21 Funny Letter Board Quotes Perfect for Your Mom Life

Are you a fan of funny letter board quotes? Or maybe you just need to smile about mom life?

You’re in the right place!

Here you’ll find some of the best performing funny letter board quotes from our Instagram account. (And if you want some daily motherhood inspiration or light-hearted fun, be sure to give us a follow right here!)

Letter boards are awesome because they’re simple to put together, and they’re great for adding a little bit of humor to your home. You can change them up as often as you’d like, or use them to celebrate special occasions.

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Our favorite letter board

Our favorite letter board is this one from Felt Creative Home, and you can find it right here on Amazon. It’s recently been upgraded and how has white, peach, pink and mint-colored letters and symbols!

The letters and symbols are thicker and much better quality compared to others we’ve tried. Plus, the rustic look goes perfectly with mom life, doesn’t it?

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#1. Laundry Letter Board

funny letter board about laundry

“Doing laundry for seven people helps you understand nudist colonies on a whole new level.”

Moms everywhere can relate, no matter how many people you have in your home, right?!

2. When do moms feel peaceful? Oh, right.

mom life letter board idea

“I look so peaceful when my kids are sleeping.”

Of course you love for them to be awake, but there’s also a lot more to be aware of when they’re running all around the house!

3. The Strength of a Mom (or a Toddler!)

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funny letter board quote for moms

“I’ve never pushed a five-ton elephant away from a cliff, but I have buckled my stiff toddler into her carseat so, same.”

It is a scientific mystery where toddlers get the internal strength to transform their bodies into a rod of iron, but there’s no doubt they can.

On days that this happens, you can totally count getting their toddler buckled in as your daily workout!

4. It’s Science

laundry letter board

“Every sock you lose in the dryer returns as an extra Tupperware lid. It’s science.”

Maybe it’s all anecdotal science, but still – it rings true, doesn’t it?!

5. Selective hearing

parenting letter board quote

“What I say: Get dressed.

What my son hears: Sit on your floor naked and play with LEGOs for an hour.”

(Or whatever else he’s into at the moment – but the naked thing is always true!)

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6. Mom introductions

mom life letter board ideas

“Hi, I’m a mom. My hobbies include making food kids hate, dreaming of sleep, and taking long walks around the car after the kids are buckled in.”

There have been lots of versions of this funny letter board, including hobbies like eating chocolate in the closet, taking longs walks to the bathroom, or simply enjoying the silence.

If you create your own, please tag @thejenbradley! We’d love to see your own mom introduction!

7. What do you call a group of kids?

parenting letter board funny

“A group of lions is called a pride. A group of elephants is called a herd. A group of kids is called … total chaos.”

And honestly, adding just one more to the group can make the chaos increase exponentially!

8. The strength of a mom

Letter board quote laundry

“I move mountains … of laundry that is.”

This letter board was totally inspired by this cute mom tee from Simply Sage Market!

(You can use code JEN25 to get 25% off your order!)

9. Pre-motherhood expectations

motherhood funny letter board

“Before I was a mother, I swore my kids would never own toys with batteries. Let’s all take a moment to laugh about this.”

Yes, this is something I honestly said (at my wedding shower no less!) – and it went out the window with baby #1!

Other moms shared some of the things they said their kids would never do:

  • pick their nose
  • have a tantrum in public
  • watch TV
  • cry it out

Do any of these sound familiar?

10. Silent rebellion

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funny parenting letter board

“Parenthood: whispering ‘You’re not the boss of me’ – while I make four different lunches.”

Oh, the things we do for our kids.

This funny letter board brought so many great comments from moms who encouraged us to start letting our kids make their own lunch, and thanks to their encouragement, we have done so!

11. Selective hearing #2

mom life letter board quote

“What I say to my kids: Get in the car.

What my kids hear: Change your clothes, get a snack and three stuffed animals, and go poop.”

And it always happens when we need to be somewhere on time, right?!

12. A plea for help

screen free quote

“Please send prayers and/or positivity our way. We’re on Day Four of our ‘no screens’ week.”

They actually survived the week really well.

Check out this post here for a list of 101 screen-free activities that are easy to pull off!

13. A metaphor for motherhood

humorous motherhood quote

“A perfect metaphor for motherhood would be: ‘someone trying to stand in a hammock.'”

Isn’t this the best?

As moms, we’re always shifting our position, trying to balance all of the things at once. And then just when kick back to relax, the entire thing seems to flip over!

14. Another toddler reality

funny toddler quote

“I’ve never tackled a rage-filled alligator, but I have trimmed my toddler’s toenails so, same.”

The thrashing is crazy – and also somewhat impressive – don’t you think?

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15. Sad, but true

mom sleep

“Last night I tucked my kids in bed and said, ‘See you in the morning.’ And then I laughed and laughed. Saw them fourteen more times.”

It’s a good thing they’re so cute, right?!

One of our most popular funny letter board quotes, this one was especially dedicated to my sister, who has the world’s cutest six-year-old boy who literally gets out of bed seventeen times between 8-9 pm.

16. Patience is a virtue

patience quote

“Patience: what you have when there are too many witnesses.”

Another major mom truth right here!

Here’s a great mom tip to help you keep your cool with your kids:

When you feel yourself getting upset, turn on your phone and start recording a video. This automatically creates a witness and will give some time to reset and take a breath.

17. What is it like to have kids?

parenting truth quote

“My friend asked me what it’s like to have kids, so I asked her for snack, said I didn’t like it, threw it on the floor, and cried because I didn’t have a snack.”

Admittedly, this applies to both toddlers or teenagers!

18. Weird things moms say

weird things parents say

“‘We don’t play tic-tac-toe in our cheese …’ and other weird things I say as a parent.”

Have you ever heard yourself saying something that sounds completely absurd but absolutely fits the moment?

If you’re a mom, of course you have.

19. When it’s time to throw in the towel

funny laundry quote

“I was going to throw in the towel but then I realized how much laundry I already have.”

Piles and piles and piles … right?

Read this post here to find some great tips for simplifying your laundry routine! (We’re talking cutting it down to one day of clothes laundry per week!)

20. The leading cause of dehydration in kids?

parenting quote funny

“Do you know the leading cause of dehydration in children? It’s bedtime. Definitely bedtime.”

It’s almost like clockwork. Or magic.

21. A GPS for motherhood?

motherhood gps quote

“If motherhood came with a GPS, it would mostly just say: recalculating.”

Truer words were never spoken.

That is all.

22. Mom life 101

mom sleep quote

“Mom life 101: Cramming eight hours of sleep into five hours.”

My kids pointed out this doesn’t really make sense. How right they are!

Final thoughts about funny letter boards for moms:

While we know motherhood is no joke, it can also be so overwhelming. As with many things that are heavy, it can be good to take a step back and take a lighthearted look at our lives as moms!

If you’ve enjoyed these funny letter board quotes about motherhood, don’t forget to give us a follow on Instagram – and don’t hesitate to send us a DM and say hi! We can’t wait to meet you there!

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Which of these funny letter boards about mom life is your favorite?

21 Funny Letter Board Quotes Perfect for Your Mom Life21 Funny Letter Board Quotes Perfect for Your Mom Life21 Funny Letter Board Quotes Perfect for Your Mom Life21 Funny Letter Board Quotes Perfect for Your Mom Life21 Funny Letter Board Quotes Perfect for Your Mom Life21 Funny Letter Board Quotes Perfect for Your Mom Life

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  1. I’m an Activity Director at a LTC facility and have a letter board on my door. Usually I try to put uplifting quotes for everyone to see… but I like to throw in some funny ones too. So many of these are totally applicable to my work too! By far my faves that will be going on are Patience and Recalculating!!!
    I use a lot of your printables at work and truly appreciate you sharing them!!!

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