Free Thanksgiving Bingo Card Printables (+ 8 Free Thanksgiving Games!)

With all the preparation, cooking, traveling, or hosting that could be happening soon, why not make your life easier by snagging these fun Thanksgiving Bingo Card Printables for your kids?

You want everyone in your family to have a memorable Thanksgiving, but at Jen Bradley|MOMs we know that you are busier than ever, especially during this time of year!

That’s where these free Thanksgiving bingo card printables and games can really come in handy!!

In just a few clicks, you can download nine Thanksgiving printable games that are fun and constructive, and can help keep your kids happy and occupied while you do all the things you need to do!

The Thanksgiving games featured here are:

  1. Thanksgiving bingo card printables
  2. Roll-a-Turkey
  3. Thanksgiving I Spy page
  4. Thanksgiving Scattergories game
  5. Mad Libs Thanksgiving edition
  6. Pilgrim and Thanksgiving foods word searches
  7. Printable cornucopia mazes
  8. Thanksgiving scavenger hunt
  9. Thanksgiving words unscramble page
  10. Printable Thanksgiving Pictionary cards (also great for charades!)

These printable games would be great to have on hand for a family gathering on Thanksgiving, or you could give them to your kids to do in the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving.

They’re already loaded into our Free Printable Library for you, so all you have to do is click right here or on the image below to get access!

free thanksgiving printable games

(If you don’t want to leave your email address, no worries! Just head on over to the Jen Bradley|MOMs shop to purchase the Ultimate Thanksgiving Printable pack there instead. All of the Thanksgiving printable games you’ll see in this article are included – plus lots more!)

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Now let’s take a look at each of the free Thanksgiving printable games we’ve got for you:

Free Printable Thanksgiving Bingo Cards

Kids love bingo!

The free printable Thanksgiving bingo set in our free Printable Library contains 6 different full-size bingo cards, as well as a page of small calling cards to cut out and use.

To play bingo, you’ll need some type of bingo marker. We love these reusable, colorful bingo chips! They’re transparent, so you can easily check over a little one’s bingo card to make sure they’ve covered the correct pictures!

Here are some other great ideas for bingo chips or markers:

  • small pieces of Thanksgiving candy, such as candy corn
  • bits of colored paper
  • small LEGO pieces
  • raisins
  • peanuts
  • chocolate chips

thanksgiving bingo card printables

When you play this version of Thanksgiving bingo, be sure to be very specific about each item that you call out!

Instead of just saying “turkey,” you’ll want to say “turkey wearing a pilgrim hat.” This can help your kids to develop good listening skills and sharpen their focus!

One of our favorite things about these bingo cards is that they’re full-size, and they’re easily reusable! (Plus, If you choose to laminate them, they could last for years and years!)


Roll-a-Turkey is a hilarious paper and pencil game, and sometimes it can get downright silly!

It’s a great game for kids who have very simple drawing skills and can be played by kids as young as three or four. But it’s also hysterical for older kids, too!

roll a turkey game

To play, you’ll need at least one Roll-a-Turkey page per kid who is participating, pencils, and a six-sided die.

Start by asking one child to roll the die.

For whatever number she rolls, look at the chart on the worksheet and draw the thing that corresponds to the number on the die.

For example, if she rolls a 2 and 2 is for a pair of eyes and a beak, draw a pair of eyes and a beak anywhere on the page.

This gets really funny because these turkeys can end up having several bodies, tons of legs, and more wings than they can even fit!

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Free Thanksgiving I Spy Game

There are several different versions of I Spy games out there, but we really like this one for younger-elementary-aged kids.

Kids who can count and write can fill in the chart at the bottom. (Yep, we’ve included an answer sheet!)

thanksgiving i spy

For really young kids, you can print this out and put it in a plastic page protector.

Then pull it out for your kiddo when you’re stuck in line while shopping for Thanksgiving groceries, or anywhere that you might need a quick diversion!

Instead of having your kids count each item, you can play traditional I Spy by saying “I spy with my little eye, something that is _____.”

You may add size descriptors as well to help your kids figure out which item you’re spying!

Thanksgiving Scattergories Game

If you’ve ever played Scattergories before, you know it can be a blast to play with kids!

This free printable Thanksgiving game is for kids who can read and write quickly, about 8 years and up.

It’s a really fun game that can help kids build their vocabulary skills and think independently.

To play Thanksgiving Scattergories, you’ll need one copy of the Scattergories printable and a pencil or pen per player.

thanksgiving scattergories

With this Thanksgiving Scattergories printable, there will be three different rounds of the game.

In the first round, players will need to think of a word that starts with the letter “E” for each of the categories that are listed.

For example, a boy’s name that starts with “E” could be Evan, Everett, or Edgar.

You’ll need to set a time limit for each round. One to two minutes is ideal.

When the time is up, everyone takes turns sharing their list of words.

If more than one person has written the same answer, neither of them gets a point for their word. It’s important for players to be unique and original!

Finally, players can get bonus points by using an adjective that also begins with the same letter in their answer.

For example, for a team name that starts with “E,” Edgeville Eagles could be worth two points (as long as no one else thinks of it!).

Once the “E” round is completed, it’s time to move on to the “A” round followed by the “T” round.

Thanksgiving Mad Libs

Thanksgiving Mad Libs is a great game if you’re looking for some light-hearted fun!

This fill-in-the-blank game is best played in a big group but can be done individually too.

Kids will need to know what nouns, verbs, and adjectives are for sure! Little ones can still participate too because some of the blanks are labeled specifically as “body part” or “color.”

thanksgiving mad libs

Go through the blanks and ask the kids to share the first word that comes to their minds!

As they shout out the words, write them into the appropriate blank.

When the blanks are all filled in, have the kids quiet down enough so they can hear you read the story back to them.

There are sure to be at least a few good laughs!

Free Thanksgiving Word Searches

There are two versions of these free Thanksgiving word search printables for kids: one for older kids and one for younger kids.

Words can go up, down, diagonal, backward, and forwards.

thanksgiving word searches

In the printable Thanksgiving word search for older kids, the grid has 15 letters per row and column, and the focus is on finding Thanksgiving foods.

Additionally, there are 17 words to find.

The Pilgrim word search is definitely better for younger kids. With only ten letters per row and nine words to find, it is much easier!

Simply give kids a highlighter or colored pencil and let them go to town!

You could also have kids complete these Thanksgiving word searches in pairs.

Thanksgiving Mazes

Similar to the word searches, these printable Thanksgiving mazes are also based on difficulty.

thanksgiving mazes

With these three free Thanksgiving maze printables, you’ll get an easy, medium, and difficult maze, so there will be something for kids of all ages!

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

This Thanksgiving hunt is ideal for kids to do on Thanksgiving day while you may be busy preparing things in the kitchen.

(It’s part of the Fall Scavenger Hunt printables in the Jen Bradley|MOMs Free Printable Library!)

thanksgiving scavenger hunt

The 13 Thanksgiving things to find are:

  • orange pumpkin
  • cornucopia
  • turkey decoration
  • Pilgrim
  • family
  • gravy boat
  • football
  • pumpkin pie
  • roasted turkey
  • mashed potatoes
  • Thanksgiving decoration
  • parade
  • cranberry sauce

The first person or team to find everything on the list is the winner!

Free Thanksgiving Word Unscramble

The free Thanksgiving word unscramble is actually easier than it looks!

thanksgiving word scramble

(Hint – if you’re kids are having trouble with this, they can use the word bank on the Thanksgiving Foods and Thanksgiving Traditions word search puzzles!)

Thanksgiving Pictionary Cards

In addition to the free printable Thanksgiving Pictionary cards, a small whiteboard and some whiteboard markers will make this game function easily.

You’ll start by dividing the kids into two groups of mixed ages.

One person from one group chooses a card with a drawing prompt.

thanksgiving pictionary

They then have one minute to draw the thing on the card on the whiteboard while their team tries to guess what it is.

The team that guesses the most drawings correctly after all the drawing prompt cards have been done is the winner!

(If you don’t have a whiteboard, use the Pictionary cards to play charades instead and act out the Thanksgiving words!)

Final thoughts about these free Thankgiving bingo card printables and games for kids:

Don’t forget, you can access the free Thanksgiving printable games by clicking right here or on the image below:

free thanksgiving printable games for kids

And if you have a big Thanksgiving gathering coming up, are hosting a classroom holiday event, or don’t want to leave your email address, check out the Thanksgiving Ultimate Printable Pack in the Jen Bradley|MOMs shop!

Inside the Thanksgiving Ultimate Printable pack, you’ll find:

  • 12 Thanksgiving bingo card printables
  • 3 Thanksgiving scavenger hunt printables
  • 6 Thanksgiving mazes
  • 2 Thanksgiving I Spy pages
  • 3 Thanksgiving Scattergories games
  • Thanksgiving word unscramble page
  • Thanksgiving Mad Libs story printout
  • Roll-a-Turkey game page
  • 2 pages of Thanksgiving Pictionary or Charades cards
  • 4 Thanksgiving word searches
  • Thanksgiving crossword puzzle
  • Turkey-Name Generator and name tags
  • Thanksgiving Coloring Page
  • I’m Thankful for … printable
  • Thanksgiving acrostic poem page
  • 3 answers pages

Simply click on the image below and you’ll be on your way to having a super fun Thanksgiving event for your kids and guests – quickly and easily!

Thanksgiving Ultimate Printable Pack

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Are you going to be using these free Thanksgiving Bingo card printables or games this year?

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Free Thanksgiving Bingo Card Printables (+ 8 Free Thanksgiving Games!)Free Thanksgiving Bingo Card Printables (+ 8 Free Thanksgiving Games!)Free Thanksgiving Bingo Card Printables (+ 8 Free Thanksgiving Games!)Free Thanksgiving Bingo Card Printables (+ 8 Free Thanksgiving Games!)Free Thanksgiving Bingo Card Printables (+ 8 Free Thanksgiving Games!)

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