Mom Fashion and Style

“Clothes aren’t going to change the world. The women who wear them will.” 

-Anne Klein

My Mom Fashion Story

Several years ago, I tried an experiment. 

I’d just had my last baby, and I felt frustrated with my body. 

I didn’t want to beat myself up mentally or create unrealistic expectations about getting back in shape. 

But I wanted to do something to help myself feel more confident about how I looked. 

So I decided to ditch my hubby’s old t-shirts and my yoga pants and start getting dressed every day. 

Almost immediately I noticed a difference.

I felt empowered and put-together. I felt more prepared to take on the daily demands of motherhood. In short, I definitely felt more confident!! 

What You’ll Find Here

First, let me tell you what types of articles you won’t find here: 

  1. anything about runway fashion
  2. pressure to keep up with every passing trend
  3. concerns about body shape or size

Instead, you’ll find information about:

  • how to dress with confidence
  • embracing your personal sense of mom fashion and style
  • how to simplify your wardrobe so you can automate getting dressed every day
  • celebrating the body you have and learning how to dress it well

So grab a snack, get comfortable, and stay awhile! 

summer fashion for moms
winter fashion for moms

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