How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom – The Simplified Way

Learn how to deep clean your bathrooms – the simplified way! 

If you’re in the middle of spring cleaning, or if you’re just looking for a clear plan to help you deep clean your bathrooms, you are in the right place!

Similar to the kitchen, bathrooms often get a decent amount of maintenance cleaning, but there are lots of important deep cleaning tasks in the bathroom that do need to be done from time to time. 

Bathrooms need to be kept clean to keep harmful bacteria and mold to a minimum,  to eliminate smells, to fight infections. (And to avoid the embarrassment of having guests see your dirty bathroom!)

Because we’re focusing on deep cleaning, we won’t be spending a lot of time on maintenance cleaning – things that you are already cleaning on a regular(ish!) basis, such as wiping the sinks.

Instead, you’ll concentrate your efforts on cleaning the things that are easy to overlook for long periods of time.

Here’s a look at the checklist for how to deep clean your bathroom: 

Bathroom Deep Cleaning Checklist

  • Dust light fixtures
  • Clean air vents
  • Wash shower curtains 
  • Wash bath mats
  • Remove hard water stains
  • Wipe down soap dispensers, etc.
  • Disinfect shower/tub
  • Clean shower heads
  • Clean handles and knobs
  • Deep clean toilet
  • Wipe down cabinet doors
  • Clean makeup brushes 
  • Disinfect trash cans
  • Clean windows 
  • Clean window tracks
  • Spot clean walls
  • Clean baseboards
  • Mop floor

You can download and print the list of both deep cleaning and regular maintenance cleaning tasks from the Jen Bradley|MOMs Free Printable library! Simply click on this link or on the image below to get your bathroom deep cleaning checklist

deep cleaning bathroom free checklist

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When you deep clean your bathrooms, it’ll save time to gather these supplies in advance:

deep clean bathroom

Okay, let’s get to work and deep clean your bathroom! We’ll start up high, work our way around the bathroom, and finally finish with cleaning the floors.

Dust light fixtures 

Start by spreading an old sheet underneath your light fixtures to catch any dust that’ll fall. (This little tips can save you tons of time in clean up!)

Using an extendable duster, carefully dust every possible surface of your fixture. 

Be sure to check your lightbulbs and switch out any that need replaced.

Knock down cobwebs 

Simply use a broom or extendable duster to knock down cobwebs. 

Be sure to check every corner where the walls meet the ceilings.

Clean air conditioner vents

Use your vacuum’s extendable brush attachment to vacuum any dust that has accumulated in and around this area. 

If you have dirt marks on the ceiling around your air conditioner vents, start by dipping an old hand towel into a bucket of warm, soapy water. Wring it out well and wrap it around the bottom of your broom, securing it in place with a zip-tie.

Then rub the ceiling with the towel-wrapped broom – and voila! You now have a clean ceiling without even needing a step ladder!

Dust doorframes

Dust around the tops of your doorframes with an extendable duster.

Be sure to dust framing around closet doors too!

Spring Cleaning Simplified

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It’ll make spring cleaning a breeze for you with easy checklists, materials needed, and easy-to-follow cleaning instructions! 

Clean bathroom walls

Look carefully at your walls for dirt smudges, fingerprints, and more. Use a damp, soapy cloth or a simple Magic Eraser to spot clean walls as needed. 

(If you’ll be using a Magic Eraser, be sure to test the colorfastness of the paint on your walls in an inconspicuous area first!)

Wash shower curtains 

Next, take down your fabric shower curtains and throw them in the washing machine. 

(Be sure to pull them out of the dryer quickly so they don’t get wrinkled!)

Then wipe down plastic shower curtain liners with a disinfecting wipe, making sure to check for any type of mold, especially in the bottom inside corners.

(I recommend replacing plastic shower curtain liners every other year!)

Wash bath mats

Once your fabric shower curtains are out of the washing machine, throw in your bath mats next! Be sure to check manufacturer instructions first to make sure they’re machine washable, and hang them to dry when they’re done.

If your bath mats aren’t machine washable, give them a good shake and vacuum them if possible. 

How to get rid of hard water stains

If you have hard water in your area, it’s likely that you have yellow, orange, or rust colored water stains in your sinks, toilet, or shower.

To get rid of these unsightly marks, soak a few paper towels in vinegar and wring them out only slightly. (They should be wet enough to drip slowly.)

Place the vinegar-soaked paper towels on top of the hard water stain for 20-30 minutes.

Then remove the paper towels and wipe dry. 

For hard water stains in the toilet, be sure to plunge the water down to a level below the water stains before placing your vinegar-soaked paper towels on top of the stain!

How to deep clean shower heads

To get rid of hard water buildup in your shower head, carefully pour 1/2 cup of vinegar into a quart or gallon size zip-top bag.

If you have an upright shower head with a long hose, put it on the floor of your shower/tub. 

Then seal the bag around the shower head with a zip-tie. Let it sit for at least 15-20 minutes. 

Wipe the shower head with a disinfecting wipe and then pick out any stubborn hard water spots from the tiny valves with a toothpick as needed.

cleaning handles and knobs

Handles and knobs

If you have clear handles or knobs for turning on hot and cold water, you may have noticed that these can get gross-looking over time – especially if you have them in the shower/tub! 

Here’s the good news: these knobs are actually removable! 

With a flathead screwdriver, locate the little rectangular notch on the face of the knob. Gently wedge the corner of the screwdriver in the notch and pop off the center portion. (These can crack, so be gentle!)

You’ll see an exposed screw – use a Philips or flathead screwdriver to loosen the screw and pull it out. (Put the screws in a safe place, so you’ll have them on hand to put your knobs back on!)

You can now pull off the clear knobs. Soak them in a large bowl of warm, soapy water for 15-30 minutes. 

Then use an old toothbrush to clean any small nooks or crannies! 

Using the long screw, put the knob back in place. Then carefully push the center section of the knob back in place as well. 

Wipe down soap dispensers, etc.

Do a quick check and wipe down any soap dispensers, handheld mirrors, jewelry trays, lotion bottles, and anything else that you may have sitting out on your bathroom counters. 

These are often overlooked during regular bathroom cleaning, so make sure to spend a few minutes inspecting anything that might need a good wiping down!

How to deep clean your toilet

To remove the toilet seat, flip open the tabs at the back of the seat and unscrew the plastic screw on each side. (If you have boys, these might be really gross! I highly recommend wearing rubber gloves for this!) 

Place the plastic screw in a bowl of hot, soapy water to soak. Wipe down the entire toilet seat with disinfecting wipes and then place it in the tub. 

Then fill the tub with a few inches of hot, soapy water and let the toilet seat soak while you clean the toilet bowl. 

Pour Castile soap or disinfecting spray down the sides of the toilet bowl and scrub well with a toilet brush. 

If there’s a lot of caked on buildup, use a pumice stone (I like this one with a convenient handle!) to gently scrub it away without damaging the porcelain.

Wipe down the entire outside surface of the toilet with disinfecting wipes, making sure to wipe the area underneath where the screws attach the seat to the bowl and at the bottom where the toilet is bolted into the floor. 

deep clean tub

Clean the tub/shower

To deep clean your tub/shower, spray disinfecting cleaner liberally on all the surfaces and wipe down well with a clean sponge. 

(I highly recommend using a squeegee like this after every shower to keep mold to an absolute minimum!)

How to clean grout

Grout can be tough to clean with your regular cleaning tools, such as sponges or wipes. 

If you have pink or black mold growing in your grout (no judgment here!), a heavy-duty grout brush and a strong cleaner can work wonders to remove it. 

This grout cleaning brush has been awesome for me because it’s great at getting into every single corner of my shower! 

clean bathroom mirrors

Clean bathroom mirrors

It’s likely that you’re already wiping your mirrors with glass cleaner regularly already, but take just a few minutes to give your mirrors a good cleaning. 

My homemade glass cleaner works amazingly well and smells delightful! All you need is 1 cup of distilled white vinegar, 1 cup of water, and 15 drops of peppermint essential oil. Mix them in a colored glass spray bottle and you’re all set!

Use a microfiber cloth with a small weave to prevent any streaking or lint deposits. Since this is a deep clean, be sure to pay attention to the corners and tops of your mirrors too! 

Clean chrome shower plates, etc

Simply rub half a lemon to get rid of hard water build-up on chrome shower plates, etc!

This will also make your entire bathroom smell great.

Wipe down cabinet doors

Wipe down bathroom cabinet doors with cloth dipped in warm soapy water. 

Pay attention to areas where toothpaste or makeup accumulation may occur over time! 

Clean makeup brushes

Makeup brushes are often overlooked! You can buy a ready-made makeup brush cleaner, or you can use the simple cleaning recipe of equal parts olive oil and dish soap. 

Simply swirl your brushes gently in this mixture, making sure to only get the very tips of the brush wet. (You can ruin your brushes by getting them too wet!)

Then rinse the makeup and soapy mixture thoroughly in running water, making sure to keep your makeup brush pointing down toward the drain the entire time. 

Inverting your brush under the water can damage the bristles, so be sure to keep it pointing down. 

To dry your brushes, lay them down on a hand towel, making sure not to store them upside down. 

clean window tracks

Clean window tracks 

Even if you never open your windows, it’s incredible how much dirt can get trapped in the window track!

Start by opening your windows and vacuuming out all loose dirt. Then spray all-purpose cleaner liberally into the window track. For a great homemade all-purpose cleaner, mix 1 cup distilled white vinegar, 1 cup filtered water, 2 Tbsp Castile soap, and 8-10 drops of a citrus-scented essential oil in a colored glass spray bottle!

Let this sit for 10-15 minutes and then wipe clean with a paper towel or microfiber cloth. 

Use an old toothbrush to clean the corners and crevices. 

Wipe off window sills

Simply wipe down window sills with a microfiber cloth.

If there is any buildup of dust or dirt, use a cloth dipped in warm, soapy water to remove the residue.  

Disinfect trash cans

Disinfect your bathroom trash cans by wiping them out with disinfecting wipes on the inside and outside surfaces. 

Clean baseboards

You’ll love this stand-up method for cleaning baseboards! 

First, go around your bathroom and vacuum your baseboards using the hand and small brush attachment of your vacuum to collect any loose dust. 

Next, dip a hand towel into a big bowl of warm, soapy water and wring it out well. 

Wrap the wet towel around the end of your broom and secure it in place with a zip-tie. 

Stand up and scrub all your baseboard with your towel-wrapped broom!

Clean the HVAC intakes

Begin by vacuuming the air intakes with a brush-end hand attachment for your vacuuming. 

If needed, use the stand-up towel-wrapped broom method for cleaning baseboards describe above!

deep clean bathroom floors

Sweep and mop floors

This is the LAST step in deep cleaning your bathroom! It’s really important, so don’t leave it out! 

Sweep your floors thoroughly to get any loose dirt up off the floor. (Be sure to sweep behind doors since this is a deep clean!)

Next, mop your floors. This awesome steam mop from Bissell gets amazing reviews and is perfect for both hardwood and tile!

how to spring clean your bathroom

Final thoughts on how to deep clean your bathroom

Deep cleaning your bathroom can definitely be a lot of work – but it only needs to happen one or two times a year!

Just think how amazing it will feel to have a sparkling clean bathroom when you’re all done!

If this article was helpful, definitely consider grabbing my Spring Cleaning Simplified eBook – that way you can download and print this amazing step-by-step plan to help you deep clean every room in your home!

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Is there anything else you’d add to the list for how to deep clean your bathroom?

how to deep clean your bathroom the easy way

How to Deep Clean Your Bathroom - The Simplified WayHow to Deep Clean Your Bathroom - The Simplified WayHow to Deep Clean Your Bathroom - The Simplified WayHow to Deep Clean Your Bathroom - The Simplified WayHow to Deep Clean Your Bathroom - The Simplified Way

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