Mom Productivity and Self-Care

“Happiness inspires productivity.” 

-Shawn Achor

Mom productivity and self-care

Wait a minute. 

How are these two topics even remotely related? At first glance, doesn’t it seem that mom productivity and self-care are opposites?

For a long time, I thought so. 

But here’s the truth: 

Self-care IS productive! 

When you take time to rest and rejuvenate your mind, body, and heart, you’re better able to meet the many, many, many demands of mom life.

When you are functioning from mom overwhelm and frustration, it is much harder to find joy in motherhood. 

mom self care and productivity

Experiencing mom overwhelm is normal

Being overwhelmed by motherhood doesn’t make you a bad mom by any means. Rather, it makes you a NORMAL mom. 

In fact, a full 86% of moms report feeling burnout at least occasionally. 

But what matters is what we do when we start to feel that burnout coming on. 

Do we put pressure on ourselves to “get more done?” Or do we find a way and make the time to give ourselves an opportunity for self-care? 

Remember this: taking time for yourself is NOT selfish.

Check out the articles below to find out how to start giving yourself proper self-care as a mom, and how to increase your productivity by simplifying your mom life routines. 

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