The Best November National Fun Days for Kids

There are some really fun national days in November to celebrate as a family! 

Check out our fun printable National Family Fun Days calendar and some great ideas for things you can easily do with your kids to celebrate every day of the month. 

Fall is in full swing and Thanksgiving will be here before you know it! Check out these awesome National Fun Days to get the celebration started early this year!

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What are National Days? 

If you’re here, you probably are already familiar with National Days.

But did you know that the United States only actually recognizes 10 official national holidays and 44 national observances per year?

National Days are the extra little fun “holidays” that have been growing in popularity since 1984 when President Ronald Reagan created National Ice Cream Day.

Today, thanks to websites such as National Day Calendar and the popularity of social media, self-proclaimed National Days have become more well-known.

Now each day of the year has at least one unofficial National Day associated with it, and most days have three or four different National Days to celebrate.

While some National Days aren’t the most family-friendly (National Dive Bar Day, anyone?) we’ve picked the most kid-appropriate National Days in November right here for you!

November National Days for Kids Free Printable

To easily choose which days you want to celebrate with your kids in November, be sure to grab a copy of the FREE 2024 National Fun Days Calendar!

These free printable National Fun Days for Kids calendars are accessed by thousands of families every month, so don’t miss out!

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National Days in November to Celebrate with Kids

November 1 – National Family Literacy Day

The month starts off with a fabulous National Day for families: Family Literacy Day! This is a great opportunity to read together as a family, read individually in the living room, or even start a new book series together.

national family literacy day

Some of our favorite family read-aloud series are:

November 2 – National Deviled Egg Day

We’re not sure why National Deviled Egg Day is in November. Honestly, it seems like more of a summertime thing to us!

But go ahead and enjoy some deviled eggs today and celebrate this national day!

November 3 – National Sandwich Day

If you need a reason to have a really simple dinner, here it is!

National Sandwich Day

Make up your favorite warm sandwich for National Sandwich Day. (It’ll probably be grilled cheese at our house!)

Or send your kids with a sandwich in their lunchbox, as well as one of our awesome Fall-themed Printable Lunch Box Notes that are available right here in our Etsy shop!

November 4 – National Candy Day

If your kids still have some leftover Halloween candy, let them choose a piece or two in honor of National Candy Day!

November 5 – National Donut Day

Swing by your favorite local donut shop and pick up some donuts this morning. What an easy way to celebrate another fun national day!

National Donut Day

November 6 – National Nachos Day

These loaded nachos from Pioneer Woman have enough going on that they could be the main course for dinner.

We love national days that help us plan our menus too!)

November 7 – National Chocolate With Almonds Day

In full disclosure, this day is actually Bittersweet Chocolate With Almonds Day, but as this is an article about the best November days for kids, you can choose any ol’ type of chocolate you like!

Chocolate with Almonds Day

November 8 – National STEAM Day

If your kids are into STEAM topics (science, technology, engineering, art, math) spend some time today exploring something that interests them.

Our top three STEAM toys at our house are:

November 9 – National Scrapple Day

Every month there seems to be one day that just doesn’t have any truly kid-friendly national holidays. For November, that would be this day! (The other options are Louisiana Day and Microtia Awareness Day….)

What is scrapple you ask? It’s actually a mixture of pork-derived meat products that became popular in the northeastern United

November 10 – National Vanilla Cupcake Day

If you have little bakers at your house, today is an awesome day to spend a little extra time together!

Vanilla Cupcake Day

Make up a batch of your favorite vanilla cupcakes and decorate them with your kids.

(Remember it’s the memories we’re after, not a perfect batch of cupcakes!)

November 11 – Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day is a wonderful day to honor all those who’ve served in the U.S. military.

You may consider making a list of all of the veterans your family knows with your kids, flying the American flag, or learning about any of the wars our country has participated in.

Veterans Day

November 12 – National French Dip Day

Oh, we love French Dip sandwiches at our house! Our favorite recipe is this one right here from Skinny Taste.

Give those carmelized onions a try – they are heavenly!

November 13 – World Kindness Day

For World Kindness Day, you may consider doing a fun and easy service project as a family.

World Kindness Day

Collect coins to give to the less fortunate, donate old coats or cold-weather gear, or make some cards for the local nursing home. These are all super easy things to do, but they can still have a big impact for good!

November 14 – National Family PJ Day

Isn’t National Family PJ Day the best thing ever?!

To celebrate this national day, all you have to do is stay in your pajamas as a family. Awesome!

November 15 – National Clean Out Your Fridge Day

Cleaning out your fridge may not sound like the most kid-friendly day to celebrate, but hear us out, okay?

Your kids can help you check labels for expired food, wipe out the crisper drawers in a sink full of soapy water, and help you put everything away when you’re done.

Plus, getting your refrigerator cleaned out before the holidays will be super helpful!

November 16 – National Fast Food Day

It seems there’s a time in every family’s life when fast food is a necessity for dinner here and there.

National Fast Food Day

If this is one of those nights for you, go ahead, celebrate a national day, and embrace it!

November 17 – National Homemade Bread Day

If you have some extra time to spend at home with your kids, try your hands at making some homemade bread!

Even if it doesn’t turn out, you can still make some fun memories as you punch down the dough and get a little messy!

November 18 – Mickey Mouse’s Birthday

Did you know that Mickey Mouse is turning 94 this year (2024)?

Celebrate the most famous mouse in the world by watching your favorite Disney movie with your kids today!

November 19 – National Play Monopoly Day

Obviously, the best thing to do on National Play Monopoly Day is to play Monopoly of course!

Play Monopoly Day

There are over 300 official Monopoly versions to choose from! We especially love Harry Potter and Star Wars Monopoly at our house!

November 20 – National Child’s Day

Celebrate your child or children today by doing something small and simple, like going out for ice cream or making an extra visit to the local playground.

Today is a great day to just let your kids be kids.

November 21 – National Stuffing Day

As we enter Thanksgiving week, it’s time for the Thanksgiving preparations to begin!

National Stuffing Day

For National Stuffing Day, have your kids help you tear a loaf of bread into small pieces and get a head start on your Thanksgiving dinner prep!

November 22 – National Cranberry Relish Day

If you’ve never tried to make homemade cranberry relish, this recipe from Ambitious Kitchen is absolutely divine!

(Our kids love to watch the cranberries pop in the pan as they cook!)

November 23 – National Jukebox Day

While your kids may not even know what a jukebox is, you can still queue up a playlist from the past and enjoy some fun music together on the day before Thanksgiving!

November 24 – Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving is the ultimate day to spend together as a family.

Thanksgiving Day

For all of our best Thanksgiving Day activities for kids, check out this page right here! From Thanksgiving Family Feud to a hilarious Turkey Name Generator, we’ve got you covered!

November 25 – Black Friday

Are you a fan of Black Friday? If so, head on out and score some great deals for the upcoming holiday season!

Get your kids involved by allowing them to come along to a shop or two once the crowds have died down a bit.

November 26 – Small Business Saturday

Help your kids support Small Business Saturday by taking them to a few local shops today!

Small Business Saturday

November 27 – National Cream Pie Day

If you haven’t had enough pumpkin, pecan, or apple pie, today is National Cream Pie Day!

Visit your favorite bakery and pick up a yummy cream pie to enjoy together as a family.

November 28 – National French Toast Day

Start the day off with a special French toast breakfast!

French Toast Day

(Or if your kids love breakfast for dinner, that’s an option too!)

November 29 – National Day of Giving

The National Day of Giving isn’t just about charity. It’s a day to think about what you can give to make a positive impact in the world.

If your kids are a little older, you might ask them what they’d like to do to celebrate the National Day of Giving. You might be surprised by their ideas!

November 30 – National Mason Jar Day

There are so many things you can do with a mason jar! Check out this awesome list of Mason Jar crafts for kids and teens from the Artsy Craftsy Mom.

Mason Jar Day

Why Kids Love National Days

Kids are often pleased with the smallest things, which is why National Days seem to resonate so well with them!

In his beautiful essay, “Small Things Matter,” Kelly G. Wilson, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Mississippi, wrote:

See if you can remember times, moments, activities, when you knew you were loved.

Did someone read to you? Snuggle with you a minute before bed? Did they let you help cook pancakes and let you stir? These are the landscapes of love. Not big things, rather these patterns of small moments.

While celebrating National Play Monopoly Day may seem insignificant to you, it may be just the thing that will create a lifelong memory for your kids.

Final thoughts about November National Days

As with all things here at Jen Bradley|MOMs, we encourage you to keep your National Day celebrations super simple!

Do NOT think for a second that you have to create a Pinterest-worthy event for any of these days!

Just choose one or two fun days to celebrate each week or month, and view it as a great way to connect with your kids in ways that you might not otherwise.

If you want any more information about the National Days in this article or want to see what other National Days are happening in November, visit the National Day Calendar right here!

Finally, don’t forget to get your free 2024 National Fun Days calendars and print out your November National Days for Kids printable calendar today!

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The Best November National Fun Days for KidsThe Best November National Fun Days for KidsThe Best November National Fun Days for KidsThe Best November National Fun Days for Kids

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