50 Awesome Non-Candy Easter Egg Fillers Your Kids Will Love

Are you looking for some fun non-candy Easter egg fillers that will still have your kids as excited as a tiny chocolate candy bar?

At our house, our hunt for non-candy Easter egg fillers began nearly five years ago when we learned my oldest son needed to avoid artificial colors at all costs. 

Not only did that rule out every single type of candy, but lots of chocolate Easter candy too. 

Whether you have a dietary need or are simply looking to decrease the amount of sugar your kids consume, this list of great non-candy Easter egg fillers will help you out!

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To make this list of non-candy Easter egg fillers as mom-friendly as possible, it’s divided into these categories:

  • experiences for egg filler ideas
  • small toys and gifts
  • non-candy egg filler ideas for girls
  • non-candy Easter egg filler ideas for boys

Also, because of the small dimensions of these products, it’s important to note that most of these Easter egg fillers are intended for ages 4 and up.

Experiences as non-candy Easter egg fillers

Instead of filling Easter eggs only with tiny toys and gifts, it can be fun to add in a few of these experience ideas as well for variety. These experience gifts can also create opportunities for more bonding moments with your kids. 

1.Money – This was our first solution, and my kids still love it five years later. Simply put a few coins in each egg. It can be fun to fill a few eggs will dollar bills – the kids tend to think these eggs are empty because they weigh so little! You can then help them plan how they want to use their money!

2. Special experiences and privileges – Simply write out a fun privilege or experience your kids would enjoy on a slip of paper. They can then redeem this paper and get to do the small activity, such as staying up 30 extra minutes past their bedtime. For more special privilege ideas, check out this article here! 

3. Movie tickets 

4. Coupons/gift card for a special treat like ice cream 

non-candy Easter egg filler ideas

5. Magnetic alphabet letters to spell a secret message – if you have multiple kids, you could color code the letters for each secret message. For example, one child would collect all the blue eggs and unscramble the letters in the blue eggs and another child would collect all the yellow eggs and unscramble those letters. 

6. Puzzle pieces – choose a familiar or a brand new puzzle!

7. Lego pieces – Minifigure pieces always work well. As with the puzzle pieces, you could use either familiar pieces or a divide up the pieces to a small new LEGO set (keep the building instructions separate of course!) 

Small Toys and Gifts

8. Masks – These ones from Headbands of Hope are double layered with adjustable straps. Not only will Headbands of Hope donate one headband to a child with an illness for every mask pack sold, but you can also use code JENNIFERBRADLEY to get $5 off your order! 

masks for Easter

9. Block crayons – Sometimes adding a new shape to something can make it totally novel and exciting again.

block crayons for Easter egg filler

10. Tiny stuffed animals – These stuffed animals are between two and three inches tall and are perfectly squishable for an Easter egg!

11. Shoe labels – These are perfect for kids who play sports, attend dance or gymnastics, or take their shoes off at a friend’s house!

12. Squishy stress relief toys

13. Easter stampers

14. Easter tattoos 

15. Festive stickers – This awesome and affordable set has stampers, tattoos AND stickers!

16. Game pieces – To set up a fun follow-on activity to the egg hunt, put game pieces to a new game inside of the Easter eggs. This game called Quadrillion would be great!

17. Easter erasers

18. Egg-shaped sidewalk chalk – Isn’t sidewalk chalk more fun when it comes in a festive egg shape?

19. Bubbles – Perfect for the return of bright, sunny days again!

20. Water growing sea animals – These are fun because your kids will be kept guessing what type of animal they’ve got.

21. Gold coins for “shopping” at a home gift store – If you want to add an extra element to your egg hunt, create a little “store” at home full of cute Easter gifts. Then have your kids hunt for eggs, which will be filled with different amounts of gold coins. At the end of the egg hunt, they can trade in their gold coins for items of their choosing from the “store!”

22. Silicone bracelets

23. Wind up jumpy animals – Isn’t it amazing how much joy a little wind up toy can bring a child?

24. Mini glow sticks

25. Balloons

26. Glow in the dark stars for the ceiling 

27. Personalized luggage tag

28. Keychain – Even though most of my kids are years away from driving, they still love keychains!

29. Book labels – These personalized book labels are perfect for your little bookworms!

book labels for kids

30. Character bandaids

31. Friendship bracelets

32. Poppers

33. Slap bracelets – Did you have slap bracelets when you were a kid. Oh, the 90s!

Easter egg fillers for girls

34. Rings – Rings are the perfect size to fit in a plastic Easter egg.

35. Scrunchie – Are you so happy that scrunchies are back? There are so many fun fabrics and colors to choose from at Headbands of Hope! Remember, you can use code JENNIFERBRADLEY to get 5% off of your order.

scrunchie for easter egg filler idea

36. Hair clips – This fancy one can hold a lot of hair if needed!

37. Mini nail polish

38. Mini lip balm

39. Knotted headband – The peony print is so pretty for girls from baby age up through child sizes too!

knotted headband for non-candy easter egg fillers

40. Coil hair ties

41. Fancy headband – This beautiful headband would be a perfect compliment to a pretty Easter dress! My girls love how soft it is, and I love how well it actually stays in place throughout the day. It is completely adjustable for kids or grown-ups too! You can use code JENNIFERBRADLEY to get $5 off of your order!

pretty headband for Easter

42. Hair turban – This cute and trendy half turban would be a great way to accessorize her favorite spring outfit.

cute hair turban for Easter

43. Bath bombs – What little gal doesn’t love a bath bomb?!

Non-candy Easter egg filler ideas for boys

44. Mini pullback cars

45. Bouncy balls

46. Personalized luggage tag – These cute luggage tags are perfect for sports bags, backpacks, luggage and more!

luggage tag for non-candy Easter egg filler idea

47. Army men

48. Nerf darts – You can never have to many, right?

49. Dinosaur fossil eggs – If you have a dinosaur enthusiast, these are a perfect way to combine their special interest AND bring in the fun egg theme of Easter.

50. Tiny flashlight – These ones come with batteries included!

Final thoughts about non-candy Easter egg fillers

I hope you found a few ideas for non-candy Easter egg fillers that your kids will love! 

One of the great things about so many of these ideas is that you can easily save extras and use them as party favors for birthday parties or even as non-candy trick or treating supplies!

And who knows, maybe your kids will enjoy these so much they might not even miss the candy! 

Finally, don’t forget to join the Jen Bradley|MOMs Free Printable Library so you can grab the fun Easter printable games for kids!

free Easter printable games

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50 Easter egg filler ideas

Which of these non-candy Easter egg fillers is your favorite? 

50 Awesome Non-Candy Easter Egg Fillers Your Kids Will Love50 Awesome Non-Candy Easter Egg Fillers Your Kids Will Love50 Awesome Non-Candy Easter Egg Fillers Your Kids Will Love50 Awesome Non-Candy Easter Egg Fillers Your Kids Will Love50 Awesome Non-Candy Easter Egg Fillers Your Kids Will Love50 Awesome Non-Candy Easter Egg Fillers Your Kids Will Love

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    1. I’m so glad this was helpful for you, Anna! I know the desire to find fun things for kids with specific dietary needs for sure. And you’re right – these non-candy Easter egg fillers could definitely double as birthday party favors, pinata fillers, Halloween “treats,” and stocking stuffers too! Thanks for reading!

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