21 Adorable and Free Letter to Santa Printable Templates

Have your kids choose one of these awesome free Santa Letter template printables for their letters to Santa Claus this year!

As Christmas grows closer, your kids will most likely want to ensure that Santa Claus knows what they’re hoping to find under the tree on Christmas morning! 

The perfect way for them to communicate with Santa is to send him a good, old-fashioned letter in the mail. 

But why not make it a little extra special with these cute free Santa letter printable templates from the Jen Bradley|MOMs Free Printable Library?!

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Why letters to Santa are a great idea

Having your kids write a simple letter to Santa is a great idea for several reasons:

  • You’ll quickly learn what your kids are hoping to receive for Christmas
  • Your kids can practice their writing skills – from spelling to handwriting to sentence construction
  • Your kids will learn or review how to address an envelope and send something in the mail 

In this age of texts, emails, and FaceTime, there are definitely fewer reasons to send physical letters. 

In fact, the United States Postal Service has seen a dramatic decline in mail volume since 2006.  

But that doesn’t mean that kids don’t need to know how to mail a letter! It’s still a valuable skill for adulthood and sending an annual letter to Santa Claus is a great practice!

Keep reading to check out the Santa letter printable templates available here in the Jen Bradley|MOMs Free Printable Library!

Santa Letter Template Printables for kids ages 2-6

If you have young kids between the ages of 2-6, you’ll love our free Santa letter template printables that have specific prompts. 

Each letter has a line for your child to write the date, and his or her name and age.  (If your child isn’t writing much yet, that’s okay! Just ask them to fill in the blanks and you can do the writing!)

Following that, there are three lines for your child to write a few good things that they have done or blessings they’ve received over the past year. 

There’s also plenty of room for them to record their Christmas wish and sign their name. 

While many kids may want to write a giant list of toys and games that they want, this prompt gives them just enough room to write what they want most instead of focusing on all the overwhelming consumerism we often see during the holidays. 

There are eleven different Santa Claus letter designs to choose from, so here’s a closer look:

santa hat fill in the blank

stripes fill in the blank

gold snowflakes fill in the blank

holly side fill in the blank

holly and chevron fill in the blank

christmas lights fill in the blank

holly fill in the blank

light string fill in the blank

ornaments fill in the blank

santa sweater fill in the blank
santa hat fill in the blank santa letter template

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Letter to Santa Claus templates for kids ages 8+

If your kids are proficient writers, you can choose to download and print the open-form Santa letter template printable instead! 

These templates give your child open space to write whatever they’d like in a short letter to Santa. 

It’s always a good idea to proofread your kid’s letter – but remember that Santa Claus isn’t too much of a stickler for proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation! 

Here’s a closer look at the eleven Santa letter template printables in the Free Printable Library for you to download and print:

stripes santa letter template printable

light string letter to santa printable templates

gold snowflakes letter to santa printable template

green christmas lights letter to santa printable

santa hat letter to santa printable
holly letter to santa printable templates

chevron and holly letter to santa printable templates

ornaments letter to santa printable templates

christmas sweater letter to santa printable templates

simple santa hat letter to santa printable template

side holly letter to santa template printable

Where to mail your kid’s Santa Claus Letter

Once your kids have written their letters to Santa, it’s time to mail them to the North Pole!

Have your kids place their letters in a plain envelope and address it to: 

Santa Claus 

North Pole

(Since his house is the only one there, no real street address is needed!)

How to get a reply 

If you’d like your kids to receive a personalized reply from Santa Claus, you can definitely make it happen! 

USPS offers a special service called Greetings from the North Pole Post Office every year!

After reading your child’s letter to Santa, you can then write a letter to your kid and sign it, Love, Santa. 

Then you’ll need to place your child’s letter to Santa and the reply letter together in a single envelope. 

On the outside of this envelope, you’ll write your home address in the center. Then write “Santa Claus, North Pole” as the return address. (Be sure to put the proper postage on this envelope so it can make it back to your child!)

Then you’ll need to put this envelope into a larger envelope (we used a large manila envelope like this) and send it with proper postage to the Postmaster in Anchorage, Alaska. There the individual letter will be postmarked from the North Pole!

To get all of the details (including the address!), check out the U.S. Postal Service instructions right here!

If you have multiple children, it’s best to put their letters and replies into a separate envelope per child and then mail them all together in one larger manila envelope to the Postmaster in Alaska. 

Finally, your kids’ letters must be sent by December 7th so they can make it to Alaska, and back to your house before Christmas! 

Another great (and easier!) way to get a return letter from Santa is to try the awesome service offered by Real Santa Letters. Check out this article over at The Inspiration Edit to get all of the details!

Final thoughts about Santa letter template printables

Our kids absolutely love writing their special letters to Santa Claus, and they were thrilled to receive his reply in the mail! 

For them, this was one more magical moment of the Christmas season, and I was thrilled that it didn’t require tons of money or time to make it happen! 

You may consider turning your Santa Claus letter-writing event into a special holiday tradition by doing it every Thanksgiving evening or every December 1st. 

And don’t forget to grab all of the cute Letters to Santa printables at Jen Bradley|MOMs before you go!

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Which of these free Santa letter template printables is your favorite?

21 Adorable and Free Letter to Santa Printable Templates21 Adorable and Free Letter to Santa Printable Templates21 Adorable and Free Letter to Santa Printable Templates21 Adorable and Free Letter to Santa Printable Templates21 Adorable and Free Letter to Santa Printable Templates

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