How to Choose the Best Jewelry for Your Face Shape

Hi friend! Today I want to share with you how to choose the best jewelry for your face shape. So often we hear about dressing for your body shape, which can be very helpful for helping you to feel confident in your clothing choices. If you don’t know much about body shape, check out this post here to learn about styles that flatter every body.

Now no matter what your body shape may be,  your face shape is something totally different. Learning how to compliment your face shape with your jewelry is a fairly easy thing to do, so let’s dive right in! This article will give recommendations for earrings and necklaces, but for more examples of possible styles, glasses recommendations, and to learn which celebrities have the same face shape as you, download my Jewelry Guide free!

I’ll be up front and tell you that there’s a little bit of math to this, but not too much!!   

Knowing the six main face shapes is helpful to determining the best jewelry to wear.


There are 6 major types of face shapes: oval, rectangular, circle, square, triangle, and heart shaped. 

Many of us can identify our face shape just by pulling our hair back and looking in the mirror. As you do so, take note of the curves of your hairline and jawline, as well as the width of your face across the forehead, cheekbones and at the jawline. 

Measuring Your Face

Now, if you’d like to be super precise, you can get out a soft measuring tape and take a few simple measurements. If you’ve never done this before, it can be quite fun! Grab a notepad and pen and jot down the following measurements: 

  1. Forehead. Measure straight across the widest part of you forehead from hairline to hairline. 
  2. Cheekbones. You can usually feel your cheekbones with your fingers. Locate the most prominent point of your cheek. Most likely this is below the outer corner of each of your eyes.  Place the end of the measuring tape at one cheekbone and hold it across your face to the other cheekbone. Because the height of the bridge of your nose can interfere, it is best to hold the measuring tape out a little ways from your face and eyeball the distance from cheekbone to cheekbone with the measuring tape in front. 
  3. Jawline. Hold the measuring tape at the outer edge of your jaw, just below your ear. Stretch the tape to the tip of your chin. You can either multiply this number by 2 to get your jawline measurement or you can measure the other side of your jaw and add both measurements together. 
  4. Length of face. Measure the length of your face from your hairline in the center of your forehead to the tip of your chin. Again, keep the measuring tape from following the curve of your nose, as this will add extra length to your face. If you have a receding hairline, measure to the spot where you estimate your hairline once was. 

Choosing the best jewelry for your face shape is quite easy!


Analyzing Your Measurements

The next step in determining the best jewelry for your face shape is to take a careful look at the numbers you wrote down.

If you face is longer than it is wide (this is me, by a long shot!) and your measurements for your forehead and cheekbones are similar, then you have either an oval or rectangular face. Pay close attention to the curve of your jawline and hairline. If you have an angular jawline, you have a rectangular face. On the other hand, if your jaw is rounded, you are an oval. 

If your face is about as long as it is wide, you have either a square or round face shape. Look at the curves of your jawline and hairline to determine which face shape is yours.

If your measurements for your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline gradually get larger as you move down your face, you have a triangular shaped face. 

Finally, if your measurements from your forehead, cheekbones, and jawline gradually get smaller as you move down your face, you have a heart-shaped face. This can be true even if you don’t have a so-called “widow’s peak” in your hairline. 

The Best Jewelry for Your Face Shape


Oval Shape 

Oval Face shapeEarrings:

For an oval face, look to add width across the face by wearing stud or cluster earrings. Look for bright jeweled earrings that attract attention across the face. Small interesting hoops are a good choice too. Avoid very long earrings with a straight drop, as this adds additional length to the face. 


Look for necklaces that are fairly short. A great length is one that just graces the collarbone. Chunky necklaces that stay in a rounded shape (rather than a V-shape) are a great idea for adding some curves below your jawline, especially if you have a rectangular face. Avoid long drop necklaces that extend past your bust, as these really elongate your face.    

For more information about the oval face shape, download my free guide!

Rectangular Shape

Rectangular Face shapeEarrings:

For a rectangular face, look for round earrings that will add curves to your face. Opt for round studs and rounded cluster earrings. Small jeweled hoops are a great option for this face shape. Avoid square earrings as well as anything that is long and thin.

Necklaces: Again, you are looking to add some roundness, so opt for necklaces with round embellishments, such a pearls of varying sizes, or necklaces that remain in a rounded shape near your collarbone. To add width, choker and collar necklaces are a great option as well. Avoid long drop necklaces that further lengthen your look.    

For more examples of ideal jewelry for the rectangular face shape, download my free guide! 

Circle Shape

Circle Face shapeEarrings:

You want to elongate your face, so look for earrings that are long and straight, such as straight drop earrings. Teardrop earrings are also a good choice. Avoid round, stud, and cluster earrings as these create width across your face.


Look for necklaces that extend at least beyond your collarbone and are V-shaped. Y-shaped necklaces are also an ideal option for you. Avoid any necklace that does not fall below your collarbone.  

To find out which celebrities have a circle shaped face, download my free guide!

Square Shape

Square Face shapeEarrings:

Look to soften the angles of your face with rounded earrings, such as tasteful hoops. Flowing shapes, such as chandelier earrings, are also very flattering. Avoid anything very angular in appearance.


Princess-length necklaces are perfect for your face shape. This is a length that extends just to the top of your cleavage. Round pendants are a great idea, as are any necklace with lots of curves and flowing shapes. Avoid anything that is shorter than the collarbone or longer than bust-length.   

For recommendations for the best glasses and sunglass frames for the square shaped face, download my free guide!

Triangle Shape


To soften the jawline, hoop earrings are your BFF! Look for any long earring with rounded shapes. Rounded cluster earrings or statement round stud earrings are also complimentary. Avoid anything very boxy or square.


Look for princess-length necklaces, which extend just to the top of your cleavage. A round pendant is a great option and very flattering. Avoid anything too short as this creates weight that mirrors your jawline.   

For more info on how to flatter your triangle shaped faced, download my 11-page free guide!

Heart Shape

Heart Face shapeEarrings:

Chandelier earrings are one of the very best options for the heart shape. Look for triangular shapes to balance the face as well. Any earring, such as a cluster earring, that adds width at the jawline is perfect.


Shorter necklaces around or above the collarbone are best for you. Especially look for an eye-catching pendant style that will balance the jawline nicely.

For more jewelry ideas for the heart shaped face, download my free guide!


What do you think, friend?! I’m a huge believer that knowledge brings both power and confidence! 

If your very favorite style of jewelry wasn’t listed for your face shape, that is okay. These are recommendations only. You will always look best when you feel confident and comfortable. 

Confidence quote

I hope you’ll feel empowered in selecting the perfect jewelry and super confident as you rock those beautiful pieces! And in case you are ready to go shopping, all of the pieces shown throughout this article are from

And for more information, glasses frames recommendations, and celebrity face shapes, download my free guide below!

What face shape are you? Tell me in the comments!

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How to Choose the Best Jewelry for Your Face Shape

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