16 Awesome Halloween Minute to Win It Games for Your Family

Halloween Minute to Win It Games are great for a party with friends or family fun at home!

These Halloween Minute to Win It games can be the foundation of a fun and memorable Halloween activity or party for your kids.

At Jen Bradley|MOMs, we love Minute to Win It games because they’re:

  1. short enough to keep kids’ attention
  2. simple to put together
  3. easy to understand
  4. don’t require any special skill or expertise

You could play these Halloween games at home, in your kids’ classroom or homeschool co-op, at church, or with a sports team.

We’d love to hear about all the fun places you play them in the comments below!

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Keep reading to see what Halloween Minute to Win it Games we’ve got in store for you.

(And even if you’ve been here before, we’re adding 5 NEW Minute to Win It Games for 2022!)

After reading through all of the spooktacular games, be sure to check out the entire Halloween Minute to Win It Games Supply List we’ve got at the end of this article! 

(It’ll make getting everything you need for an awesome Halloween Minute to Win It party SO much easier!)

Okay, we know you’re here for the games, so let’s get to it! 

16 Fun Halloween Minute to Win It Games

Remember that each game only lasts for one minute, so have a timer at the ready!

Game #1: Ghost Stack

This simple Halloween game is so much harder than it seems!


Draw simple ghost faces onto 15 clear or white plastic or paper cups. Stack them into a pyramid with five cups on the bottom row, four on the next level, etc.

How to play:

One player at a time quickly pulls the cups down into one single stack. 

Then the player needs to re-create the pyramid, one cup at a time.

The person to remake the pyramid the quickest is the winner. 


Halloween Minute to Win it Game #2: Trick or Eat

This is a fun group game for about three or four people at a time.

Game Preparation:

Count out 60 chocolate kiss candies. Then place a small Halloween sticker on the bottom of 20 of the candies, making sure that it can’t be seen on any of the sides.

Place all of the candies bottom-side down on a large baking tray or another flat surface. Mix in the candies with stickers in randomly with the others. 

this fun halloween activity for kids will have them playing fast!


How to play:

Players take turns quickly picking up one chocolate kiss at a time, turning it over, and checking it to see if it has a sticker on the bottom.

If there is no sticker, the person puts it back quickly and looks for a candy kiss with a sticker.

If there is a sticker on the bottom, the person who picked it up gets to unwrap and eat that chocolate kiss!

They must swallow their chocolate before they start looking for another stickered kiss!

The person who finds and eats the most chocolate kisses in one minute is the winner!

(This is a fun game to play as a face-off or tiebreaker game if you need it!)


Game #3: Skeleton Shake

You’ll need six Halloween paper bags and the chocolate kisses leftover from Trick or Eat.


Put one chocolate kiss in one bag, two in the next bag, and three in the one after that, until all the bags are filled with Hershey kisses.

(If you are playing with younger kids, opt for fewer bags.)

Fold the tops of the bags over so the chocolate kisses won’t fall out.

Playing the game:

The player picks up one bag at a time and gives it a shake, trying to determine how many “bones” (chocolate kisses) are in the bag.

As they pick up more and more bags, the player puts the bags in a row in order from the least number of bones to the highest number of bones. 

The person who makes the most correct row of Halloween skeleton bones is the winner! 

(You can play this game with lots of different items as “bones.” Any type of wrapped candy would be fine, as would small Halloween stampers. We picked chocolate kisses since you’ll already have them on hand for Trick or Eat!)

Halloween Minute to Win It Printable Bundle

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Not only will you get these games in written format, but you’ll also get an awesome Halloween Minute to Win It Scorecard AND an included supply list to check off! 

halloween one minute games

Game #4: Pumpkin Toss

This crowd-pleasing game is always a favorite!


Put a bunch of craft pom poms into a bowl or a jar. Divide the players into pairs and give each pair a small black plastic cauldron

cauldron toss halloween game

Playing the game:

One of the partners kneels down on the ground, facing away from his or her partner, holding the cauldron in two hands.

The other person then tosses a pompom forward, over the head of their partner, who tries to catch the pumpkin in the cauldron.

The team that catches the most pumpkins in the cauldron wins!


Halloween Minute to Win It Game #5: Cookie Face

In this no-prep, super popular Halloween Minute to Win It game, all players are given a Halloween cookie.

halloween cookies

How to play:

The players then drop their heads back and balance the cookie on their foreheads.

Then, using only their face muscles, players try to work the cookie down their faces and into their mouths! No hands allowed! 

Of course, the reward for this game is getting to eat the cookie. 

(P.S. It’s a good idea to have extra cookies on hand for those who drop theirs on the ground!)


Halloween Minute to Win It Game #6: Suck It Up

This simple game always ends in fits of giggles at our house.


Every player needs two paper plates and a straw. 

suck it up game preparation

Put both plates next to each other on a table and pour a bunch of Halloween M&Ms onto one of the plates, keeping the other one empty.

How to play:

When the clock starts, players use their paper straws to suck up the M&Ms one at a time and transfer them to the empty paper plate. 

The person who transfers the most M&Ms from one plate to the other in one minute is the winner!

halloween suck it up minute to win it game



Game #7: Pumpkin Stack

In this no-preparation Halloween game, multiple players make their own stack of mini plastic pumpkins.

How to play:

Players work together in pairs or in a small group to create the tallest tower of pumpkins that they can. 

Creativity is encouraged!

The person or team with the tallest pumpkin tower at the end of one minute is the winner. 

While this sounds super simple, it can be really fun to see what kids come up with to create a tall pumpkin tower. 

Game #8: Room on the Broom

This is a great no-prep game that takes its name from the super-popular Halloween storybook

Each player is given one craft stick and four or five mallowcreme pumpkins.

room on the broom set up


Playing the game:

When the timer starts, the players put the craft sticks in their mouths and slowly place the pumpkins on their sticks.

The goal is to balance all of their pumpkins on their “broomstick” for the entire minute. If anyone gets the giggles, watch out! 

This game is much easier with the jumbo craft sticks, so that is a great option if you have a younger crowd. (You can also use fewer pumpkins!)

room on the broom halloween minute to win it game


Halloween Minute to Win It Game #9: Pumpkin Bowling

You’ll need a good amount of space for this game – an open hallway would be perfect. 


Take six rolls of toilet paper and draw simple little ghost faces on them. Stack them into two side-by-side three-roll pyramids on the floor.

These simple ghost faces make this bowling game really cute

Divide the players into two teams and give each team one pie-sized pumpkin.

Playing the game:

Players stand a small distance away from the ghost pyramid and roll the pumpkin on the ground as if they are bowling, attempting to knock down the pyramid.

The team that gets the most strikes (ie: knocks down their toilet paper ghost pyramid) in one minute is the winner.


Game #10: Spider Race

This is another great no-prep Halloween Minute to Win It game!

Each player is given one small plastic spider and a straw.

spider race halloween minute to win it game


Playing the game:

Everyone lines up their spider on the same side of a table or counter. Blowing through their straws, players have to aim at their spiders to get them to move across the table. 

The first person to get their spider across the table (or the floor!) first is the winner!

spider race halloween game


Halloween Minute to Win It Game #11: Mummy Wrap

Using the toilet paper rolls from Pumpkin Bowling, have your players divide into groups of two or three people.

How to play:

Each group chooses one person to be the “mummy.” Their teammates then quickly wrap the mummy with toilet paper as best they can in one minute.

The host gets to be the judge and choose the best-looking mummy!


Halloween Minute to Win It Game #12: Dracula’s Donuts

For this fun Halloween game, you’ll need one donut per player, as well as string or yarn, and a pole, such as a broomstick. 


Suspend the pole above shoulder level so that it’s horizontal to the ground.

Tie one end of a string through each donut.

Then tie the opposite end of the string to the pole, so the donuts dangle.

How to play:

Have each player choose a donut and line up behind it or kneel underneath the pole.

Then have them race to see who can eat the entire donut the fastest!


Game #13: Defying Gravity

This game, with a subtle nod to the two witches from the famous musical Wicked, is great for young kids up to teenagers. 


Blow up 12 regular-sized balloons, 3 each of 4 different colors.

Playing the game:

Each player takes 3 balloons of the same color.

When the clock starts, each player must throw all 3 balloons in the air and keep them floating up in the air for an entire minute. 

The person who keeps all balloons afloat is the winner!


Halloween Minute to Win It Game #14: Spider Sling

This awesome game will also help you decorate your house for the party!

You’ll need some fake cotton spider webbing and a bunch of small plastic spiders. 


Drape the cotton cobwebbing over an upright large surface, such as a bookshelf or pin it up over empty wall space. 

How to play:

Two or three players can play at a time.

Give each player lots of small plastic spiders and have them stand several feet away from the cobwebs.

Players then toss their spiders at the cobweb, keeping track of how many spiders stay attached.

The player who has the most spiders in the web at the end of one minute is the winner!


Game #15: Pumpkin Ring Toss

For this super simple game, you’ll need large and medium pumpkins of various sizes with some stem still attached (real or fake) and 4-5 pool rings. 


Arrange the pumpkins so they’re standing near each other in a group. 

Playing the game: 

Give the pool rings to the player and have them step back from the pumpkins. (Older players need to stand farther back than younger players.) 

The player then tosses each ring one at a time, trying to toss them onto the pumpkin stems and stay in place. 

You can assign points to each pumpkin if you’d like! 


Halloween Minute to Win It Game #16: Dracula Pie

This Halloween Minute to Win It Game is perfect for tweens and teens who won’t mind getting a little messy!

You’ll need lots of plastic pairs of Dracula teeth as well as a cream pie for each player. 


Set the pies on a table in a row and have the players put in their fake Dracula teeth. 

If you’re feeling nice, give each player an apron to wear too. 

How to play:

When the clock starts, each player put their hands behind the back, and leans forward to eat their pie with Dracula teeth!

The person who eats the most pie in one minute is the winner!  

Halloween Minute to Win It Game Supplies

This list is divided into edible and non-perishable items, so you can start preparing early and buy the non-food items early if you’d like.

Non-perishable supplies

  • Mini plastic pumpkins. These ones are ideal because they have very small “stems” that will work perfectly for the Pumpkin Stack game. They’re also great for little hands to work with. 
  • Small black plastic cauldrons. This inexpensive 12-piece set comes with a larger 8″x6″ cauldron that would be perfect as a decoration! 
  • Small Halloween stickers. You want some of the stickers to be small enough to fit on the bottom of a Hershey kiss without sticking out on the sides at all. This set of Halloween stickers comes with tons of extra stickers for goody bags. (They could also be a great non-candy alternative to pass out for at-home trick or treating.)
  • Straws. You’ll want lots of extras to make sure no one is sharing or gets confused if they leave their straw laying around. This pack of 200 paper straws has a ton of bright, festive colors. Also, these straws are paper, so they’re much better for the environment!
  • Paper plates. You’ll want a lot of these to keep the spread of germs to a minimum, and you’ll need at least 2 plates per guest for the Suck It Up game. Grab these fun orange paper plates, and you’ll have plenty to actually use for eating too! 
  • Wooden craft sticks. Depending on the ages of your guests, you may want the jumbo craft sticks or these food-grade regular-size craft sticks. (The wider ones are better for kids under age six.) 
  • 3-6 rolls of toilet paper
  • Plastic spiders. You could give these away as party favors too. 
  • Clear 12-ounce plastic cups. You’ll need lots. 
  • Paper lunch sacks. This cute Halloween-themed pack of 36 paper bags would do the trick for sure! You’d even have extra to use as treat bags.
  • Craft pom poms. Pick out the orange, black, white, yellow, and green ones to be extra festive!
  • Fake cotton cobwebs. You’ll need it for Spider Sling, but it also makes for a great Halloween decoration too!
  • plastic Dracula teeth
  • 12 balloons (3 each of 4 different colors)
  • string or yarn
  • long pole, such as a broomstick
  • A one-minute timer. Your phone stopwatch will work great.

Candy and other perishible supplies

  • Mallowcreme pumpkins. Do you know those ones that taste like candy corn? You’ll need at least two small bags.
  • Fall-themed chocolate kisses
  • Halloween candy. A large bag is best.
  • Halloween cookies. Any variety will do, at least one per person.
  • Donuts
  • Fall-themed or Halloween M&Ms
  • Cream pies
  • One or two medium pumpkins (often called pie pumpkins)

Don’t forget! 

Snag your printable version of these games PLUS an included Halloween Minute to Win It Games Scorecard from our Etsy shop right here!

halloween one minute games


Final thoughts on Halloween Minute to Win It games

Halloween is such a great holiday for kids, and we’re all about making it extra fun and memorable WITHOUT adding a ton of extra work to your already-overflowing plate!

We know that it can be overwhelming to put together a big Halloween party or event. And that’s why we love these Halloween Minute to Win It games so much: They’re super simple and still tons of fun.

We hope you’ll give ’em a try!


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Pin the image below to come back to these awesome Halloween Minute to Win It Games in time for Halloween! 

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Do you think you’ll be playing any of these fun Halloween Minute to Win It games this year?

16 Awesome Halloween Minute to Win It Games for Your Family16 Awesome Halloween Minute to Win It Games for Your Family16 Awesome Halloween Minute to Win It Games for Your Family16 Awesome Halloween Minute to Win It Games for Your Family

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