24 FREE Encouraging Lunchbox Notes for Your Kids

These fun, free printable lunchbox notes for your kids are an easy way to show them a little extra love and support!

Adults all seem to appreciate receiving little tokens of love and support – and the same is true for our kids, too! These encouraging lunchbox notes for kids are a perfectly simple way to do just that!

Why kids love receiving lunchbox notes

Have you ever seen your kids make a big deal out of something small?

Of course, you have!

Just recently my six-year-old daughter was so thrilled about finding a roly-poly at our AirBnB near Dallas. After all the fun things we did in the city that weekend, the thing that she was most excited about was playing with a little roly-poly!

Kids love little lunchbox notes for so many reasons:

  • your kids will feel extra loved
  • it’s a little unexpected surprise
  • it helps your kids feel affirmed or encouraged
  • it’s something small to make an ordinary day feel special
  • your kids will feel that they’re not on their own at school

We’re totally convinced, that just like that little roly-poly, lunchbox notes do have the power to make your kids’ day – or even their entire vacation!

Free Printable Encouraging Lunchbox Notes

Here in the Jen Bradley|MOMs Free Printable Library, we’ve got 24 adorable encouraging lunchbox notes for you to download and print for free!

You’ll get one page of notes that are full of encouragement, and another page of cute food puns too! To get access, click right here or on the image below!

free encouraging lunchbox notes for kids

Quick and easy How-To tips

Once you’ve got access to your lunchbox notes, here are a few tips that can help you get the best use out of them:

  1. Print them out on heavy paper, such as cardstock
  2. Cut all of your notes with scissors or a paper cutter right away. This way they’ll be ready for future use anytime you need them!
  3. Tape the lunchbox note to the food packaging or inside your child’s lunchbox so your kid will see it.
  4. Write a simple, personalized message on the back to make it extra special.

Of course, lunchbox notes are great for making any random day feel special.

sweet lunchbox notes for kids

It’s also a fantastic idea to stick a special lunchbox note in your child’s lunchbox on a day when they need a little extra encouragement, such as:

  • the first or last day of school
  • the day of a big test
  • it’s their birthday
  • after they’ve faced some type of disappointment
  • it’s a special family day
  • it’s a holiday when they’re still in school, like Valentine’s Day
  • if they’re having a hard time with friends
  • it’s their first day at a new school
  • it’s the day before a holiday break or family vacation

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Ideas for using the food pun lunchbox notes

There are twelve really cute food pun lunchbox notes included in the free printable pages, which we think are really fun.

These notes would be most effective if they were attached to the food mentioned on the note!

Here are the 12 sayings we’ve used, and some ideas of what food you could attach them to:

“Orange you glad it’s lunchtime?” – attach this to orange slices, a small clementine orange, or an orange-flavored drink

“Peas enjoy your lunch!” – perfect for sugar snap peas in a small container or snack bag

food pun lunchbox notes

“I love you from my head to-ma-toes” – stick this note to a container of grape tomatoes, caprese skewers, or a salad with tomatoes

“I’m totally nuts about you” – attach this to a bag of peanuts, almonds, cashews, pistachios, etc. (Of course, make sure your child isn’t at a nut-free campus before using this one!)

“You are one smart cookie” – perfect for a bag of store-bought cookies or a homemade cookie in a container after your child receives a good grade

“We were mint to be together” – stick this note to an after-dinner mint or a stick of gum

“Hope you’re having an egg-cellent day” – attach this to hard-boiled eggs or a chef salad

“Olive you, no matter what” – perfect for a piece of supreme pizza or a container of black or green olives

“You are always a big dill to me” – stick this cute note to a dill pickle or a sandwich with a few pickle slices

“You’ve got a peach of my heart” – attach this to a peach, a cup of canned peaches, or leftover peach cobbler in a thermos

“Muffin compares to you” – perfect for any type of muffin, whether for breakfast, snack time, or lunch

“You are the raisin I smile”- stick this to a box of raisins, a container of ants on a log, or a few pieces of cinnamon raisin bread

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Other ways to use lunchbox notes

One of the great things about these awesome printable lunchbox notes is that you don’t have to use them for your kids’ lunchboxes at all! There are plenty of other places and occasions to give your kids some extra encouragement.

Here are a few ideas:

  • Stick one on your child’s bathroom mirror or on their toothbrush
  • Put a note inside their backpack
  • Have your child use one as an encouraging bookmark
  • Laminate them and have your kid stick them inside of their locker at school or in their bedroom closet
  • Put a pair of notes inside their shoes one morning before school
  • Place a note on everyone’s clean dinner plate at the start of a meal
  • Hide them around the house and have your kids hunt for them
  • Put one inside your kid’s sports bag before a big game

Final thoughts about encouraging lunchbox notes for kids

Lunchbox notes are some of our favorite things to help kids feel loved and appreciated because they are so simple and yet super effective! And that’s what we’re all about here at Jen Bradley|MOMs!

Click right here to get access to the set of 24 free printable lunchbox notes for kids in our Free Printable Library!

If you don’t want to leave your email address, or you want to grab the entire 60-piece lunchbox notes set they’re available in our Etsy shop right here!

lunchbox notes product

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What are your thoughts on these free lunchbox notes for kids?

24 FREE Encouraging Lunchbox Notes for Your Kids24 FREE Encouraging Lunchbox Notes for Your Kids24 FREE Encouraging Lunchbox Notes for Your Kids24 FREE Encouraging Lunchbox Notes for Your Kids24 FREE Encouraging Lunchbox Notes for Your Kids

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