15 Awesome Minute to Win It Easter Games Your Family Will Love

These great minute to win it Easter games can be a ton of fun for your family!

One of the best (and easiest!) ways to have some extra fun with your family is by setting up a few simple minute to win it games.

These minute to win it Easter games are awesome because:

  • They’re lighthearted and humorous
  • They take minimal time and effort to put together
  • They only last a minute
  • Kids and adults of any age can play

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Let’s get into the list of Minute to Win It Easter Games!

For each game, you’ll see a short list of supplies, set up or preparation instructions, and directions on how to play.

1.Easter egg match

Set up:

Put the Easter eggs together so the top half and the bottom half colors are mismatched and put them in a basket

How to play:

The player has to quickly pull apart the plastic Easter eggs and put them back together so all the eggs have a matching top and bottom half.

Once all the eggs are put together, the player has to put them back in the basket too.

The person to do this in the least amount of time is the winner, but anyone who does it in less than one minute is successful!

Easter egg match

Group variation:

You can easily set up two or more baskets, each with 2 dozen mismatched eggs. Have players race against each other to put the eggs together correctly. The first person to put their eggs together correctly and put them back in the basket wins!

2. Easter Basket Egg Toss

Set up:

Divide players into teams of 2 and give each team one inexpensive Easter basket and 2 dozen plastic Easter eggs.

Have one player from each team kneel on the ground in a shoulder to shoulder line and hold their Easter basket on their head. Their partners stand behind them with the Easter eggs.

How to play:

When the timer starts, the standing players try to toss the Easter eggs into their partner’s Easter basket. The team with the most Easter eggs in their basket at the end of a minute wins!

easter basket egg toss

Age variation:

To make this Easter minute to win it game work for different ages, increase or decrease the distance between the kneeling and standing partners.

3. Peep Face


at least one marshmallow Peep per player, but extras are a good idea to have on hand!

Set up:

Give each player a marshmallow peep and tell them to tip their chins up and place the peep at the top of their forehead

How to play:

Players use only their face muscles, movement (and maybe a little gravity too!) to move their peep down their face and into their mouths. No hands allowed!

easter minute to win it games for kids

4. Suck it Up

Set up:

Give each player a paper straw and set 2 paper plates side by side on a table in front of him/her. Then pour a good amount of candy onto one of the paper plates.

How to play:

Using only their straws, players must transfer all of the candy from one paper plate to the other in one minute. The person who gets all of their candy moved over first (or gets the most in one minute) is the winner!

5. Easter egg roll


Put a penny in each plastic egg to add a little weight. While this isn’t 100% necessary, it does help the game to go better!

Set up:

Give each player a straw and a plastic Easter egg. Have players line up side by side at one end of a long table or countertop, or on the floor and place their egg in front to them. Designate a finish line.

How to play:

By blowing through the straw, players must move their egg across the table, counter or floor to the finish line. The person who gets his or her egg across the finish line first is the winner.

6. Easter egg stack


several dozen plastic Easter eggs

How to play:

Players need to pull apart the Easter eggs and stack them as high as they can in one minute. The player with the highest tower of eggs at the end of a minute wins!

easter egg stack

7. Egg Relay

  • plastic spoons
  • plastic Easter eggs
Set up:

Give each player a plastic spoon. Next, have players pair into partnerships and give each team a plastic Easter egg. Have the partner with the Easter egg stand on one side of the room or yard from his or her partner. (It’s helpful to have all the partners with the eggs on one side, but not necessary).

How to play:

Players place the egg in their spoon and quickly walk, run, or shuffle over to their partner, being careful not to drop the Easter egg.

When they make it over to their partner, they need to carefully transfer the egg to their partner’s spoon.

The partner then walks or runs the egg back to the starting line where the first player began.

easter egg relay

To make this Easter minute to win it game more challenging, try this rule: If players drop their egg, they need to do something funny (like jumping jacks or the the chicken dance) before picking up their egg and putting it back on their spoon.

8. Fastest egg hunt ever


one or two dozen plastic Easter eggs


Hide the eggs around the room or yard.

How to play:

One player at a time takes a turn to find as many eggs as he or she can in one minute.

minute to win it easter games for families

9. Jelly bean scoop

  • a plastic spoon for each player
  • a small bowl or cup for each player
  • two or more bags of jelly beans
Set up:

Give each player a plastic spoon and bowl/cup and spread the jelly beans all over the middle of the table. Players put one hand behind their backs.

How to play:

Using only the spoon, players must scoop as many jelly beans as they can into their bowl or cup in one minute.

Remember – their other hand must stay behind their backs for the entire one-minute duration! The player who gets this most jellybeans in his or her cup wins.

(Idea source: Happy Home Fairy)

10. Easter egg shake it

  • one empty square tissue box
  • 36” piece of wide ribbon
  • 6-8 plastic Easter eggs

Cut two parallel slits in the bottom of the tissue box, about 2 inches apart. Thread the ribbon through the slits and slide the tissue box to the center of the ribbon.

Put the empty plastic Easter eggs in the empty tissue box.

Set up:

Tie the ribbon around the hips of one player, with the tissue box behind them, facing outward.

How to play:

Players have to jump, shake, wriggle to get all of the Easter eggs out of the tissues box in the shortest amount of time.

Team variation:

Prepare two empty tissue boxes and have players face off against each other!

fun easter games for the whole family

11. Easter balancing act

Set up:

Place the Easter eggs on the pizza pan and designate a starting and a finish line

How to play:

Holding the pizza pan with one hand, players must walk or run to the finish line while balancing all of the eggs on the pan. If any fall off, he or she must return to the starting line.

Age appropriate variations:

For very young kids, they can hold the pizza pan in two hands. For older kids and adults, have them hold two pizza pans, one in each hand.

(Idea sourced from Christian Camp Pro)

12. Jelly bean sort


several bags of jelly beans or Easter M&Ms

Set up:

Spread the jelly beans or M&Ms all over a table

How to play:

Players have one minute to sort the jelly beans or M&Ms into separate piles based on color. The player who get the most sorted in one minute (or sorts them all in the shortest amount of time) is the winner!

(Idea source: Happy Home Fairy)

13. Chubby Bunny minute to win it easter game


lots of large marshmallows

How to play:

Players fit as many marshmallows in their mouths as they can.

After one minute, the player who can say “Chubby Bunny” in the most understandable voice is the winner!

14. Decorate the Easter egg


Place 8-10 Easter stickers with the sticky side up on the round tray or pizza pan and put 1 plastic egg in the middle

How to play:

Players pick up the tray and tilt it so the egg rolls around and collects stickers. The player to collect the most most stickers in one minute (or all of the stickers in the shortest amount of time) is the winner!

Age appropriate variation:

For younger kids, have them place one hand behind their backs, keep the tray flat on the table, and use one hand to roll the egg over the stickers

(Idea source: Christian Camp Pro)

15. Easter candy eggs-travaganza


lots of small chocolate Easter candy in foil wrappers, such as small chocolate or Cadbury eggs

How to play:

Players unwrap and eat as many chocolate candies as possible in one  minute. The player who eats the most is the winner! To keep candy consumption lower, you can say that players must swallow one piece of candy before putting another in their mouths.

pin for easter games for families

Final thoughts on Minute to Win It Easter games

I hope these minute to win it Easter games will bring a lot of smiles and laughter to you and your family!

If you love getting a little inside info about the various Easter traditions that these minute to win it Easter games are based on – the Easter bunny, dyeing eggs, etc. – here’s a cool article from Mental Floss to check out! 

Finally, to make your event eggs-tra special (sorry, I couldn’t resist!), check out these cute Easter decorations you could add for some fun ambience: 

Easter tree

This adorable Easter tree would make an awesome centerpiece for any type of snack or dessert table!

With warm LED lights and 10 egg ornaments, this festive tree will fit the Easter theme perfectly.

Felt bunny garland

How cute would this felt bunny garland look hanging from your fireplace mantle or draped along your entryway table?

Wooden die-cut Easter wreath

This unique wreath is ideal for anyone who loves farmhouse chic!

You can put in on your front door to cheerily greet anyone coming over to play your awesome minute to win it Easter games!

With just a few inexpensive supplies and some cute decorative touches, you can create a fun and simple Easter event your kids will remember for a long time to come!

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Don’t forget to snag your free Easter printable games from the Jen Bradley|MOMS printable library!


easter minute to win it games for kids


Which of these minute to win it Easter games seems like the most fun to you?

15 Awesome Minute to Win It Easter Games Your Family Will Love15 Awesome Minute to Win It Easter Games Your Family Will Love15 Awesome Minute to Win It Easter Games Your Family Will Love15 Awesome Minute to Win It Easter Games Your Family Will Love15 Awesome Minute to Win It Easter Games Your Family Will Love15 Awesome Minute to Win It Easter Games Your Family Will Love15 Awesome Minute to Win It Easter Games Your Family Will Love

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