The Most Kid-Friendly National Days in May

There are some really fun national days in May to celebrate as a family! 

Check out our fun printable May National Days calendar and some great ideas for things you can easily do with your kids to celebrate every day of the month. 

Here at Jen Bradley|MOMs we believe that every day brings something to celebrate!

That’s why we LOVE National Days! They’re the perfect way to find small things to celebrate with your kids in very simple ways.

So whether you pick up some tacos for National Taco Day or pick up trash at the park on Earth Day, you’ll find lots of ways to connect and celebrate life with your kids!

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What are National Days? 

While the United States only recognizes 10 official national holidays and 44 national observances per year, National Days have been growing in popularity since 1984 when President Ronald Reagan created National Ice Cream Day (which was supposed to be a one-time thing!).

Today, thanks to websites such as National Day Calendar, National Days have become super popular.

Every day of the year has at least one unofficial National Day associated with it, and most days have three or four different National Days to celebrate.

Many National Days aren’t super kid-friendly (National Life Insurance Day, anyone?), so we’ve gone through and picked out the best ones you could easily celebrate with your kids!

May National Days for Kids Free Printable

To get your copy of the Free May National Days for Kids calendar, simply click right here or on the image below to get access!

free may national days for kids calendar

Keep reading to check out the best May National Days for kids and our best ideas for celebrating them together!

Days to Celebrate with Your Kids in May

May 1 – National Lemonade Day

Start off the month by enjoying a tall glass of lemonade with your kids! Whether you make your own at home or buy it from the store is entirely up to you – no judgment here!

lemonade day

May 2 – National Truffle Day

Visit your local chocolate shop and sample some truffles. Everyone wins, right?

May 3 – National Teacher Appreciation Day

Of all the people in the world who deserve an appreciation day, teachers are at the top of our list!

Get your kids involved and help them write a handwritten and heartfelt thank you note to their teacher and send it along with a small token of your appreciation.

(FYI: Besides handwritten notes, the most-requested items are gift cards.)

May 4 – National Star Wars Day

Celebrate National Star Wars Day by greeting everyone with “May the Fourth Be With You!”

Or check out over 30 Star Wars-themed Would You Rather Questions for kids right here (scroll down to the pop culture section and you’ll see ’em!)

may the fourth

May 5 – Cinqo de Mayo

Cinqo de Mayo is a perfect day to serve your favorite Mexican food for dinner and put out a few cute table decorations.

If your kids are really into it, consider trying a cute and festive taco pinata like this one right here!

May 6 – National Space Day

If you have space enthusiasts at home, this is a day they’ll really enjoy!

You could put up a model of the solar system or check out the online NASA Kids’ Club together right here.

This adorable STEM Space Box has 6 great projects and would make an extra special gift for this fun day.

national days in may calendar for kids

May 7 – National Play Outside Day

We love easy, low-cost National Days like this!

All you need to do is spend some time outdoors with your kids this Saturday and you’ve celebrated a National Day. Success!

May 8 – Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day, we hope you have an absolutely wonderful day! Whether that means visiting a spa, going to brunch, reading a book, or taking a nap, let your family take good care of you!

If for some reason that doesn’t happen, and you end up feeling discouraged on Mother’s Day, take a few minutes and revisit why being a mother is special to you.

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May 9 – National Lost Sock Memorial Day

National Lost Sock Memorial Day is such a delightful day, isn’t it?!

Your kids might get a big kick out of gathering all of their unpaired socks and having a memorial service for them before you throw them away!

May 10 – National Clean Up Your Room Day

While National Clean Up Your Room Day may not be your kids’ favorite day of the year, knowing it’s a National Day may be just the motivation they need to get the job done.

Make a list of the top three or four things they need to clean up and help them as needed!

clean up your room day

May 11 – National Eat What You Want Day

How lenient you are with your kids on National Eat What You Want Day is totally up to you!

Cake for breakfast? Hmmm…

Again, totally up to you.

(We recognize this day may be tricky for those with food allergies. It is also National School Nurse Day, so if you want to substitute, this would be the next-best kid-friendly option.)

May 12 – National Limerick Day

While you might think National Limerick Day would be closer to St. Patrick’s Day, it’s all the way in May.

While limericks originated from Ireland, they’re now the most popular type of poem in the English language.

Limericks are often silly, and you can find some great ones to read with your kids right here from Reader’s Digest.

May 13 – National Crouton Day

If you’re desperate to get your kids to eat salad, try celebrating National Crouton Day and add some yummy croutons to their greens.

Croutons are actually super easy to make at home. We love this easy recipe from 100 Days of Real Food! Try it with your little chef!

May 14 – National Miniature Golf Day

Head out to your local putt-putt golf center and play a round or two as a family!

national mini golf day

May 15 – National Chocolate Chip Day/ National Take Your Parents to the Park Day

Both of these National Days are so great that we just couldn’t choose between them!

For National Chocolate Chip Day, whip up your favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe with your kiddos.

Or let your kids take you to the park and show you all of their favorite playground equipment for National Take Your Parents to the Park Day!

May 16 – National Do Something Good for Your Neighbor Day

Days that promote kindness and giving are always something we can get behind here at Jen Bradley|MOMs.

Maybe your neighbor needs their sidewalk swept or weeds pulled from their garden.

Or maybe dropping by a potted plant or sweet treat would do the trick.

Whatever you choose to do, your kids will learn from your example of kindness!

something kind for your neighbor day

May 17 – National Cherry Cobbler Day

If you’re looking for a fun dessert to try, give this recipe for cherry cobbler from Celebrating Sweets.

It calls for fresh or frozen cherries, so pull out your cherry pitter and let your kids help you!

May 18 – National No Dirty Dishes Day

So, you could go one of two ways with No Dirty Dishes Day.

Either everyone in the family chips in to make sure that there are no dirty dishes in the sink all day.

Or you eat off of paper plates.

Either one is a win in our book!

May 19 – National Devil’s Food Cake Day

Making a cake from scratch is no joke, but if you have a little future baker at your house, this could be a really fun project for National Devil’s Food Cake Day!

Check out this great recipe here from Baker by Nature.

(If you’ve ever wondered whether there’s a difference between chocolate cake and devil’s food cake, the answer is yes. There are usually fewer eggs and more baking soda in devil’s food cake.)

devil's food cake day

May 20 – National Pick Strawberries Day/ National Pizza Party Day

If you live in a place where strawberries are in season, find a local u-pick farm and go fill a bucket or two!

But if strawberries aren’t quite in season yet, celebrate National Pizza Party Day by ordering or making pizza for dinner and having a little family party!

May 21 – National Strawberries and Cream Day

If you’re not sure what to do with all the strawberries you picked on May 20th, here is your answer!

You might try making homemade whipped cream with your kids. It only takes 5 minutes and is so delicious!

May 22 – International Being You Day

What a wonderful day for everyone to celebrate!

Take a minute or two when your family is all together and have everyone share something they love about every other person in the family or point out some of their special talents.

This can help your kids to understand what makes them unique and special.

May 23 – National Lucky Penny Day

Remind your kids to be on the lookout for a lucky penny today!

(You could always leave a few strategically scattered on the driveway or on the kitchen countertops!)

May 24 – National Scavenger Hunt Day

We’ve got five different, super cute Spring Scavenger Hunts for Kids in our Printable Library so you can celebrate National Scavenger Hunt Day easily!

free spring scavenger hunts for kids

If you don’t already have access to the Jen Bradley|MOMs Free Printable Library, be sure to join right here!

May 25 – National Tap Dance Day

Do you or your kids know how to tap dance? If so, make a quick video and post it on social media!

Or load up some cool tap dancing videos on YouTube and celebrate the talents of others.

May 26 – National Paper Airplane Day

Making paper airplanes is a great activity for kids because it’s easy, inexpensive, and fun!

You could make your own paper airplanes and have a contest to see who’s airplane flies the farthest, the craziest, or the fastest.

To make this day a little fancier, check out The Awesome Paper Airplane Book for Kids. It comes with some really cool paper airplane designs and even some tear-out projects too.

paper airplane day

May 27 – National Road Trip Day

Depending on whether school is out for the summer or not, this day would be perfect for a simple day trip or the start to your summer vacay.

May 28 – National Hamburger Day

While you might be thinking of grilling some hamburgers on Memorial Day, today would be a great day for that too!

May 29 – National Paperclip Day

Well, National Paperclip Day might not be the MOST exciting day at first glance.

But there are some ways you can make it fun for your kids.

Play a minute to win it game and see how many paper clips each person in your family can string together in one minute.

Or get some large paper clips to clip together all of your kids’ favorite school work to save from the year!

May 30 – Memorial Day

Often seen as the start to summer, Memorial Day is a wonderful time to get together for a family BBQ or hang out with the neighbors.

But it’s also a day to remember all those who have died while serving in the U.S. Armed Forces. Take a moment to commemorate their sacrifice by flying the American flag or talking with your kids about the importance of this day!

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May 31 – National Smile Day

Smiling? Smiling is our favorite!

Celebrate this fantastic day by encouraging your kids to think about all the things they have to smile about!

Also, if you have a preteen, check out the award-winning book, Smile by Raina Telgemeier. It’s a perfect summertime read!

national smile day

Why Kids Love National Days

Kids absolutely love National Days because they are perfect for making ordinary things feel special.

You’ve probably seen your kids feel so excited about something exceedingly ordinary, like a squirrel running along the fence in your backyard or getting a scratch-n-sniff sticker from their teacher.

National Days are a lot like that. They bring a little extra added excitement to days that might otherwise feel pretty ordinary.

Final thoughts about May Days to Celebrate

The most important thing about celebrating these May National Days is to keep it simple!

Our mission here at Jen Bradley|MOMs is to help you find easy ways to connect with your kids and make special memories. You don’t have to do anything over the top.

Simply choose one or two National Days per week and do something small. Remember: Pinterest perfection is NOT required.

If you haven’t downloaded the May National Days for Kids calendar yet, you can do that right here.

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Which days in May are you most excited to celebrate with your kids?

The Most Kid-Friendly National Days in MayThe Most Kid-Friendly National Days in MayThe Most Kid-Friendly National Days in MayThe Most Kid-Friendly National Days in May

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