The Ultimate Guide to (Finally) Getting Rid of Closet Clutter and Organizing Your Clothes

This FREE 6-step mini course will help you get crystal clear on what to keep and what to let go.

Did you know that the average woman spends 17 minutes trying to decide what clothes to wear every day? 

This is largely because we have WAY TOO MANY options to choose from! Learn how to get rid of closet clutter and organize your wardrobe so you can save time every morning! 

The 6 steps to get rid of closet clutter and organize your clothes:

a great first step to creating a mom life on purpose is with an intentional wardrobe

Mental prep

This is THE essential step that almost everyone else overlooks! You'll get laser-focused on decluttering when you've done this step.

another step is to determine what colors look best on you

Physical prep

Learn the 3-bin system to help you know exactly where each of your clothing items will end up.

read my blog every week to see how you can live mom life on purpose

Quick clothes sort

Put what you've learned into action here! You'll get through decluttering your clothes faster than ever with the 10 golden questions to ask yourself!

Step 4 to living mom life on purpose is to declutter!

Closet clean up

Take the time to give your closet a refresh from the inside out. This doesn't have to take long at all!

number 5 graphic

Organize your clothes

Learn several easy ways to keep your closet looking organized and refreshed.

The final step

Without this final secret step (that many people forget!), you're not quite finished. It's easy, but incredibly important.

Hi, I’m Jen and I used to have 200+ items in my closet! 

I spent years “organizing” my clothes, but it wasn’t until I learned the difference between organizing and decluttering that anything changed. 

After spending weeks decluttering my clothes, I knew there had to be a simpler way! 

I’ve come up with this FREE 6-step system to help busy moms like you get rid of closet clutter AND organize your wardrobe when you’re short on time!

Jen Bradley is the creator of The Confident Closet
get rid of closet clutter with this helpful workbook

What’s included in the Ultimate Guide to (Finally) Decluttering Your Closet and Organizing Your Wardrobe? 

-An 8-page workbook to guide you through each step – including the best list of questions to help you with your mental preparation

-10+ short videos that you can watch throughout the process to keep you on track 

-an exclusive 50% discount on Decluttering Simplified: The Easiest Way to Declutter Your Entire Home

So, what are you waiting for? 

You have nothing to lose – except for those clothes cluttering up your closet! 

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