101 Spring Bucket List Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Spring is finally here! Check out this Spring Bucket List for kids to see how you can make the most of this season as a family! 

The snow is finally melting, the sun is staying up longer, and warmer temperatures are on the way! This means it’s time for a Spring Bucket List the whole family will enjoy!

At Jen Bradley|MOMs we’re all about celebrating every season of the year in simple ways that can have a big impact and help you make awesome memories with your kids. 

So keep on reading to get your hands on our Spring Bucket List and get all the details on each of the activities we feature on the list!

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What is a Bucket List? 

First, the term “Bucket List” refers to making a list of things that someone has not done but wants to do during their lifetime. 

Thanks to the 2007 movie called Bucket List with Jack Nicholoson and Morgan Freeman, the term “bucket list” has become more popular in recent years. 

This Spring Bucket List for Kids here on Jen Bradley|MOMs are a bit more light-hearted than a typical adult’s lifetime Bucket List. 

Instead, you’ll find tons of great ideas for family Spring activities that can help your kids feel excited about the season ahead. 

Free Printable Spring Bucket List for Kids

To download and print your copy of our Spring Bucket List, simply click right here or on the image below! 

spring bucket list printable

You’ll find two different versions available to you. One is brightly colored and festive and the other is mostly grayscale if you need a more printer-friendly copy. 

Once you’ve got your free printable Spring Bucket List, keep reading to get more details on each of the activities we’ve listed. 

With over 100 ideas on the list, you can easily choose the Spring activities that are the best fit for your kids’ ages and interests!

We’ve organized our list into five categories:

  1. Spring indoor activities 
  2. Outdoor activities ideas
  3. Out and about spring activities
  4. Fun Spring treats
  5. Spring service opportunities for kids
spring bucket list for kids

101 Great Ideas for Your Spring Bucket List 

Let’s get started with our indoor ideas for the Spring Bucket List for Kids!

Indoor ideas

1.Open the windows

As soon as temperatures allow, open the windows and let the fresh breeze of spring waft through your home.

2. Make a music video

Let your kids choose their favorite song, throw on their coolest clothes, and make a lip-sync video. This is perfect for a rainy spring day!

3. Make friendship bracelets

This awesome Friendship Bracelet Craft Kit comes with 10 yarn colors, a storage pouch, and a 58-page instruction manual that teaches kids how to make 10 different types of bracelets.

friendship bracelet

4. Declutter kids’ rooms

Nothing says spring like doing a little decluttering! To check out our 9 best tips to help you (successfully) declutter with your kids, read this article here!

5. Read children’s poetry

April is National Poetry Month, so grab your favorite children’s poetry book and read it aloud with your kids! Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein is always a great choice. (And yes, almost anything Dr. Seuss can count too!)

6. Create a nature journal

Give your kids a simple notebook so they can draw a picture or write down any interesting insects, plants, birds, or mammals they see this spring.

7. Do some spring cleaning

Take a few days to deep clean those areas in the house that often get overlooked in your regular cleaning routine. Involve your kids in wiping out refrigerator drawers, kitchen cupboards, wiping doorknobs, and dusting windowsills!

spring cleaning

8. Celebrate National Days in March, April, and May

National Days are a great way to make ordinary days feel special! Check out our Best National Days Ideas for Kids right here:

9. Read spring picture books

There are so many lovely spring picture books for kids! We love this comprehensive list of great spring fiction and nonfiction children’s books from The Reluctant Homeschool Mama!

10. Decorate Easter eggs

Hard boil a dozen or so eggs and decorate or dye them together!

Easter eggs

11. Make a simple bird feeder

This highly-rated Bird Bungalow Kit from Beetle and Bee includes all the wood and hardware for your kids to build an adorable little birdhouse! They can even paint it when they’re finished building.

12. Pull a funny prank on April Fool’s Day

On April 1st, do something simple and funny to make your kids smile! Check out this list of harmless April Fool’s Day pranks for kids right here.

Last year, I served my kids Brown-E’s for dessert – a.k.a. construction paper letter E’s in a baking dish. (I had real brownies waiting for them in the pantry too!)

13. Celebrate Earth Day

Earth Day is a great day to talk about how your family can be more environmentally friendly. Let your kids brainstorm some ideas and take action!

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • start a compost pile
  • pick up trash in your neighborhood
  • decrease single-use plastic, like plastic water bottles and plastic straws
  • switch to glass storage and dinnerware
  • learn about recycling in your area

14. Celebrate Arbor Day

Arbor Day is often overshadowed by Earth Day, but it’s a fabulous day to learn about the trees in your area or plant a tree around your home!

Or check out the book Celebri-Trees: Historic and Famous Trees of the World by Margi Preus – it’s fantastic!

15. Make Mother’s Day cards

Give your kids some construction paper, scissors, glue, crayons, and markers, and let them go to town making Mother’s Day cards!

mother's day card

16. Celebrate Memorial Day

Often seen as the beginning of summer, Memorial Day is a great way to send spring out with a bang! Fly the American flag, host a backyard BBQ, or watch a local Memorial Day parade as a family.

17. Make a rain gauge

You only need a few basic supplies to make this great rain gauge from Science Sparks!

18. Plant an herb garden

If you’re not ready to plant a full-up garden, try planting an herb garden with your kids! This indoor herb garden starter kit from Amazon is perfect for getting started!

19. Buy fresh flowers

The next time you’re at the grocery store with your kids, let them pick out a small fresh flower arrangement to bring home. Everything will definitely feel more spring-y inside!

20. Paint flower pots

This adorable flower pot kit from Pinwheel Crafts includes 3 flower pots that your kids can paint and transform into a ladybug, bee, and butterfly!

21. Make a summer bucket list

As spring comes to a close, help your kids come up with ideas for your summer bucket list! This is a great thing to do at dinnertime as the school year comes to a close!

Outdoor ideas

With warmer weather on the horizon, we’ve got TONS of great outdoor spring activities ideas for your kids right here!

22. Play kickball

Grab a big, bouncy kickball like this and teach your kids how to play this fun and easy family game!


23. Skip rocks

The next time you’re near a pond, search for some flat rocks and practice skipping rocks together.

24. Go fishing

Speaking of ponds, spending a lazy afternoon going fishing with your kids!

25. Sing in the rain

Sometimes rain can be a drag for kids, but can make it fun by throwing on a raincoat and boots and heading out to sing to your heart’s content.

26. Hula Hoop contest

Turn on your kids’ favorite playlist and have a family hula hoop contest! These hula hoops right here are super durable and have lasted us for several springs and summers!

27. Make a mud pie

After the next rain storm, let your kids make a mud pie! Send them outside in their crudiest clothes, a few sand shovels, and some aluminum pie tins. They’ll love the chance to get messy!

mud pie

28. Watch a sunrise

After Daylight Savings Time begins, catching a sunrise will be easier than during the winter months. There’s nothing like seeing the dawn of a beautiful spring morning.

29. Play catch

Enjoy the lighter evenings by playing catch together. If you want a fun (and easier!) twist on the classic game of catch, try this super fun Velcro ball and catch game!

30. Outside read-a-thon

On a perfect spring weather day, have all of your kids grab their favorite books and head outside. Lounge on your outdoor furniture or lay some soft blankets in the grass as you read together. (Even your youngest kids can bring some books to look at.)

31. Wash the car

Not only ca you save some money by washing your cars at home this spring, it’s also a fun family activity. This cool car wash kit comes with a collapsible bucket, car washing soap, and all the mitts and drying towels you could ever need.

32. Watch a sunset

Although the days are slowly becoming longer, make it a priority to watch a spring sunset together as a family.

33. Search for a four-leaf clover

Find a big, green field and have your kids search for a four-leaf clover. To make it super official, bring along a few magnifying glasses.

four leaf clover

34. Catch a frog

Be on the lookout for frogs or toads around your home. If your kids are adventurous, they may want to catch one if they can. (Just be sure they set it free after a short amount of time!)

35. Play in the sprinkler

Even if it isn’t quite warm enough to swim, your kids can still don their bathing suits and have some water fun. This adorable

turtle sprinkler sends six rotating jets of water all around for them to enjoy!

36. Go camping

Depending on where you live, spring is likely to be one of the best times to go camping as a family. Whether you go and rough it or do some “glamping” is totally up to you!

37. Climb a tree

Look for a tree with low branches and let your kids explore.

38. Dine al fresco

Have lunch or dinner outside as often as possible in the perfect spring weather!

39. Do a rain dance

Whether you’re hoping for rain, or you seem to be getting a ton of it, make up a family rain dance. Who knows? Maybe you’ll summon the rain to your area – or send it away!

rain dance

40. Play badminton

Badminton is a fun backyard raquet game that doesn’t require a ton of skill to play as a family. Give this inexpensive badminton set a try!

41. Make a fairy garden 

42. Walk barefoot in the grass

When the grass is green and soft, let your kids pull of their shoes and walk barefoot.

43. Play at the park

After the winter chill is gone, head back to the park with your kids. Take a minute to observe how much they’ve grown since the last time they played there.

44. Play frisbee

Learning to catch a frisbee can be a little bit tricky for kids, which is why we love these durable open-center frisbee disks! They’re so much easier for anyone to catch.

45. Find a ladybug

Spend some time looking for ladybugs when you’re out in the backyard or garden. You could even offer a small prize for the person who finds the ladybug with the most spots!


46. Play miniature golf

Head to your local miniature golf place and play a round or two.

47. Take family pictures

With the soft light and longer days, spring is the perfect time to take family pictures.

48. Find a rainbow

Be on the lookout for a rainbow when the sun is shining after it rains!

49. Jump in puddles

After a recent rain storm, give your kids carte blanche to jump in all the puddles they can find! They’ll love it!


50. Have an egg hunt

With Easter as the big spring holiday, participating in an egg hunt is a fun bucket list idea that kids of all ages enjoy.

51. Plant a garden

Maybe you have a green thumb and have a big in-ground vegetable garden. Or maybe you’re a beginner with a few potted plants. Either way, getting your kids involved in the process of gardening can be fascinating for them.

52. Take a picnic to the park

Just like diaper bags have been replaced by diaper backpacks, the picnic basket is quickly being replaced by the picnic backpack! We love the functionality of this picnic backpack that includes a blanket and service for four.

53. Spring scavenger hunts

Kids love scavenger hunts, so be sure to check out our five different spring scavenger hunts for kids below!

Related post: 5 Fun and Free Spring Scavenger Hunts for Kids

54. Go on a hike or walk

One of the simplest ways to enjoy the onset of spring is to go for a hike or a walk together as a family. Pull on those hiking or running shoes, bring along some water, and you’re good to go.

55. Sidewalk chalk

Head outside with some sidewalk chalk and go to town making springtime designs all over your sidewalk or driveway. We love this sidewalk chalk set that comes with a plastic container and durable lid!

56. Fly a kite

On a windy day, head out to an open field and fly a kite together.

kite flying

57. Plant flowers

To bring a splash of spring color to your doorstep, plant some spring flowers with your kids. Then let them be in charge of making sure the flowers stay watered.

58. Cloud gaze

Spread a blanket on the ground or on a trampoline on a sunny afternoon, and lay down on your backs to observe the clouds floating by. For extra fun, you could make up stories about the shapes you see.

59. Jump on a trampoline

Even if your kids jump on a trampoline often, they’ll probably be thrilled to have you join them too!

60. Outdoor tic-tac-toe

Draw a big tic-tac-toe board with sidewalk chalk ont the ground. Then give one played all green leaves and other other player acorns to mark their spaces. (Of course, use what ever you have around! Five of each item will do the trick.)

61. Try geocaching

Geocaching is using GPS coordinates to find treasures and surprises left by others in specific spots all over the world. For more info on how to get started, check out this article here.


62. Jump rope

Jump is a classic kid’s outdoor activity that never goes out of style!

63. Blow bubbles

For a fun twist on this perennial outdoor activity, check out this awesome Giant Bubble Making Kit that won a Mom’s Choice Award and is made in the USA!

64. Spend time around a fire pit

You can choose to roast marshmallows or simply tell stories while you sit around the fire pit and enjoy the warmer evening temperatures as a family.

65. Bird watch

While bird watching may not sound like a barrel of laughs, it can actually be a lot of fun for kids. Set out a bird feeder and spend a spring morning watching them come and go.

66. Pick strawberries

Depending on where you live, late spring is likely to be berry-picking season. Do a quick internet search to see if there are any U-Pick farms near you!

strawberry field

67. Stargaze

Let the kids stay up late on a weekend evening and watch the night sky.

If you really want to see some cool things, we’ve had a great experience with this Celestron refractor telescope. Additionally, download the StarChart app on your phone to make sense of what you’re seeing in the sky!

68. Chase butterflies

Give your kids some inexpensive butterfly nets and let them run through the yard looking for butterflies.

Of course, have them be careful to set the butterflies free without causing any harm.

69. Have a treasure hunt

What kids doesn’t love a backyard treasure hunt? Hide a special treat or a new spring toy and give your kids a map of the backyard that leads them on a short quest!

70. Go on a bike ride

Pull out the bikes and helmets and go for a spring bike ride together.

71. Play tag

For another fun and simple spring bucket list idea, play tag as a family in the backyard.

72. Find wildflowers

When you’re out on a walk or hike, be sure to look for spring wildflowers. Depending on local laws, have your kids pick some to bring home and put in a vase.


73. Play hide and seek

In our opinion, classic games are classics for a reason! Playing hide and seek outside can be a ton of fun when everyone gets involved!

Out and About Ideas

74. Visit the library

Okay, we’ll just admit that visiting the library is a great idea for any season of the year!

It’s definitely worth it to check and see if your local library is hosting any spring-themed events for kids too.

75. Go to a drive-in movie

Drive-in movies are making a comeback, so take your kiddos for some good old-fashioned fun!

drive in

76. Go out for ice cream or frozen yogurt

If you can, support a local ice cream or frozen yogurt shop as the weather warms up.

77. Visit a nature center

Nature centers often offer lots of great springtime programs for kids. Check to see what is happening near you!

78. Go to a botanical garden

You may think that a botanical garden would be super boring for kids, but we’ve found the exact opposite! Look for I Spy or Scavenger Hunt type pages or other kids’ activities in the visitor center.

79. Visit a farm

When you take your kids to a local farm, you’ll be giving them a fun opportunity for education that many other kids don’t have.

In fact, 48% of Americans don’t know where chocolate milk comes from!

That being said, springtime is the perfect time for a farm visit if you’re hoping to see baby farm animals too.

80. Try a new local restaurant

Trying a new restaurant can be a lot of fun for the whole family!

81. Visit the Farmer’s Market

Support your local Farmer’s Market and get your hands on some super fresh local produce.

You may consider allowing your kids to try a fruit or vegetable they’ve never had before.

farmers market

82. Shop at a yard sale

If you love searching for secondhand treasures, take your kids along one early Saturday morning and let them find some treasures of their own.

83. Go to the zoo

Early spring can be one of the best times to visit a zoo as many animals are more active in the cool weather.

84. Take a day trip

Choose a local attraction and take a day trip as a family.

Involve your kids in the planning too!

85. Feed the ducks at the pond

The next time to take a walk near a pond, take along some bread to feed the ducks. Feeding the ducks is a surprisingly fun activity for a wide variety of ages!

86. Go to a baseball game

Although Major League Baseball doesn’t get into full swing until a bit later, find a local high school or college baseball game near you and take the family along!

87. Hot air balloon festival

Many cities host springtime hot air balloon festivals. Check to see if there are any happening near you! The brightly-colored balloons are really fun to watch.

hot air balloons

88. Visit a petting zoo

Kids love the chance to get their hands on different animals, and spring is the perfect time to visit a petting zoo.

Just make sure they wash their hands super well before you leave!

Fun and EASY Spring treats

89. Have a BBQ

No matter whetheryou’re grilling hamburgers or Alaskan salmon, the first barbeque of the season is always special!

90. Make homemade cinnamon rolls

Homemade cinnamon rolls are almost always delightful, but they seem to be especially so around Easter time!

Check out this awesome recipe from Sally’s Baking Addiction right here.

91. Create butterfly snack bags

These are the easiest snack ever. Simply fill a zip-top sandwich bag with goldfish, marshmallows, cut fruit, or whatever else your kids love and cinch it down in the middle with a clothespin or chenille stem!

butterfly snack bags

Image sourced from Just Plum Crazy.

92. Try a new spring recipe

Let your kids choose a new recipe featuring a fruit or vegetable that’s in-season during the spring, such as asparagus, apricots, avocados, mangoes, peas, pineapples, potatoes, or spinach.

93. Make homemade lemonade

Try this yummy homemade lemonade recipe with only three ingredients! Be sure to let your kids squeeze the lemons!

94. Make fruit kabobs

Sometimes things are just so much more fun when they’re on a stick!

You could even make fruit kabobs for National Something on a Stick Day on March 28th!

fruit kabobs

Small acts of service

95. Make a compost pile

Okay, so this small act of service is more of a small act of service for the earth, but that’s still service, right?!

96. Pick up trash

The next time you take a walk through your neighborhood, have everyone in the family bring a small trash bag and pick up trash along the way.

97. Paint kindness rocks

Find a few flat rocks and have your kids paint them in bright colors. They could paint a happy message such as “Smile,” “You are loved,” “You matter,” and more. Then leave the rocks at a local park or in a neighbor’s flower bed for others to find.

kindness rocks

98. Volunteer at the food bank

Many local food banks are in need of volunteers. If you have older kids or teenagers, take them with you to stock shelves or pass out food for a few hours on an afternoon or weekend.

99. Write and mail a letter

Have your kids write a letter or draw a picture for a grandparent or family member who lives far away. Receiving a real piece of mail will probably make their day!

100. Grocery cart return

While you’re in a store parking lot with your kids, offer to return someone else’s shopping cart. You never know how this one small action might make a difference in someone else’s day.

101. Take a treat to a neighbor

Have your kids think of someone in your neighborhood who could use a pick-me-up and make them a cute springtreat. (We recommend the cinnamon rolls or some yummy fruit kabobs!)

Why Kids Love Bucket Lists

Bucket lists are great for kids for several reasons:

  1. They give kids something to look forward to as the seasons begin to change
  2. Kids look forward to the personal interaction with you
  3. Having a list can help kids visualize what’s coming up in the next few months
  4. They help kids understand the importance of planning
  5. They create lots of fun family memories!

Final thoughts about this Spring Bucket List for kids

As with all things here at Jen Bradley|MOMs, we are here to help you find meaningful ways to connect with your kids WITHOUT adding a ton of extra work to your already-too-busy life!

We hope you and your kids will enjoy these ideas on the Spring Bucket List for Kids. If you haven’t had a chance to download it yet, you can do so by joining our Free Printable Library right here:

spring bucket list printable

Remember, whatever activities you choose from our Spring Bucket List for Kids, keep it simple! What your kids really want most is the opportunity to connect with you and have a little fun in the process!

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Pin the image below so you can easily return to these great Spring Bucket List ideas in the future!

spring bucket list pin

Which Spring Bucket List ideas are you excited to try with your kids?

101 Spring Bucket List Ideas Your Kids Will Love101 Spring Bucket List Ideas Your Kids Will Love101 Spring Bucket List Ideas Your Kids Will Love101 Spring Bucket List Ideas Your Kids Will Love

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