3 Easy Tips to Help You Be a More Fashionable Mom

Have you ever wanted to be a more fashionable mom?

If so, you are in the right place, friend!

Before we even get started, let me explain something: this is NOT about vanity.

The point of becoming a more fashionable mom isn’t to look better than other moms who may still be stuck in frump mode, okay? 

Nope, not one bit. 

Instead, let’s be sure that your desire to  become more fashionable is based on a goal to increase your self confidence and improve your mental health

It’s been shown time and time again that how we feel about our looks has a huge impact on how we feel about ourselves overall

And I want to empower you to be the most confident, purposeful mom you’ve ever been!

Taking responsibility for my physical appearance has made a huge difference in my mom life. Keep reading to find out how! 

Here’s My Story

In 2016, I had just had my fifth baby. I remember dragging myself into my closet each morning after a night of “mom sleep.” (You know those nights well, I’m sure!)

I’d stand there in front of 75+ shirts, boatloads of jeans, skirts, dresses, and more than fifty pairs of shoes. Some of those clothes hanging there were over 15 years old and had moved with us multiple times! 

Looking at my closet, I felt incredibly overwhelmed. I would tell myself that nothing looked good on my body or that I had NOTHING to wear, and walk out.

And then …  I’d pull on the same yoga pants from the day before and one of my husband’s baggy tee shirts.

Nothing changed – except that I began to feel worse about my appearance (and myself!) as the days went by. 

Is your closet overflowing and overwhelming? Sign up for my FREE mini course that will help you get rid of the closet clutter and organize your wardrobe for good! 

Sure, I’d experienced the miracle of growing and giving birth to a real, live human, but I still felt disappointed with the way my shape had changed. I wasn’t ungrateful – just being real.

And you know what one of the craziest things was?

The non-solution

To help myself “feel better” about my wardrobe woes, I’d often go to the store and buy. more. clothes! I’d grab whatever looked cute on the rack, something trendy I’d seen a friend wearing, or something I’d seen on Pinterest.

I can’t even tell you how many times those retail therapy pieces ended up in the back of my closet. Instead of helping me to feel better, they quickly contributed to the clutter! 

My efforts to be a more fashionable mom by buying new clothes did help at all! 

And of course after a day or two, I’d go back to my friendly, but unflattering yoga pants and big, old t-shirt. Frump mode was in full effect, and I was so discouraged!

learning to be fashionable mom can be very easy!


The idea

One day I realized that I could take some initiative and start learning about what clothes would look good on my new shape. I also decided I could learn what colors would complement my skin tone, hair and eyes the best. 

I’ve always believed that knowledge brings power and confidence, so I started to do some research into style and fashion.

I wasn’t looking for the cute, trendy things everyone was wearing.  Instead, I wanted to know how to become more fashionable so I could feel better about myself.

I researched every night for months. And as I learned how to flatter my body shape, dress to compliment my coloring, and how to style my clothes better, I started to feel my confidence grow.

3 tips to being a more fashionable mom

Here are the three most beneficial things that helped me to make the switch away from my frumpy clothes and to start becoming a fashionable mom:

#1. Learning about Color

Learning what colors best complimented my skin, eyes, and hair made a huge impact on what I wear!

I read hundreds of blogs about what color season I belong to with my fair skin, mousy brown hair and blue eyes.

There was so much information to digest. I was very unsure if I was making correct judgments, so I finally hired an Australian color and style consultant to help me.

When she told me that black was a color to avoid, I almost fainted. At that time, I felt like half of my wardrobe was black!

But then I realized that on the days I wore black, I often received comments from (well-meaning) friends like this:

“Oh, Jen, you look so tired.”

“Are you feeling okay today? You’re paler than normal.”

And while I’m sure I WAS tired (what mom of a newborn isn’t?), I realized it was the black clothing close to my face that wasn’t flattering.

Changes in How I Shop

Once I learned what colors look best on me, I have so much more confidence when shopping for clothes!

I don’t buy red or hot pink because they make my skin appear blotchy and uneven. I stick with soft, muted colors. Navy blue is my new BFF. Yellows and oranges are out because they bring out yellow in my skin tone. Do you see how life changing this can be?

Learning the colors that are ideal for my skin tone, eyes, and hair was a huge step in switching from frump mode to fashionista!

Personal Color Consultations Available

In the most common color analysis systems there are twelve different color palettes: three different palettes based on each of the four seasons.

The palettes have names like soft summer, deep autumn, light spring and cool winter.

Factors such as undertones in the skin, hair, and eyes are taken into consideration in determining which color palette is best. Also important is understanding value contrast between these same features.

Over the past couple of years, I have learned how to do color consultations for others because I love it so much!

the personal color consulation will help you feel more confident choosing your mom outfits

If you are interested, check out the Personal Color Consultation that is now available to you right here in my shop!

I would absolutely love to help you gain confidence in knowing what colors to shop for – and get a great deal, since my prices are a fraction of what you will find elsewhere! 

#2. Learning about Body Shape

The next step to becoming a more fashionable mom is learning what clothes look best on your body shape.

As moms, there’s no doubt that our bodies go through many changes in shape over the years!

From pregnancy, to possibly nursing, to postpartum and beyond, our amazing bodies adapt and change in miraculous ways. 

And while it is a miracle, it can be hard to know how to dress for our body shape if it is always changing, right?

The Clothing Industry

In addition, while most women’s clothing is manufactured for the “ideal” hourglass shaped woman, the majority of women are not that shape at all!

This is why the hunt for the perfect pair of jeans feels like searching for a needle in a haystack!

There are many different classifications used to describe the main female body shapes. You may have heard other women describing themselves as a pear, apple, or banana shape.

Why fruit? I have no idea.

In my opinion, the best body shape analyses are based on actual shapes: rectangle, triangle, circle, inverted triangle, etc.

Dressing to flatter your body shape involves balancing your proportions with the shape, color, and pattern of your clothes.

Once you know your shape, this is actually really easy to do!

body shape analysis productIf you don’t want to take the time to do all the research, check out my Body Shape Analysis service! It costs less than $12 and the knowledge you will gain will save you SO MUCH money in clothes over the years to come. 

Changes in How I Dress

Learning that I am rectangle-shaped meant that I started half-tucking in my shirts or wearing a skinny belt to accentuate the fact that I do have a waist line! I now choose coats and dresses with belts. V-necks are most flattering on me, as well as any top that adds some volume around my bust.

Understanding how to dress for my body shape has been incredibly helpful. It was a matter of taking measurements correctly and spending some time to learn what is most commonly recommended for my shape.

The body shape analysis and color consultation were by far the most important things in helping me gain confidence in how I dress.

And it has been super helpful to these amazing ladies who have participated in my premium online course, The Confident Closet as well:


If you are interested identifying your body shape and perfect color palette, check out my shop here! I am currently taking new clients!

#3. Learning a Few Style Tips

Taking the time to learn a few basic style tips can definitely have a long-term positive effect on helping you become a more fashionable mom.

Have you ever had those days when you feel like you are just wearing clothes? And other days you really feel like you’re wearing an outfit? There’s a difference, right?!

One of the very best style tips is also the simplest: The Third Piece Rule.

This means that instead of only wearing a top and a bottom, look to add a third piece to your mom outfit.

This third piece could be anything, such as a

  • skinny belt
  • chunky scarf
  • statement jewelry such as a necklace or earrings
  • fitted blazer
  • cropped cardigan
  • floppy hat
  • perfect sunglasses
  • denim or motorcycle jacket
  • faux fur coat
  • puffer vest
  • a structured or colorful handbag
  • Or even an extra layer, such as a sweater or button down shirt

Let me give you a simple visual:

Isn’t there a noticeable difference across these mom outfits?

Like I said, the Third Piece Rule is SO easy – but it packs a big punch in helping you to be a more fashionable mom! 

One thing to note: shoes do NOT count as your third piece. It is assumed that you’ll already be wearing shoes when you leave the house, so your third piece must be something other than shoes. 

Final thoughts on how to be a more fashionable mom

It really is SO WORTH IT to take the time to learn your personal color palette and body shape. Knowing both of these things will help you to have real confidence in becoming a fashionable mom.

Hop on over to my shop to purchase a Personal Color Consultation or Body Shape Analysis right now

And start applying the Third Piece Rule to your clothes so you can start feeling more put together and create cute mom outfits on the daily. 

your confidence will increase when you become a more fashionable mom!

3 Easy Tips to Help You Be a More Fashionable Mom
3 Easy Tips to Help You Be a More Fashionable Mom
3 Easy Tips to Help You Be a More Fashionable Mom

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  1. I feel like I am currently making this transition! Especially working from home and having “no reason to get ready” everyday. I have been all over pinterest and online shopping to build myself a wardrobe that helps me feel confident without getting ready for a business meeting each day. Thank you for sharing these tips!

  2. <3 <3 <3! Thanks for sharing these tips especially during this time. Comfy haram's have been my go to during this time🙄. So I totally get it.

  3. I love the idea of the third piece. It makes an enormous difference. Like you said wearing clothes or wearing an outfit. Thanks!

  4. wow this is very fascinating and interesting and now you have me wondering if my black wardrobe needs an update..LOL.

  5. I’ve been putting on a tiny bit of makeup each day, after years of not wearing a drop of it. I’m also trying to occasionally wear ACTUAL clothes, not PJs lol. Not much, but it’s a start! Thanks for these ideas!

  6. I feel like I am stuck in permanent frump mode.
    I’m a jeans and graphic tee kind of gal.
    This pandemic isn’t helping much either lol.
    I will use these tips the next time I need to go buy “real adult” clothes.

  7. I absolutely love this! I need to revamp my wardrobe. The colors really hit home because I have items that looked cute when I bought them but do no justice for me personally!

  8. Not once when I was pregnant did I think about my “mom style” but now that I am in postpartum it seems like it is ALL I THINK ABOUT. Especially with being home so often. I need to get ready each day to avoid that frumpy funk but boy is it hard to stay motivated! I can’t way to put these tips to good use as a revamp my new “mom closet” :).

  9. I signed up for stitch fix and it really helped me understand my style more and be more choosy instead of throwing on whatever i had lying around!

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