3 Fun and Free Halloween Mad Libs Stories for Kids

Halloween Mad Libs are a fun and easy screen-free activity for kids of all ages.

We’ve got three super fun and free Halloween Mad Libs stories for kids and families in our Free Printables Library. We can’t wait for you to check them out!

They’re sure to be a great addition to your Halloween celebration.

First, let’s quickly cover what Mad Libs are and why they’re great for kids in the first place. 

What are Mad Libs?

Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re already familiar with Mad Libs. 

But just in case, here’s a quick refresher.

Mad Libs consist of a simple story, but many important words throughout the story have been taken out. It’s your job to fill them in. 

But here’s the catch: you don’t get to see the story or the sentences you’re trying to complete at first!

Instead, you and your kids fill in a list of words based on their parts of speech. 

For example, this list might look like this: 

  • noun: ____________________
  • adjective: ____________________
  • body part: ____________________
  • number: ____________________

And you might write down:

  • noun: mouse
  • adjective: scary
  • body part: eyelashes
  • number: 1092

Once you’ve completed the blank list as a family, one person then writes the words you’ve come up with into the blanks in the original story.

When you go back and read the story, there’s sure to be lots of laughs! 

(And don’t worry if you don’t remember everything you learned in 5th grade English class – we’ve got a cheat sheet for those parts of speech!)

parts of speech cheat sheet

Why Mad Libs are awesome

Here are some of the top reasons why Mad Libs games are great for kids:

  1. Extremely EASY to play. No complex rules to understand. 
  2. No preparation is required! Simply print them out and grab a pencil or pen.  
  3. Screen-free fun 
  4. Kids of all ages can participate (keep reading for some age-appropriate variations!) 
  5. Can help defeat boredom
  6. They’re funny!

And equally awesome, Mad Libs can also be educational – without your kids even realizing it! 

Here are a few of the ways that your kids can learn with these Halloween Mad Libs :

  1. Learn and reinforce spelling skills
  2. Increase their vocabulary 
  3. Reinforce understanding of the English language
  4. Review the major parts of speech 
  5. Practice grammar skills

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When to use these Halloween Mad Libs printables

There are lots of times when this fun Mad Libs games set would be great to do as a family!

Here are some of our favorite ideas:

  • during family dinner time
  • on car trips
  • when it’s a rainy day outside
  • waiting in a doctor’s or dentist’s office
  • during quiet time
  • for a family Halloween party
  • waiting for a sibling at practice or rehearsal

Additionally, these free Halloween Mad Libs printable are perfect to use with a larger group! 

They’d work well at any of these events:

  • school or classroom Halloween party
  • local Halloween festival
  • Halloween birthday party
  • church harvest festival or trunk-or-treat
  • Halloween homeschool co-op activity
  • included in Halloween Fun Run goodie bags

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Here’s a closer look at the three printable Halloween Mad Libs games we’ve got for you here in the Jen Bradley|MOMs Free Printable Library:

halloween mad libs set

Our Mad Libs Halloween set starts off with a quick refresher on the parts of speech you’ll need to know to fill in the word lists. 

The first story is entitled Trick or Treat. It’s all about tips a kid might need to hear before trick-or-treating with friends. 

There are sixteen blanks to fill in.

The best blanks for younger kids to help with in this story are an animal, a body part, a number, a goofy word, and an exclamation. 

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The second story is called Vampire vs. Werewolves and it compares which of these Halloween monsters is spookier than the other. 

There are nineteen blanks to fill in, with lots of adjectives (words that describe) needed. 

The best blanks for younger kids in this story are a body part, an article of clothing, an animal, and the name of a person in the room. 

vampires vs. werewolves story

Our third story, Haunted House, isn’t scary at all. In fact, it was our play testers’ favorite Mad Libs game of the three! 

There are twenty blanks to fill in together. 

The simplest blanks to fill are number, animal, body part, room in a house, and another body part. 

haunted house mad libs game

How to reuse your free Mad Libs printable pages

Another big plus: these Halloween Mad Libs are completely reusable if you need or want them to be!

Simply slide them into plastic sheet protectors and use a dry-erase marker to fill in the blanks.

For even more durability, you may consider printing them on white card stock and laminating them!

(I’ve been a homeschool mom for 10 years now, and I swear by this inexpensive laminator! It’s THE best.)

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Final thoughts about these Halloween Mad Libs  for kids

Halloween Mad Libs are one simple way to create some more fun Halloween memories with your kids (and give them something educational to do)!

Be sure to join our Free Printable Library here to get your Halloween Mad Libs Games!

free Halloween mad libs

Inside the library, you’ll find over 100 other awesome printables, such as Halloween I Spy games, scavenger hunts, Halloween mazes, Halloween word puzzles, and more! We hope to see you inside!

Wishing you and yours a very Happy Halloween! 

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Tell us your thoughts on these Halloween Mad Libs in the comments!

3 Fun and Free Halloween Mad Libs Stories for Kids3 Fun and Free Halloween Mad Libs Stories for Kids3 Fun and Free Halloween Mad Libs Stories for Kids3 Fun and Free Halloween Mad Libs Stories for Kids

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