The Quarantine and Clean Challenge

Are you ready for an awesome 10-day Quarantine and Clean challenge? Every year, as the days get longer and the sun shines a little more, I’m get the urge to deep clean my house. And since many of us are either quarantined or on lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, there really is no better time to jump in and deep clean our homes! If you’re going a bit stir crazy like I am, join this spring cleaning challenge and get ready to feel productive once again!

What is the Quarantine and Clean Challenge?

The Quarantine and Clean Challenge is a free 10-day program that will lead you through a step-by-step plan to deep clean your home. Everyday you will receive an email with a video link that details that day’s assignment. Tasks will include things like cleaning out your fridge and freezer, cleaning the toaster and microwave, dusting ceiling fans and light fixtures, washing shower curtains and duvets, and polishing furniture. 

We will kick off Day 1 of the Quarantine and Clean challenge on Monday, April 20th and will finish up on Friday, May 1st. With 5 days of content per week, you’ll have the weekends to play catchup if needed. We are keeping this challenge short and sweet, but chock full of action and impact. And if you’ve ever participated in my challenges before, you won’t be surprised that there will be a few prizes at the conclusion of the challenge! 

This 10-day spring cleaning challenge is perfect to do while we're staying at home!

As a mom of 5 kids myself, I know that your time is precious. Each day’s challenges are designed to take approximately 60 minutes, but this can vary greatly depending on the size of your home, and how much detail you put into the work. 

Private Facebook Group

Everyone who signs up for the challenge will also receive an invitation to our private Facebook group. This is a great place to give and receive encouragement and to create accountability for yourself.

Plus, we know that as moms we are rarely congratulated for folding the laundry or doing the dishes. The beauty of the Facebook group is that you WILL actually receive some recognition for cleaning the windows or dusting the blinds. Awesome, right?!

Also, if you are missing opportunities to connect with other adults in person, this is a perfect place to connect with other like-minded, motivated mamas just like you! Who knows, you may just meet a new online bestie inside!

What the Quarantine and Clean Challenge is not

I just want to be totally clear so you know what to expect. This Quarantine and Clean Challenge is not a decluttering program (that’ll be ready by fall!). Instead we are focusing on actual cleaning, dusting, and washing of all the things!

Also, the goal is not to have a PERFECT home. Especially with current events, and the need to be home as much as possible, our homes will looked lived-in. And that’s okay! The tasks throughout the challenge will be jobs that only need to be accomplished once or twice a year. You won’t find daily or weekly maintenance cleaning in this challenge (whoo hoo! No cleaning toilets!). Instead, we will clean the oven and the washing machine, polish furniture, vacuum out the couches, and dust air vents. Isn’t this sounding like fun?!?! No, seriously.

Items to have on hand for the Quarantine and Clean Challenge

To be ready for the Quarantine and Clean kickoff off on Monday, April 20th, I highly recommend that you have these items on hand! In an effort to be both health-conscious and environmentally friendly, I switched to homemade cleaners a few years ago (more on that soon!), so everyone who participates will receive a printable copy of my favorite homemade cleaners. Of course, you can make substitutions or use your own methods, but these are things I will be using.

-Dawn dish soap. Make sure to get the blue, original Dawn Ultra dishwashing liquid. You don’t need Platinum or any fancy scent. Just blue will do. 

-Microfiber cleaning and dusting cloths. This 6-pack from Target has cloths for cleaning glass, basic dusting, and heavy-duty cleaning. I’ve owned them for 3 years and love them so much it’s kinda ridiculous. 

-Dark glass spray bottles. These ones from Amazon are my favorite. I have two sets. 

-Swiffer duster with extendable handle. This starter kit comes with 12 refills and makes all of the up-high items SO much easier to clean! Definitely worth the money in my opinion. 



-Basic essential oils. This was my very first pack I ever ordered and I’ve loved it for cleaning. If you’ve never tried essential oils, this is a great introductory brand and set!

-Lint roller. Even though we don’t have any pets, I find lint rollers like these to be essential cleaning tools! 


-Vacuum with upholstery attachments. I’ve been a Dyson girl for a decade, and highly recommend this one here

-Steam cleaner. If you don’t already own, one, you can rent one very easily from your local Walmart!

-Steam mop. This one from Amazon can clean both tile and hardwood. 

-Olive oil


-Castile liquid soap. I really like this one from Natural Way Organics, available on Amazon too. 

-An old sheet

-Disinfecting wipes

Your Results

Like anything, you will get out of this challenge exactly what you put into it. If you do the day’s assignments, you will end up with a home completely refreshed and ready for spring! During this crazy time in our world, you will have a sense of control over your home. You will show yourself that you can stick to a plan and that small daily actions can make an impact.

I am really excited to get this Quarantine and Clean Challenge underway!!

And tell me, what is your favorite spring cleaning task?

Are you ready to get your home clean for spring?

Jen Bradley, the founder of Jen Bradley|MOMs

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58 thoughts on “The Quarantine and Clean Challenge”

  1. I really hate cleaning, however, this situation has to lead me to become very interested in cleaning. by the time this whole thing is over, I might even start a cleaning business.

  2. This is very thoughtful! Given current events, many people are at home for days, & decluttering tends to be a popular activity.

  3. Sometimes I like having my 4 year-old help out with the cleaning. It definitely doesn’t have the same results (LOL) but I like getting her involved with it, and she feels lots of pride helping out.

    1. Catherine, that is such a wonderful idea. It is always amazing to me how much my young kids can contribute. Letting them take pride their work is a very important lesson, too! Way to go, mama!

  4. Really loving this different kind of quarantine challenge. Unfortunately (and fortunately) I did my spring cleaning before this whole big crisis so I’ve just been hanging out in my already cleaned room, trying to erase all the ways I ruin it with each day that passes.
    Good luck to you and all that are partcipating!
    xo Bri

    1. Oh, Bri! This is definitely a challenging time – I hope you find plenty of worthwhile things to do!! Thanks so much for your well wishes, lady!

  5. This sounds fun! I meN as fun as cleaning can be! 😆. I hung my grandmother’s wedding silver on the wall and it needs to be polished so badly! Maybe I’ll work that into the weekend slot!

    1. Kari, that’s so sweet that you have your grandmother’s silver! The free weekend would be a great time to do that. Looking forward to this challenge with you!

  6. I love this! Such a fun way to approach spring cleaning…and get a little human interaction while social distancing! I’m totally signing up!

  7. It’s a good time to do some cleaning, I can delegate some scrubbing work to my husband while he’s stuck at home too! lol Not sure if I can follow for 10 days though, as I have a newborn in the house. But thank you for the inspirational ideas!

    1. Thanks, Glenda! Trust me, this challenge is made by a mom for moms – I totally know those newborn days. We’re going with the mantra that done is better than perfect and every effort you make, no matter how small, is ever wasted!

    1. So glad you asked! The email with all the introductory info was sent on Thursday, March 26th, after this comment – please let me know if you didn’t get it!

  8. This actually sounds like so much fun! I’ve been organizing different spaces every other day and actually enjoy it. My closets and pantry have never looked better!

  9. I love washing, but I hate all other cleaning aspects. Now is the time to do it since there is a lot of time. So, you’re right.

  10. A very timely and thoughtful challenge! I liked that you created a page for moms to share what they have done and get appreciated for the same. I mean we do it daily that it has become part of routine. And people around can take this up for granted. It feels good to be appreciated even if its a small thing.

    1. Thanks so much, Aswathy! You are so right – finding moms who are willing and ready to support each other is a very special thing!

  11. Is there a way to sign up now after and still see posts and do now since didn’t know about it then? I would love to do that!

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