The 33 Piece Easy Summer Capsule Wardrobe You Need to Copy

You’ve been asking, so here is a rundown on everything I’m including in my 2020 summer capsule wardrobe!

Before we get started, let’s define what a capsule wardrobe is, shall we? It’s simply a collection of clothes that are carefully selected to compliment one another.

Having a capsule wardrobe has made my mom life SO much easier because:

  • I no longer waste money on clothes I never wear
  • I waste zero time deciding what to wear everyday
  • I feel more confident knowing what I wear works for my body and my lifestyle

While some capsule wardrobers try to limit their capsules to a specific number of pieces, I tend to go with the right number of clothes for me based on two very practical mom considerations:

  1. The weather where I live
  2. How often I want to do laundry (which is once. a. week. Here’s how I make that happen!)

I think its most important to wear clothes that make you feel confident and comfortable instead of fixating on a specific number of pieces for the “perfect” capsule wardrobe.


A capsule wardrobe color palette

One thing that IS super important in creating a capsule wardrobe is developing a color palette for each capsule. This is what ensures that your clothes will coordinate.

My summer palette for 2020 has five colors and is right here: my summer color palette  

I include white, navy, blush, ruby, and medium blue. Because I love these colors so much I’ve kept them the same since 2018! 

Almost all of my capsule wardrobes have five or six colors in their color palettes. I find keeping it simple makes it easier for the pieces to mix and match. With too many colors (more than 7), it will take too much time to figure out what goes together.

For me, learning what colors look best with my skin, hair and eyes was really important in developing each of my casual capsule wardrobes. Who would want to put time and effort into creating a wardrobe that isn’t flattering to your natural beauty?

That’s right: No one. No one at all.

If you are interested in learning what colors are best for your coloring, check out my new shop! I am now offering personal color consultations and body shape analyses to help you stop wasting time and money on clothes that aren’t right for you!

Now, without further ado, here is my 2020 Summer Capsule Wardrobe review!

Some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that I may make a small commission if you click through or purchase. I only recommend products that I feel strongly you will love and will help you to live your mom life on purpose.

my summer capsule wardrobe 2020

Summer Capsule: Tops

I have 12 tops in my summer capsule wardrobe. There are always more shirts than anything else because: mom life. It is very rare that we make it through the day without someone wiping something on us or spilling something, right?!

This season the tops in my wardrobe are divided into simple tees, striped tees, blouses, and other shirts.

Simple tees

every capsule wardrobe can benefit from good basic teesThese are my solid color tees. I happen to prefer a short sleeve, but you could easily substitute tank tops in here as well. I have a solid color tee in four of the five colors from my palette.

To keep things interesting, I vary between round neck and v-neck and switch up the fabrics. I absolutely love linen in the summer because it is so airy and lightweight! A well-made solid color tee is a fantastic summer capsule wardrobe essential in my book.

Here are the links for my basic tees:

Striped and polka dot tees

striped and polka dot tees are great for a summer capsule wardrobeYes, I have a thing for stripes! A good Breton stripe tee is so classy and brings a summertime, nautical vibe to your outfit – especially in colors such as navy and white.

One warning about stripes though: when you are shopping for a striped tee, make sure the stripes line up at the side seams! If they are crooked or the stripes don’t line up, the shirt probably will not last long!

If you aren’t into stripes, you could certainly substitute your favorite graphic tees here instead.

Here are the links for my striped tees:

Blouses and button ups

although this is my summer capsule wardrobe, I still include a few long sleeve shirtsYou may be surprised to see long sleeve shirts in my summer capsule wardrobe. Although the weather in Texas gets very hot, I’m not a huge fan of being in overly air-conditioned places, so there are definitely times I want an extra layer or a long sleeve.

My chambray shirt and white linen button down are some of the most versatile pieces I own. I love them because it is so easy to throw them on over a short sleeve tee or tank, roll up the sleeves and tie at the waist.

Both are incredibly light weight and I often wear them as bathing suit cover ups too.

Like most moms prefer, this summer wardrobe is pretty casual. But I do have one fancy blouse for dates, going to lunch with friends, etc. This ruffle sleeve beauty easily dresses up with wedges and a cute skirt or a white denim jean.

Here are the links for my blouses and button ups:

Other tops

a polo and cardigan round out my summer capsule topsIf you love to golf or play tennis, or just like to look polished without being dressed up, a classic polo shirt always does the trick. (And they are definitely making a comeback again!)

This fun cardigan provides a fun pop of color to any of my outfits. If you live somewhere cooler, you may want to switch these two pieces out for a denim jacket or a cropped moto jacket.

Here are the links for my extra tops:

The best way to start creating a capsule wardrobe is by decluttering your current closet! Take my FREE 6-step mini course to get yours organized ASAP!

Summer Capsule: Bottoms

I recommend anywhere from seven to ten different bottoms in a seasonal capsule wardrobe. There are nine in my summer capsule wardrobe. I love this group because six of these pieces carry over to other seasons as well! Let’s dive in, shall we?


short are an essential capsule wardrobe item for summerTo be honest, I am not a shorts lover. But it is nice to have a few essential pairs of shorts for summer to be sure! A simple pair of denim shorts in any length will almost always coordinate with any top you may have in your capsule! I consider these my “amusement park” shorts – something that lets me get on and off of rides without thinking twice about flashing the world. Just sayin. A fun pair of shorts in one of your other colors from your color palette is a great thing to add to your summer capsule wardrobe. Here are the links for these fun shorts from Target:

Short skirts

short skirts are a summer must-have!Oh, how I love a fun short skirt in the summer! These are a huge reason why I can’t wait to bust out my summer capsule every year! In my opinion, skirts are WAY more comfortable than shorts. And they keep you cooler too. If you haven’t tried a short summer skirt, I highly recommend that you try one! It doesn’t have to be super short. Just above-knee length is flattering to all body shapes AND is perfectly appropriate for all things mom life. Here are the links for these awesome skirts (or similar):

Midi and maxi skirts

midi and maxi skirts are so comfortable for summer dressingI totally understand that short skirts may not be your jam, but please do me a favor and give a midi or a maxi skirt a shot this summer, okay? A midi skirt is longer than knee-length and usually extends to mid calf. Hint: look for one that is just a touch longer (about three inches above your ankle) so it flatters you best! A maxi skirt is longer – the hem of the skirt reaches to your ankle. Honestly, you cannot beat a simple cotton skirt for comfort and breathability on a hot summer’s day. And isn’t that something all moms could use? A little extra comfort and a little extra cool? Just pair your midi or maxi skirt with a graphic tee and sneakers like I describe in this article about comfortable dressing, and you’re good to go! Oh, and I’ve owned this navy maxi skirt for four years and it still looks amazing. I haven’t met a top yet that doesn’t coordinate with it. Here are the links for my skirts (or similar):


A pair or two of your favorite jeans are definitely a summer capsule wardrobe essential. Although white denim is all the rage, many moms think they can’t wear a lot of white around their kids. I get that, mama. If you want to get in on the white denim trend, you may consider saving your white jeans for special dates or going out. I will wear mine around the house sometimes, but not on days I’m cleaning or doing laundry! Here are the links to my fave summer denim:
summer capsule wardrobe you can copy

Summer Capsule: Dresses and Jumpsuits

Every summer capsule wardrobe should have a simple cotton dress (or two)!  If you are a dress-wearer, I recommend four comfy summer dresses or jumpsuits for your capsule. I have two simple day dresses, one long maxi dress, and one ultra-comfy jumpsuit.

Cotton dresses

As a mom, a simple cotton dress can really elevate your look without sacrificing an ounce of comfort!

When I first started wearing dresses like these, my kids kept asking me where I was going that day. They grinned from ear to ear when I told them that I’d be staying home, but wanted to look a little fancier for them!

You can choose any length of dress. I highly recommend looking for dresses WITH POCKETS and that are super easy to launder. Here are the links for my dresses:


this jumpsuit is my favorite piece in my summer capsule wardrobe!My newest addition to my summer capsule wardrobe is this incredible jumpsuit! I am not kidding when I say this thing makes me feel like I’m wearing my pajamas – it is SO comfortable!  The cropped length and extra v-neck in the back make it extra perfect for summer. You can wear it with white sneakers or sandals – either way, you’ll feel like a million bucks. Here’s the link to snag your own:

Summer Capsule Wardrobe: Shoes and accessories

As with any wardrobe, finding the perfect shoes and accessories is like chocolate ganache and chocolate-covered strawberries on top of a really delightful cake.


five pairs of shoes are all i need for my summer capsule If you are a shoe person, you may be thinking … that’s it? FIVE pairs of shoes?!?

Personally, I view shoes as a great investment piece for any of my capsule wardrobes, so I tend to buy fewer, but super high-quality shoes. If I was to expand this capsule anywhere, I’d probably add in another pair of inexpensive coral-colored sandals. My favorite summer heel for mom life is a simple wedge or espadrille. They are so much more comfortable than pumps! I have even chased my family half a block (uphill! for real!) in the pretty navy wedges you see right here.

Here are the links to these awesome shoes:

Hat and handbag

a hat and handbag are great wardrobe essentialsLast, but not least, I recommend at least one great floppy hat and a great handbag for your summer capsule wardrobe! To be perfectly honest, I’ve never felt super confident wearing hats like this, but I am giving it a try this year! Finally, a structured handbag (in any size) will help you to look polished and put together – for more on that, check out this post. Look for a handbag that comes in any of the colors from your capsule wardrobe color palette and you will be all set. Remember, if you want to put together a summer capsule wardrobe, but don’t have a clue what colors to choose, go to my shop and snag a personal color consultation! I’d love to help you identify the best colors for you and start your capsule wardrobe with confidence. Here are the links for the hat and handbag:

Final thoughts on your summer capsule wardrobe

Creating a capsule wardrobe can be so easy! If you’re a mom like me, simply follow my guide to start saving time every morning. 

a great way to start a capsule wardrobe is by decluttering your closetAnother fantastic way to start your summer capsule wardrobe is to declutter your current closet! I have a FREE mini-course to teach you exactly what questions to ask yourself so you can actually declutter for good! 

I’m telling you, mama, getting dressed everyday IS worth it. Not only will you feel more intentional and empowered, but your kids will notice, too! 

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What do you think? Are you going to put together a summer capsule wardrobe this year?

create a 33 piece summer capsule wardrobe

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