100+ Kids’ Thanksgiving Jokes That’ll Make Them LOL

If you’re looking for a fun and SIMPLE way to have some fun with your kids this November, try telling these cute kids’ Thanksgiving jokes and riddles and see how hard you can make them laugh!

Benefits of Sharing Riddles and Jokes with Your Kids

First, there are many awesome benefits of telling jokes to your kids:

Here are just a few:

  • Telling jokes creates great dinner-time conversation.
  • Humor can increase feelings of family connection.
  • Developing a strong sense of humor can help your kids manage anxiety and stress.
  • Jokes help kids hone their verbal, reading, and spelling skills.
  • It’s an activity that requires no prep, and it’s completely free!

We’ve divided up our kids’ Thanksgiving jokes into the following categories, for your browsing convenience:

  • Funny Kids’ Thanksgiving Jokes
  • Turkey Jokes for Kids
  • Thanksgiving Dinner Jokes
  • Pilgrim Jokes
  • Thanksgiving Riddles for Kids

Keep on reading to check them all out and have a great laugh (or two or three!) with your kids!

Funny Kids’ Thanksgiving Jokes

Q: What’s the official dance of Thanksgiving called? 

A: The turkey trot.

Q: What smells the best at the Thanksgiving meal? 

A: Your nose.

Q: What does Miley Cyrus eat for Thanksgiving?

A: Twerk-ey!

Q: What’s one thing that you’ll have in common with a teddy bear on Thanksgiving? 

A:  You’re both full of stuffing!

Q: What did Dad say when Mom asked for his help to fix Thanksgiving dinner?

A: “Why? Is it broken?”

Q: What did Dad say when he was asked to say grace at Thanksgiving dinner? 

A: “Grace.”

Q: What song should you listen to on Thanksgiving? 

A: ”All About That Baste.”

Q: What do you call Thanksgiving if you’re selfish?

A: Thanks-taking.

Q: What can you call your brother who falls asleep after dinner? 

A: Your nap-kin.

thanksgiving jokes for kids

Q: What’s the main difference between Thanksgiving and April Fools’ Day?

A: On one, you are thankful. On the other, you are prankful.

Q: What do jazz-lovers put on their potatoes at Thanksgiving?

A: Groovy.

Q: Why did the farmer steamroll his potato field?

A: He wanted mashed potatoes.

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Q: On Thanksgiving, what does Dad have in common with an exhausted baseball player? 

A: They’re both likely to fall asleep between plates.

Q: What did Han Solo say to Luke Skywalker on Thanksgiving?

A: “May the forks be with you.”

Q: What do Halloween and Thanksgiving have in common?

A: One has goblins, and the other has gobblers.

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Hilarious Turkey Jokes for Kids

Q: What kind of key can’t open doors?

A: A turkey!

Q: What’s blue and covered in feathers?

A: A turkey holding its breath.

Q: How do you tell the difference between turkeys and chickens?

A: Chickens celebrate Thanksgiving.

Q: What sound does a turkey’s phone make? 

A: “Wing, wing.”

Q: What do you call a turkey’s evil twin?

A: A Gobbleganger.

funny turkey jokes

Q: What did the turkey say as he outran the farmer?

A: You ain’t seen stuffing yet!

Q: Why didn’t the cook season the turkey?

A: There was no thyme!

Q: What did the leftover turkey say?

A: “Make me a sandwich!”

Q: What was the conniving turkey suspected of? 

A: Fowl play.

Q: Why did the turkey cross the road twice? 

A: To prove he wasn’t a chicken.

Q: What did the turkey say to the computer?

A: Google, google.

Q: Can a turkey jump higher than the Empire State Building?

A: Yes – a building can’t even jump!

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Q: Why did the turkey refuse dessert? 

A: He was already stuffed

Q: When are turkeys the most grateful? 

A: The day after Thanksgiving.

clean thanksgiving jokes

Q: What did the turkey say to the turkey hunter before Thanksgiving Day?

A: Quack, quack!

Q: If you call a large turkey a gobbler, what do you call a small one?

A: A goblet!

Q: What would you get if you crossed a turkey with an octopus?

A: Enough drumsticks for everyone.

Q: Which side of the turkey has the most feathers?

A:  The outside! 

Q: What would a turkey be called if it turned into a ghost? 

A: A poultrygeist

Q: Why do turkeys lay eggs?

A: If they dropped them, they’d break! 

Q: What sound does a space turkey make?

A: Hubble, Hubble, Hubble!

Q: Where do turkeys go dancing?

A: The butterball.

Q: Why did Mom’s turkey seasoning taste a little off this year?

A: She ran out of thyme.

Q: What do you call a running turkey?

A: Fast food.

Q: What was the turkey thankful for on Thanksgiving?

A: Vegetarians.

turkey jokes for kids

Q: What’s a turkey’s favorite dessert? 

A: Apple gobbler.

Q: Why do turkeys love rainy days?

A: They love fowl weather.

Q: Why do turkeys gobble?

A: Because they never learned table manners.

Q: What do you get when a turkey lays an egg on top of a barn?

A: An eggroll.

Q: What do you call a turkey on the day after Thanksgiving?

A: Lucky.

Q: Why can’t you take a turkey to church?

A: They use too much fowl language.

Q: What do most turkeys love to collect?

A: Gobbleheads. 

Q: Why was the turkey asked to join a band? 

A: He could bring his own drumsticks.

Q: What sound does a turkey with one leg make?

A: Wobble, wobble!

Q: When do you serve rubber turkey?

A: Pranksgiving!

Thanksgiving Dinner Jokes for Kids

Q: What did the apple pie say after Thanksgiving?

A: Good-pie everyone.

Q: What did the sweet potato say when it was asked if it was hungry? 

A: ”Yes, I yam.”

thanksgiving dinner jokes for kids

Q: What role do green beans play in Thanksgiving dinner?

A: The casse-role.

Q: Why did the boy sit on his sweet potatoes at Thanksgiving dinner?

A: He wanted to eat squash instead.

Q: What do you get if you divide the circumference of a pumpkin by its diameter?

A: Pumpkin pi.

Q: What dish makes the worst jokes at a Thanksgiving dinner?

A: The corny bread.

Q: Why is it so easy for mashed potatoes to travel?

A: They take the gravy train.

Q: What did the apple pie say to the pecan pie?

A: You’re nuts!

Q: What vegetables would you like with your Thanksgiving dinner?

A: Beets me!

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Q: How did the salt and pepper welcome all the guests? 

A: They said, “Seasoning’s greetings!”

Q: Why did the apple pie cry?

A: Its peelings were hurt!

Q: What’s a potato’s favorite game to play? 


pumpkin jokes for kids

Q: What’s the best thing to put into a pumpkin pie?

A: Your teeth!

Q: What is a pumpkin’s favorite sport?

A: Squash.

Q: Why did the cranberries turn red?

A: Because they saw the salad dressing.

Q: Why were the beans accused of being jealous of the other side dishes? 

A: They were green with envy.

Q: What did the gravy say about the angry mashed potatoes?

A: Taters gonna state.

Q: What did the salad say to the butter who kept making jokes? 

A: You’re on a roll.

Q: What happens when cranberries get sad? 

A: They turn into blueberries.

Q: Why did the sweet potato casserole cross the road?

A: It saw a fork up ahead.

Q: Why was the Thanksgiving soup so expensive?

A: It had 24 carrots.

Q: Why did the pumpkin pie go to a dentist?

A: Because it needed a filling.

november jokes for kids

Q: Which Thanksgiving drink is always sad?

A: Apple sigh-der.

Q: Why was the gravy sent to the principal’s office?

A: He was acting saucy.

Q: What did the pumpkin say after Thanksgiving?

A: Good-pie everyone.

Funny Pilgrim jokes for kids

Q: What did pilgrims use to bake cookies?

A: May-flour!

Q: If April showers bring May flowers, what do May flowers bring? 

A: Pilgrims.

Q: Where did sick pilgrims go while traveling on the Mayflower?

A: To the doc(k)! 

Q: What kind of music did the Pilgrims like?

A: Plymouth Rock.

Q: What showed us how much the Mayflower liked America?

A: The way it hugged the shore.

Q: What did the Pilgrim wear to dinner? 

A: A (har)vest.

Q: How did they clean their clothes on the Mayflower?

A: Tide!

Q: When did the Pilgrims first say, “God bless America?”

A: The first time they heard America sneeze.

Q: What kind of tan did pilgrims get at the beach?

A: A Puri-tan.

pilgrim jokes for kids

Q: If Pilgrims were still alive, what would they be known for? 

A: Their age.

Q: How did the Pilgrims bring their cows to America?

A: On the Mooooo-flower.

Q: Why do Pilgrims’ pants always fall down?

A: Because they wear their buckles on their shoes and their hats!

Q: What brand of cars would pilgrims drive today?

A: Plymouth.

Q: Why didn’t the Pilgrims tell secrets in the cornfield?

A: Because the cornstalks had too many ears.

Q: What did the Mayflower sailors play when they were bored?

A: Cards – because they always have a deck.

Thanksgiving Riddles for kids

Q: What do a donkey, monkey, and turkey all have in common?

A: They all have keys!

Q: I can be smashed, baked, or carved, and you can see me everywhere on Thanksgiving. What am I?

A: A pumpkin.

Q: What can never be eaten for Thanksgiving dinner?

A: Thanksgiving breakfast.

Q: What did the mathematician say when his son said all he wanted to eat for Thanksgiving dinner was pumpkin pie?

A: That’s totally irrational.

Q: If it took three people four hours to roast a turkey, how long would it take four people to roast the same turkey?

A: None, the turkey is already cooked.

parade joke thanksgiving

Q: What always comes at the beginning of a parade?

A: The letter P!

Q: When the Pilgrims landed, where did they stand?

A: On their feet.

Q: When does Christmas come before Thanksgiving?

A: When you’re looking in the dictionary.

Q: If fruit comes from a fruit tree, where do turkeys come from?

A: A poul-tree! 

Q: If it took six kids one hour to eat all the apple pies in the bakery, how many hours would it take three kids?

A: None because the six kids ate them all already.

Q: At Thanksgiving dinner, which hand should you butter your roll with?

A: Neither — you should use a knife.

Q: I can be served cold or hot. I’m made with fruit, vegetable, or meat. On a Thanksgiving table, I will be a treat. What am I?

A: A pie.

Q: What always comes at the end of Thanksgiving? 

A: The G.

Final thoughts about these Thanksgiving jokes for kids

Remember, you don’t have to do ALL of the crafts, gifts, parties, etc, etc, etc to help your kids enjoy Thanksgiving!

You can do a few small and simple things – like share these cute kids’ Thanksgiving jokes – to make some fun and festive memories your kids will always remember. 

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Which one of these kids’ Thanksgiving jokes made you smile the most? 

100+ Kids\' Thanksgiving Jokes That\'ll Make Them LOL100+ Kids\' Thanksgiving Jokes That\'ll Make Them LOL100+ Kids\' Thanksgiving Jokes That\'ll Make Them LOL100+ Kids\' Thanksgiving Jokes That\'ll Make Them LOL

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