7 Styles that Flatter Every Figure

Sometimes it’s nice to know that there are styles out there that will flatter ANY shape.

If you’ve ever searched Pinterest for fashion advice, you’re sure to have seen loads of great articles about the “Best Styles for an Hourglass Shape,” or “What to Wear if You’re a Pear.” Don’t get me wrong, I love those articles! In fact, I relied heavily on them when I was curating my capsule wardrobe. But sometimes it’s nice to know that there are styles that flatter EVERY figure. While you might think that clothing that works for every body shape might sound like a unicorn at the end of a rainbow, be ready to be excited, my friend! 

The 7 styles below are VERY common and super easy to find! Actually, the reason that these styles are so popular is because such a large number of women can wear them comfortably and confidently. You may want to grab a notebook to start making a shopping list as you read! 

Choose from these 7 styles that flatter every figure and you will feel confident that you've made a good choice!


1. The A-Line Dress

This style is often called “fit and flare.” This simple silhouette has seams that taper to the waist and then extend into a fuller skirt of varying length. The waistline falls right at the natural waist.

A-line dresses can be found everywhere because they are such a traditional style. In fact, they were first made popular by Christian Dior just after World War II! The princess cut and the wrap dress are very common iterations of the A-line dress that we see everywhere today. And if we’re being technical, dresses called fit-and-flare often a fuller skirt than a typical A-line dress.  

A-line dresses can be any length, and the best length for you depends on your height. For those who are petite, aim for a shorter hemline, at or above the knee. The skater dress style that is popular right now is a great example of a perfect a-line dress to flatter shorter women. For those who are tall, a midi-length A-line dress is a fantastic and widely-available option. For those of medium height, A-line dresses that fall around the knee will be the most flattering. Banana Republic is a great store for finding a good, high-quality, flattering A-line dress.

If you aren’t much of a dress person, try an a-line skirt instead. The fulness of the skirt is entirely your choice, but a simple a-line corduroy or denim skirt would be fantastic for fall. Tweed skirts are perfect for winter, and lighter fabrics such as chino are great for spring and summer. If you like a more feminine style, go for a fuller skirt with some flounce or ruffle at the hem. 

2. Bootcut Jeans

Let’s all sing praises that this silhouette is coming back in style again! I remember being mystified when the whole skinny jean phenomenon began six or seven years ago. Why, you ask? Because there are just so few women who can wear skinny jeans well. I am glad to say that I held onto my fave pair of bootcut jeans and can’t wait to pull ’em back out. 

What makes a bootcut pant one of the styles that flatter every figure? It’s the slight flare at the hem of a bootcut trouser that draws the eye downward and lengthens the look of the leg. This lengthening effect is a positive thing for almost every size and shape and makes bootcut jeans one of the styles that flatter every figure. 

If you are tall, embrace it, sister! Let yourself look even taller with a bootleg jean or pant. 

And remember: any wide leg pant paired with a pointed toe will make you look like you have legs for days!

My favorite place to shop for jeans is Nordstrom, hands down. Their selection is enormous! I’ve never lived in a town large enough to support a store like Nordstrom, but their shipping and return policy is extremely convenient. I recommend Paige Denim too!

3. Dark, Straight, Cropped Trousers

Of all the styles mentioned in this post, this is the trickiest one to get right. All body types can be flattered by a dark denim or a black straight pant that is cropped no more than ONE INCH above the ankle. Hold to this rule, my friend! 

Also, it’s important to avoid anything where the hemline hits on your shin, as this is the widest part of the lower leg. Creating a horizontal line at this point just isn’t flattering. 

I know everyone wants to pair their rolled or cropped jeans with a cute bootie, but remember, if you are a petite pear or apple shape, booties are probably not the best look for you. They tend to create a horizontal visual line right where you want to create a smooth silhouette that adds height. Try some super-trendy loafers, flats, or over-the-knee boots instead. 

4. Cropped, Structured Jackets

Be sure that you own at least one coat or jacket that falls no farther than your natural waistline. This creates the appearance of a much-needed waistline for all those straight and round shaped ladies and emphasizes the curves of the hourglass and pear shaped woman. 

This silhouette is often the go-to for denim and Moto jackets. You want defined shoulders and straight sleeves to really keep the emphasis on your waist and away from your arms. Look for a large selection of cropped jackets at Nordstrom or online at Zappos

If you live in a very warm climate and don’t need a ton of outerwear, it is also quite easy to incorporate this silhouette into your wardrobe. Opt for a simple cropped cardigan if you want a lighter layer that flatters your waistline. Boden, a UK clothing company, offers a beautiful cashmere cropped cardigan in a variety of colors here

5. V-neck Tops

This is THE universally flattering neckline. Whether you are large or small-busted, narrow shouldered or have a rectangular, athletic build, this is a must-try style. As long as the vee isn’t too deep (I’m talking to you, you full-busted ladies!), this neckline is perfect for drawing the eye up toward the face.

You can find v-neck henleys, v-neck long-sleeve or short-sleeve tees, and v-neck sweaters everywhere, so be sure to try on a few and see how deep of a vee you prefer. You can also easily create a v-neck silhouette with a button-up shirt that you leave unbuttoned down to the second or third button. 

6. Pointed Toe Footwear

Wearing pointed toe footwear is one of the simplest ways to lengthen your legs. Look for pointed toe flats, booties, boots, loafers, mules, pumps – the options are almost limitless.

No matter your body shape, elongating the leg is a desirable effect. This makes pointed toe footwear a must for our list of styles that flatter every figure! 

You may think a pointed toe is less comfortable, but I actually feel the opposite. I highly prefer the feeling that not all of my toes are pushed up to the top edge of my shoe! Plus, the sophistication of a pointed toe is hard to pass up! My absolute favorite shoe of all time is the Sam Edelman Hazel pump below. There is nothing more timeless than a beautiful black high-heeled shoe! 

If a pointed toe is too extreme for you, try an almond shape. It is halfway between the round and point and is a great way to transition. Almond shaped footwear can be a little harder to find, but if you’re not down with the pointed toe, it’ll be well worth the search! These boots by Frye are a great example of an almond-shaped toe. 

If you haven’t shopped for shoes at Zappos, definitely give them a try! Their shipping is lightning fast, returns and exchanges are a breeze, and their customer service is top notch.

7. Monochromatic Outfits

Not only is a one-color outfit super sophisticated, it is also incredibly slimming. Try pairing your favorite pair of jeans with a chambray or denim shirt. For a fun pop of color, add an interesting skinny belt to create or emphasize the waistline. Pair gray wide-leg trousers with a gray v-neck sweater for a classy daytime look.

Look in your closet and see what tops and bottoms of similar color you could pair together. You may be surprised how easy this look would be for you to pull off. Look for neutral colored bottoms you already own – white, cream, camel, navy, or black. Now, see if you have solid-colored tops in a similar color; I’m almost willing to bet that you do!

Also, this monochromatic look is one reason why the jumpsuit is so popular right now. If you haven’t tried a jumpsuit yet, definitely give it a go!

So there’s the list of 7 styles that flatter every figure! What styles do you already love or want to try?

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Choosing from these 7 styles that flatter every figure is a great idea for anyone seeking style advice.

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