed when I think about tackling it. This is super helpful and makes me feel like I can do it!

    1. Yay, Krystn! That makes me so happy to hear! It can be overwhelming, but having a plan and mental preparation makes a huge difference!

  12. I have decluttered my closet, well my entire home, last year. It is a process for sure. I love your tips for decluttering your closet and it will for sure inspire others to declutter. The 3 facts you wrote about are so true. It is so worth it.

  13. Needed this! I’m currently 1 month postpartum, so I don’t want to get rid of much yet, but after a good amount of time I want to be sure I do a good decluttering of my closet! Will pin to use your tips later 🙂

    1. Sophia, congratulations on your new baby! I hear you .. there definitely is a time and a season for decluttering your closet. Right after baby is not the time for sure! I’m so glad you brought that up. Thanks for pinning and best wishes for these next few weeks and months with your little one!

  14. Whoa this article is really good. It was eye opening to read the three facts one has to accept. Especially the one about holding on to clothes for memory. Some hard truths but very needed. Thank you!

  15. “Keeping an expensive item in your closet will not bring back the money you spent on it.” You mean my over the top shoe collection isn’t an investment? :).
    Seeing that in writing just gave me the motivation to get rid of a few pairs. Thank you!

  16. I love these tips! Especially the part about not having to keep something to preserve a memory! I’ve definitely been guilty of that!

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