10 Awesome New Year’s Printable Games Your Kids Will Enjoy

These free New Year’s printable games can help you make this grown-up holiday a ton of fun for your kids!

You probably worked really hard to make sure your kids had a magical Christmas, and the thought of doing something really involved for New Year’s Eve might be exhausting!

That’s why we’ve prepared these 10 great New Year’s printable games for you!

Here’s a quick list of the 10 printables you’ll see in this article:

  1. New Year’s Eve scavenger hunts
  2. New Year’s Eve word unscramble
  3. Scattergories Game for New Year’s
  4. Pictionary or Charades cards
  5. New Year’s Eve word searches
  6. New Year’s Eve Mad Libs
  7. 2021 Year in Review printable
  8. New Year’s Resolutions printable
  9. Midnight Mazes
  10. New Year’s Bingo printables

Download and print these free New Year’s printable games

To get a hold of these great printable New Year’s games, you can join the Jen Bradley|MOMs library by clicking right here or on the image below!

New Year's Eve Printable Games

Once you’re in the library, all you have to do is select the free printable that you’d like and hit print! (Plus you’ll gain access to more than 75 other great printables too!)

Let’s take a closer look at all of the New Year’s printable games now.

New Year’s Eve Scavenger Hunt printables

There are two different New Year’s Eve scavenger hunts included in this free printable. The first one is in a list format and another is pictures-only, so there’s no reading required!

new years scavenger hunt printable

Either of these New Year’s scavenger hunts would be perfect for kids to do during a New Year’s Eve party or on New Year’s Day.

New Year’s Eve Word Unscramble

The free New Year’s word unscramble is not as difficult as it looks!

new years eve word scramble

(P.S. – If you’re kids are getting stuck on any of the answers, they can always use the word bank on our New Year’s Eve word search puzzle for some extra help!)

New Year’s Scattergories game

Scattergories is a fun game that can help kids build their vocabulary skills and think independently.

This free printable New Year’s printable game is for kids who can read and write quickly, about 8 years and up.

To play New Year’s Scattergories, you’ll need a timer, copies of the Scattergories printable, and one writing utensil per player.

new year's scattergories game

With this New Year’s Scattergories printable, there will be four different rounds of the game.

You’ll start by setting a time limit for each round. Two minutes should be enough, but if you want a less rushed game, set the timer for three minutes.

In the first round, players will need to think of a word that starts with the letter “Y” for each of the categories that are listed.

For example, a pet’s name that starts with “Y” could be Yippy, Yoda, or Yo-Yo.

Players go through the list, writing down as many answers as they can. (Be sure to let your kids know that it’s okay to skip and come back to ones they may not have answers for at first!)

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When the time is up, everyone takes turns comparing their lists.

If more than one person has written the same answer, they don’t get a point for their word, so it’s a great idea for players to be unique and original!

Finally, players can get bonus points by using an adjective that also begins with the same letter in their answer.

For example, for a pet’s name that starts with “R,” Rowdy Ralph or Rolling Ronnie could each be worth two points (as long as no one else thinks of them!).

Once the “Y” round is completed, it’s time to move on to the “E” round and so on until the last round of words that will begin with “R.”

New Year’s Pictionary (or Charades!)

In addition to the free printable New Year’s Pictionary cards, you’ll need a small whiteboard and some whiteboard markers. (Paper and markers would be fine too!)

Start by dividing the kids into two groups of mixed ages.

One person from one group chooses a card with a drawing prompt.

new years pictionary

That person then has one minute to draw the thing on the card on the whiteboard while their team tries to guess what it is.

The team that guesses the most drawings correctly after all the drawing prompt cards have been done is the winner!

(If you don’t have a whiteboard, use the Pictionary cards to play Charades and act out the New Year’s words instead!)

New Year’s Eve Word Searches

There are two versions of these free New Year’s word searches for kids: one for older kids and one for younger kids.

Words can go up, down, diagonal, backward, and forward.

new years word search printables

In the printable New Year’s word search for older kids, the grid has 20 letters per row and column, and there are 20 different New Year-related words for your kids to find.

With only ten letters per row and eleven words to find, the simpler word search is much easier!

Simply give kids a highlighter or colored pencil and let them go to town!

You could also have kids complete these New Year’s word searches in pairs or set a timer to make it more of a game.

New Year’s Eve Mad Libs printable

Mad Libs is always a great game if you’re looking for some laughs with your kids!

This New Year’s fill-in-the-blank game is best played in a big group but can be done individually too.

It’s helpful if your kids know what nouns, verbs, and adjectives are for sure!

But even little ones can still participate too because some of the blanks are labeled specifically as “body part” or “color.”

new years mad libs printable

Go through the blanks and ask the kids to share the first word that comes to their minds!

As they shout out their answers, write them into the appropriate blank.

When the blanks are all filled in, have the kids quiet down enough so they can hear you read the story back to them.

There are sure to be at least a few good laughs!

2021 Year in Review printable

This kid-friendly Year in Review is definitely our favorite of the New Year’s printables here at Jen Bradley|MOMs! I

t’s a great way to remember what happened to make 2021 memorable for your kids.

year in review printable for kids

Take a few minutes to help your kids think about their biggest successes and hardest moments, and have them record some of their favorites.

As the years pass by, you’ll love having this printable to look back on what your child was like at the end of 2021!

New Year’s Resolutions printable

Whether you call them goals or resolutions, this fun printable will help your kids start thinking about 2022!

new years resolutions for kids printable

Doing this with your kids will help you gain a lot of insight into what your kids are hoping and planning for the new year!

Midnight Mazes

Similar to the word searches and scavenger hunts, these printable New Year’s mazes also come in different levels of difficulty.

new years maze printable

With these three free New Year’s Eve maze printables, you’ll get an easy, medium, and difficult maze, so there will be something for kids of all ages!

New Year’s Eve Bingo free printable

So many kids love bingo!

The free printable New Year’s bingo in our free Printable Library contains 6 different full-size bingo cards, as well as a page of small calling cards to cut out and use.

new year's bingo printable

To play bingo, you’ll need some type of bingo marker. We love these reusable, colorful bingo chips! They’re transparent, so you can easily check over a little one’s bingo card to make sure they’ve covered the correct pictures!

Here are some other great ideas for bingo chips or markers:

  • small pieces of candy, such as M&Ms
  • bits of colored paper
  • small LEGO pieces
  • raisins
  • peanuts
  • chocolate chips

When you play this version of New Year’s bingo, be sure to be very specific about each item that you call out!

Instead of just saying “party hat,” you’ll want to say “yellow and blue striped party hat.” This can help your kids to develop good listening skills and sharpen their focus!

One of our favorite things about these bingo cards is that they’re full-size, and they’re easily reusable! (Plus, If you choose to laminate them, they could last for years and years!)

Final thoughts on these New Year’s printable games for kids:

Don’t forget, you can access the free New Year’s printable games by clicking right here or on the image below:

New Year's Eve Printable Games

And if you’re hosting a big New Year’s party, want even more games, or want to save time by downloading everything at once, check out the New Year’s Eve Ultimate Printable Pack in the Jen Bradley|MOMs shop!

Inside the New Year’s Eve Ultimate Printable pack, you’ll find over 45 pages of fun New Year’s Eve printable games for kids including:

  • New Year’s Eve word searches
  • word scramble
  • New Year’s Eve coloring page
  • Mad Libs
  • matching game
  • Scattergories
  • mazes
  • photo scavenger hunt
  • Year in Review
  • New Year’s resolutions printable
  • cupcake toppers
  • countdown clocks from 6p-midnight
  • answer sheets

Simply click on the image below and you’ll be on your way to having a super fun New Year’s event for your kids and guests – quickly and easily!

New Years eve printables for kids

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pin for new years eve games for kids

Which of these New Year’s printable games will you play with your kids?


10 Awesome New Year\'s Printable Games Your Kids Will Enjoy10 Awesome New Year\'s Printable Games Your Kids Will Enjoy10 Awesome New Year\'s Printable Games Your Kids Will Enjoy10 Awesome New Year\'s Printable Games Your Kids Will Enjoy10 Awesome New Year\'s Printable Games Your Kids Will Enjoy

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