30 Fun June National Days to Celebrate as a Family

There are some really fun national days in June to celebrate as a family! 

Check out our fun printable June National Days calendar and some great ideas for things you can easily do with your kids to celebrate every day of the month. 

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What are National Days? 

Did you know that the United States only recognizes 10 official national holidays every year?

But thanks to websites such as National Day Calendar, and being featured on social media sites, such as Facebook and Instagram, National Days have become super popular.

The first-ever national day was in 1984 when President Ronald Reagan created National Ice Cream Day (which was supposed to be a one-time thing!).

Nowadays, every day of the year has at least one unofficial National Day associated with it, and most days have three or four different National Days to celebrate.

Many National Days aren’t super kid-friendly (National Life Insurance Day, anyone?), so we’ve gone through and picked out the best ones you could easily celebrate with your kids in June!

June National Days for Kids Free Printable

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Now keep reading to check out the best June National Days for kids and our best ideas for celebrating them together!

National Days in June to Celebrate with Kids

June 1 – National Say Something Nice Day

What a great way to start out the month, right? Encourage your kids to celebrate National Say Something Nice Day by saying kind words to everyone they meet today – and that includes their parents and their siblings too!

June 2 – National Rocky Road Day

Pick up some ice cream cones and some Rocky Road ice cream to enjoy at home or head on over to your favorite ice cream shop today!

June 3 – National Donut Day

Grab some fun doughnuts from a local donut shop and enjoy them together! 

You could also have your kids poll their friends and family members to determine everyone’s favorite type of doughnut!

June 4 – National Trails Day

Find a trail near you, pack some water and snacks, grab the sunscreen and head out for a hike before the temperature gets too high!

June 5 – National Gingerbread Day

Honestly, we were surprised to see National Gingerbread Day in June, but it is real! 

Your kids might love the novelty of having gingerbread in the middle of the summer, so make some homemade gingerbread or grab a batch of ginger cookies from the store. 

June 6 – National Yo-Yo Day

Yo-yos are making a massive comeback with kids lately! 

We love this awesome trick yo-yo from Amazon and definitely recommend it. 

Then be sure to check out this 11-minute YouTube video with the top five beginning yo-yo tricks and give them a try at home. 

national yo yo day

June 7 – National Chocolate Ice Cream Day

Okay, so National Rocky Road Day was only five days before, but why not celebrate National Chocolate Ice Cream Day, too? 

Summer was made for ice cream, wasn’t it?! 

June 8 – National Best Friends Day

Help your kids celebrate National Best Friends Day by inviting their best friends over for some playtime or hanging out. 

If their best friends don’t live nearby, see if you can help them connect via FaceTime or Zoom instead! 

Or you could have your kids write a note, draw a picture, or deliver a small treat to their best friend on this day! 

national best friends day

June 9 – National Donald Duck Day

Your kids may not know who Donald Duck is, and if that’s the case, this is a great day to introduce them to the most famous duck of all time! 

You can find old Donald Duck cartoons on YouTube, or check out this cute Donald Duck coloring book on Amazon.

June 10 – National Movie Night

National Movie Night is a great day to celebrate as a family!

You could go to your local theater to watch a movie together or see if there is a drive-in movie theater nearby.

Or you could also have a special family movie night at home too! Whether you choose to watch your movie indoors or out in the backyard is totally up to you! 

national movie night

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June 11 – National Corn on the Cob Day

Ah, finally a vegetable day! Grab some corn on the cob from the Farmer’s Market or local grocery store and serve it alongside your dinner tonight. 

Your kids will probably enjoy using these bright-colored corn-on-the-cob holders from Amazon to help them eat their corn on the cob!

June 12 – National Children’s Day

On National Children’s Day, spend some intentional and uninterrupted time with your kids. 

Let them know how glad you are that they are your children with some words of affirmation or by writing a special note. 

national children's day

June 13 – National Weed Your Garden Day

Well, National Weed Your Garden may not be too thrilling for kids, but this is one of those things that just needs to get done from time to time, right?

Turn on some fun music and set a timer. Then encourage your kids to weed as much as they possibly can in the allotted time. 

June 14 – Flag Day

June 14th is Flag Day! Be sure to fly the American flag today and help your kids understand why the flag is so important to our country. 

You could do a cute American flag windsock craft like this from I Heart Crafty Things. (Trust us, this one is actually cute AND easy!)

Or make a fun American flag cake with blueberries and strawberries like this from Dinner Then Dessert. It’s perfect for any summer patriotic holiday!

national flag day

June 15 –  National Smile Power Day

We love uplifting days like National Smile Power Day! Encourage your kids to find out how much smile power they have by smiling at everyone they meet. 

Check out these great books about smiles too: 

June 16 – National Fudge Day

Fudge isn’t the easiest of treats to make at home, especially without special kitchen equipment like a candy thermometer.

But if you have a great bakery or fudge shop near home, stop in and buy your favorite flavor or try something new!

June 17 – National Flip Flop Day

If you haven’t purchased your kids’ summer flip-flops yet, National Flip-Flop Day would be a great day to do it!

Load everyone into the car, head over to Old Navy or Target, and let your kiddos choose their favorite pair.

(FYI, this is also National Eat Your Vegetables Day! We figured kids may not love to see this on the printable June calendar, but we also felt it was our duty to inform parents of this very important day of the year. Wink, wink.)

national flip flop day

June 18 – National Go Fishing Day

If fishing is your thing, head out to your favorite fishing hole and see what you can catch!

And even if you’ve never fished before, consider taking your kids and enjoying a new experience together.

June 19 – Father’s Day

Help your kids celebrate Father’s Day today!

They could draw cards or write letters, make breakfast in bed, play games or sports with Dad, or give him a handmade gift such as this adorable coupon book!

And if your kiddos don’t have a father in the home, help them express gratitude to the father figures in their lives, whomever that may be.

father's day

June 20 – National Vanilla Milkshake Day

Stop by your favorite ice cream shop and see if they’re honoring National Vanilla Milkshake Day!

Or pull out your blender and make your own vanilla milkshakes at home.

This simple recipe from Baking Mischief states that the proper ratio of ice cream to milk is 3 scoops to 3/4 cups of milk. Check out her cute milkshake sprinkle decorations too!

June 21 – National Selfie Day

For National Selfie Day, grab your phone and your kids, turn the camera around, and snap some cute selfies.

If you’re into social media, post your photos there with the hashtag #NationalSelfieDay and encourage your friends to do the same!

June 22 – National Chocolate Eclair Day

Yum! Eclairs! This is another treat that isn’t the easiest to make at home.

If you’re feeling brave or have a knack for making delicious pastries, try this recipe from The Flavor Bender. Since the entire process takes 6 hours, you could make a day of it with your kids.

Or you could make this shortcut chocolate eclair cake with graham crackers, pudding, and chocolate frosting instead.

But if your local bakery is calling your name, that’s perfectly fine too!

national chocolate eclair day

June 23 – National Hydration Day

National Hydration Day is a great day to discuss the importance of staying hydrated during the summer.

You could have them keep track of how much water they drink in a day.

Or you could have them pick out new reusable water bottles. We love these stainless steel water bottles from Amazon – there are five sizes and nineteen colors to choose from!

June 24 – National Pralines Day

Pralines are an old-fashioned treat similar to fudge but are made with nuts, such as almonds or pecans, and brown sugar.

Since National Pralines Day is in the middle of summer, look for a Pralines and Cream ice cream flavor at your local grocery store.

June 25 – National Leon Day

What is National Leon Day?

Well, it’s the halfway point in the year until Christmas! In fact, Leon is simply Noel spelled backward.

Your kids might get a kick out of doing something Christmasy today, like watching a Christmas movie, making a Christmas treat, or sipping lemonade out of holiday mugs.

This is one of those fun, whimsical National Days that kids seem to love!

leon day

June 26 – National Coconut Day

Grab your favorite coconut-y treat and enjoy it with your kids on National Coconut Day.

Or buy a real coconut from your local grocery store and let your kids drink the coconut water (younger coconuts have sweeter water). Then let them scoop out the coconut meat and roast it in the oven!

This article here tells you exactly how to open a whole coconut and what to do to roast the coconut meat!

June 27 – National Sunglasses Day

Wherever you go today, make sure everyone takes their sunglasses along!

This 3-pack of kids sunglasses from Amazon would also make a great and inexpensive gift to celebrate National Sunglasses Day too. They’re really sturdy and have lasted for at least two years at our house!

national sunglasses day

June 28 – National Paul Bunyan Day

If your kids aren’t sure who Paul Bunyan is, head on over to the library and check out some books about this well-known tall tale!

This version of the story of Paul Bunyan by Steven Kellogg is a favorite!

June 29 – National Waffle Iron Day

Pull out your waffle iron and put it to good use with your kids today!

Whether you make traditional waffles for breakfast or try a fun dessert waffle recipe, this is a fun day your kids will enjoy participating in!

June 30 – National Meteor Watch Day

Staying up late to do some stargazing on National Meteor Watch Day could end up being a fun summer memory your kids will remember for years to come!

Set out a blanket (or a tent, if you plan to set up shop outside all night!) and a telescope for your kids.

We have had this awesome refractor telescope for the past seven years and it’s really kid-friendly and durable, too!

Why Kids Love National Days

Kids absolutely love National Days because they are perfect for making ordinary things feel special.

You’ve probably seen your kids feel so excited about something exceedingly ordinary like a squirrel running along the fence in your backyard or getting a scratch-n-sniff sticker from their teacher.

National Days are a lot like that. They bring a little extra added excitement to days that might otherwise feel pretty ordinary.

Final thoughts about June National Days

The most important thing about celebrating these June National Days is to keep it simple!

Our mission here at Jen Bradley|MOMs is to help you find easy ways to connect with your kids and make special memories. You don’t have to do anything over the top.

Simply choose one or two National Days per week and do something small. Remember: Pinterest perfection is NOT required.

If you haven’t downloaded the June National Days for Kids calendar yet, just fill out the form below!

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30 Fun June National Days to Celebrate as a Family30 Fun June National Days to Celebrate as a Family30 Fun June National Days to Celebrate as a Family30 Fun June National Days to Celebrate as a Family

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