How to Deep Clean Your Bedroom in 7 Simple Steps

Whether you’re spring cleaning or your bedroom just needs a deep clean, this guide will help you get your bedrooms sparkling!

You can choose to deep clean your bedrooms room by room or task by task – it is entirely up to you! 

Let’s take a look at the tasks involved:

Deep Clean Bedroom Checklist

  • Wash bedding
  • Dust light fixtures and ceiling fan
  • Clean air vents 
  • Spot clean ceiling
  • Refresh mattresses
  • Clean doors and doorframes
  • Spot clean walls
  • Clean light switches and doorknobs
  • Wash curtains
  • Dust curtain rods
  • Polish furniture
  • Clean windows and window tracks
  • Clean baseboards
  • Steam clean carpet/rugs or mop floor

Every time you deep clean any room, it’s important to work from top to bottom, so we’ll get started with the ceiling and light fixtures and finish our bedroom deep clean by taking care of the flooring. 

Here’s a look at how we’ll break down the bedroom deep cleaning cleaning checklist into 7 simple steps: 

  1. Wash bedding
  2. Clean everything up high
  3. Refresh mattresses
  4. Clean doors and walls
  5. Wash curtains and clean windows
  6. Polish furniture
  7. Clean the floor

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clean bedroom checklist

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Supplies for deep cleaning your bedroom

To make your deep cleaning go as smoothly as possible, it’s a great idea to gather these supplies in advance: 

extendable duster

an old sheet

baking soda

vacuum with attachments

zip ties

microfiber cloths

furniture polishing solution

microfiber cloths for glass

microfiber mittens

an old pair of grilling tongs (see the blind cleaning instructions to check if you need these)

Magic Erasers (if using)

disinfecting wipes

all-purpose cleaning spray

glass cleaning spray

a broom

steam mop (if you have tile or hardwood)

steam cleaner (if you have carpet or rugs)

Okay, once you have your supplies ready, it’s time to dive right in and get to work! Let’s do this! 

deep clean bedding

Step 1: Wash bedding

The first thing you want to do to deep clean your bedroom is to strip your bed all the way down to the mattress. 

Gather your sheets, pillowcases, and decorative pillow covers. (If you have a bed skirt or ruffle, take that off too!)

Run everything through the washing machine and dryer as instructed on the product label – and make a trip to the laundromat for your duvets if needed! 

Once your bedding is in the laundry, it’s time to get working up high!

spring cleaning bed

Step 2: Clean up high

It’s really important to work top to bottom as you deep clean your bedroom because you don’t want dirt and dust to fall on lower surfaces you’ve already cleaned!

Light fixtures and ceiling fans

Start by spreading an old sheet underneath your light fixture or ceiling fan to catch any dust that’ll fall. 

Use an extendable duster to carefully dust every possible surface of your fixture or fan. 

Finally, be sure to check your lightbulbs and switch out any that need replaced.

Spot clean ceiling

If you have a circle or patch of dirt on the ceiling around your fan or near the air vents, here’s a simple ladder-free way to get your ceiling clean again: 

First, soak a large microfiber cloth or hand towel in hot, soapy water. 

Then wring it out well and wrap it around the end of a broom, securing it with a zip tie. 

Use your broom to reach up to the ceiling and rub the soapy cloth over the dirt marks to get your ceiling nice and clean again!

(To prevent dirt rings on the ceiling in the future, dust your ceiling fans at least once a month!) 

Knock down cobwebs

While you’re cleaning the ceiling, use a broom or extendable duster to knock down any cobwebs. 

Be sure to check every corner where the walls meet the ceilings.

Air conditioner vents

Use your vacuum’s extendable brush attachment to vacuum any dust that has accumulated in and around this area. 

Remember, if you have dirt marks on the ceiling around your air conditioner vents, use the broom and soapy cloth method described in the section for ceiling fans and light fixtures above. 

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spring cleaning simplified ebook

Step 3: Mattress refresh

Once you’ve finished the ceiling, it’s time to give your mattress some attention while it’s completely bare!

To remove any odors and to give your mattresses a refresh, gently sprinkle 4-8 spoonfuls of baking soda over the top of your mattress, depending on the size of your bed. 

You want to have a light dusting of baking soda over the entire surface.

Let it sit for 30-60 minutes while you continue to deep clean the rest of your bedroom.

Then vacuum the entire surface of your mattress really well with the extendable attachment arm or brush. 

deep clean bedroom nightstand

Step 4: Clean doors and walls

After you’ve sprinkled your mattresses with baking soda for a great refresh, it’s time to focus on cleaning the doors and walls of your bedroom.

Clean doors and doorframes

To clean doors and doorframes, begin by using your extendable duster to get any accumulated dust that may be laying on top of the door frame.

Don’t forget to dust around closet doors too! 

It’s a great idea to put an old sheet or towel on the ground to catch the dust as it falls. This will prevent more mess to clean up when you tackle the floors! 

Using a Magic Eraser (remember to test in an inconspicuous area if you have doors that aren’t white!), wipe any dirty areas of your door or door frames. 

Pay particular attention to the area around the doorknob, and if you have young kids at home, look for smudges around knee height or lower!

Clean doorknobs, handles, and light switches

Take the time to carefully wipe all doorknobs, knobs, handles, and light switches with a disinfecting wipe. 

(If you have kids who want to help, this is a good job for them to do!)


Look carefully at your walls for dirt smudges, fingerprints, pencil or pen marks, and more. Use a damp, soapy cloth or a simple Magic Eraser to spot clean walls as needed. 

If you’ll be using a Magic Eraser, be sure to test the colorfastness of the paint on your walls in an inconspicuous area first! 

deep clean bedroom windows

Step 5: Wash curtains and clean windows

Once your bedding has made its way through the laundry, you’ll also want to wash your curtains as well. 

(If you want to make this task super easy in the future, it’s a great idea to hang your curtain with clip rings that allow you to simply clip and unclip your curtain from the rod – without having to dismantle the curtain rod itself!)

As you’re taking your curtains down, but sure to give the curtain rod a quick wipe with a microfiber cloth to get rid of any accumulated dust!

Throw your curtains into the washing machine according to the washing instructions on the product label.

Finally, set a chime or a timer to get them out of the dryer right when they’re finished, so you (hopefully) won’t have to iron them! 

Cleaning blinds

Cleaning blinds can be a LOT of effort! Depending on how dirty they are, you have three options:

  1. give your blinds a good dusting
  2. take them down and wash them
  3. hire a local professional to clean all of your blinds and windows (inside and out!)

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how to deep clean your bedroom

Dusting blinds

The quickest option for dusting your blinds is to purchase a pair of microfiber dusting mittens. This way you can simply put on the dusting mitt and run each blind through your fingers! 

If you’d prefer to DIY your blinds dusting instead, wrap two microfiber cloths around the separate ends of an old pair of grilling tongs. Secure the cloths in place with rubber bands. 

Then place one blind in between your wrapped tongs and rub back and forth. 

This is time-consuming but is very thorough and effective.

(If you have mini-blinds, don’t use the tongs as there isn’t enough room in between each blind. Instead, just rub your blinds well with a microfiber cloth or mitten.) 

Washing blinds

If you have mini blinds or wood-look blinds (NOT true wood blinds!), here are a few good ways to wash them:

First, start by removing your blinds.

This is easily done by gently pulling off the faux wood valance at the top and unlatching both of the side clips.

(Large blinds can be heavy, so be sure to have a helper if needed!) 

If the weather is pleasant and you have a clothesline, you can take your blinds outside and simply hose them down. 

If you’d rather wash them inside, prepare a bathtub with warm, soapy water and gently place your blinds in the tub. 

Depending on the size of your blinds and your tub, you may be able to soak several sets of blinds at once. 

Let them soak for about 30 minutes.

Then hang them from the shower curtain rod using plastic coat hangers, and rinse them with the shower sprayer. 

Be sure to put some towels down outside of the tub, because some water will definitely splash back towards you! 

(You can have your kids put on bathing suits and get in the shower behind the blinds when you do this! Make it a blind-washing party!)

If you do have true wooden blinds, simply polish them with furniture polish. Don’t ever get them wet!

Window tracks 

Even though you may keep your windows closed all the time, it is amazing how much dirt can accumulate in the tracks!

To clean your window tracks, start by opening your window and vacuum up all of the loose dirt that you can.

Then spray all-purpose cleaner liberally into the window track. 

Let this sit for 10-15 minutes and then wipe clean with a paper towel or microfiber cloth. 

Use an old toothbrush to clean the corners and crevices. 


Using the amazingly refreshing homemade glass cleaner from Spring Cleaning Simplified (or your favorite store-bought glass cleaner), spray and wipe your windows with a fine-wale microfiber cloth. 

Window sills

Wipe down window sills with a microfiber cloth. If there is any buildup of dust or dirt, use a cloth dipped in warm, soapy water instead. 

polish bedroom furniture

Step 6: Polish furniture, etc.

Now that you’ve cleaned the outer shell of your bedroom, it’s time to clean the items within! 

Polish furniture

Using the homemade furniture polish recipe from the first section of Spring Cleaning Simplified (or your favorite store-bought furniture polish), clean all of the furniture in your bedroom thoroughly. 

Spray a bit of polish on the surface of your furniture and rub softly with a thick microfiber cloth. 

You’ll want to be sure to take books off of bookshelves and lamps off of nightstands. 

Also, take the time to wipe down wooden bed rails, dressers (on the top AND sides), and wooden mirror frames too.

Clean mirrors/glass

Using the homemade glass cleaner from Spring Cleaning Simplified (or your favorite store-bought glass cleaner) and a fine-wale microfiber cloth for glass, wipe down any mirrors in your bedroom.

Also wipe down the glass in any picture frames too. 

bedroom desk

Step 7: Clean floors

Here we are at the very last step! You can do this!

Clean baseboards

You’ll love this stand-up method for cleaning baseboards! 

First, vacuum your baseboards using the hand and small brush attachment to collect any loose dust.

Next, dip a hand towel into a big bowl of warm, soapy water and wring it out well. 

Wrap the wet towel around the end of your broom and secure it in place with a zip-tie just as you did for cleaning the ceiling.

Stand up and scrub all of your baseboards with your towel-wrapped broom!

Clean intakes

Begin by vacuuming the air intakes with a brush-end hand attachment for your vacuuming. 

If needed, use the stand-up towel-wrapped broom method for cleaning baseboards describe above!

Clean floors

This is the LAST step in deep cleaning your bedroom! It’s really important, so don’t leave it out! 

If you have tile or wood floors, begin by sweeping your floors thoroughly to get any loose dirt up.  Be sure to sweep behind any doors and furniture since this is a deep clean!

Next, mop your floors. This awesome steam mop from Bissell gets amazing reviews and is perfect for both hardwood and tile!

If you have carpet or rugs, begin by picking up anything you possibly can and move it into a hallway. This could include things like ottomans, small chairs, laundry hampers, small storage containers, hat boxes, chevelle mirrors, and more. 

Then vacuum your carpet well. Be sure to use the skinny attachment wand to get into the crevices between the carpet and baseboards and around furniture. 

Once you’ve detail-vacuumed, it is highly recommended to steam clean your carpet next! We love this steam cleaner from Amazon. It can clean 2-3 bedrooms before needing to be refilled and always does a great job getting up dirt from the carpet. 

If you don’t own a steam cleaner, you can typically rent one for a small fee from your local grocery store or big box store. (But with kids – and if you have pets, too – it is often worth the investment to purchase your own steam cleaner!)

After you’ve finished steam cleaning your carpets, turn on the ceiling fan to help speed up the drying process and move on to the next bedroom!

finish your deep cleaning

Finishing up

Once your carpets are dry to the touch (usually within 4-5 hours) you can remake beds and rehang your curtains. 

It’s best to wait 8-10 hours or overnight before you put smaller furniture items back where they belong. 

Final thoughts on how to deep clean your bedroom

Because bedrooms are the least public places in our homes, they often become a low priority when it comes to deep cleaning.

But taking the time to refresh your bedroom is absolutely worth the effort! 

Not only does having an uncluttered and orderly bedroom contribute to better sleep, but a clean bedroom can also have a positive impact on your mood – right from the moment you wake up!

I’d love to hear how this process of deep cleaning your bedrooms goes for you. Don’t forget to download the free Deep Clean Bedroom Checklist before you get started!

how to spring clean your bedroom

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What else would you add to the list for how to deep clean a bedroom? 

How to Deep Clean Your Bedroom in 7 Simple StepsHow to Deep Clean Your Bedroom in 7 Simple StepsHow to Deep Clean Your Bedroom in 7 Simple StepsHow to Deep Clean Your Bedroom in 7 Simple StepsHow to Deep Clean Your Bedroom in 7 Simple StepsHow to Deep Clean Your Bedroom in 7 Simple Steps

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