80+ Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions for the Whole Family

These awesome Thanksgiving Would You Rather questions will help you to create fun and easy conversations with your kids!

If you’ve never heard of Would You Rather questions – or if you’re already a big fan of them, you are in for a treat! 

Would You Rather questions are simple questions and conversation starters that present two options for your child to answer. 

You’ll find over 80 super fun Thanksgiving Would You Rather icebreaker questions for kids here, but first, let’s cover how and when to use them! 

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When to play Would You Rather

One of the very best things about Would You Rather questions is that you can use them to engage your child in conversation almost anytime and anywhere!

Here are a few ideas for when you could ask your kids these fun questions this season:

  • around the dinner table throughout the month of November
  • on long car trips
  • waiting in line at the grocery store
  • while driving and looking at fall leaves
  • during a Zoom call with family and friends
  • while setting the table or preparing a meal
  • sitting around a bonfire
  • As an icebreaker activity
  • During a school Thanksgiving “feast”
  • When your kids are bored and you don’t want them to be in front of a screen … again

Finally, these Thanksgiving Would You Rather questions for kids are also great entertainment during your actual Thanksgiving meal!

Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions for Kids

1.Would you rather eat 10 pounds of turkey or 10 pounds of stuffing?

2. Would you rather be a Pilgrim on the Mayflower or Squanto the Native American?

3. Would you rather have Thanksgiving at home with family or go to a Friendsgiving?

4. Would you rather shop on Black Friday or stay at home?

5. Would you rather watch Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade or watch the football game?

6. Would you rather play in a Turkey Bowl football game or stay home and eat pie?

7. Would you rather eat mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes?

8. Would you rather swim in a pool of gravy or cranberry sauce?

9. Would you rather have turkey or ham for Thanksgiving dinner?

10. Would you rather make the Thanksgiving meal or do all the dishes afterward?

11. Would you rather be in charge of the meal or the entertainment?

12. Would you rather chase down your own turkey or grow your own corn?

13. Would you rather play in a Turkey Bowl or run in a Turkey Trot? 

14. Would you rather play board games after the meal or take a nap?

15. Would you rather travel to see relatives or stay home and relax?

16. Would you rather sail across the Atlantic Ocean on the Mayflower or sail across the Pacific Ocean on a battleship?

17. Would you rather take a nap on a giant pumpkin or sleep on a mashed potato pillow?

18. Would you rather be buried in a pile of pumpkins or a pile of cranberries?

19. Would you rather eat pumpkin pie or apple pie?

20. Would you rather burn the Thanksgiving turkey or the green bean casserole?

21. Would you rather drink a gallon of apple cider or a gallon of pumpkin juice?

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22. Would you rather go on a Thanksgiving scavenger hunt or play Minute to Win It games?

23. Would you rather wear a feather headdress or a Pilgrim hat?

24. Would you rather attend a Thanksgiving 100 years in the past or 100 years in the future?

25. Would you rather find your way through a corn maze or go apple picking?

26. Would you rather live in a pumpkin or have a pumpkin for a car?

27. Would you rather be a turkey or a pumpkin?

28. Would you rather have Thanksgiving leftovers every day for a month or not have any leftovers at all?

29. Would you rather eat leftover Thanksgiving warm or cold?

30. Would you rather eat at the grown-ups’ table or the kids’ table?

31. Would you rather perform at Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade or play in the NFL football game?

32. Would you rather spend Thanksgiving on a farm in the country or in a New York City penthouse?

33. Would you rather drink all the gravy in the gravy boat or eat an entire pumpkin pie yourself?

34. Would you rather have two Thanksgivings every year or two Halloweens every year?

35. Would you rather eat your Thanksgiving meal in your comfy clothes at home or in a tuxedo or formal gown at the White House?

36. Would you rather have to eat only mashed potatoes or cranberry sauce for an entire day? 

37. Would you rather always smell like turkey or always smell like gravy?

38. Would you rather be in charge of the Spiderman balloon or the Snoopy balloon in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade?

39. Would you rather eat burnt Thanksgiving turkey or undercooked Thanksgiving turkey?

40. Would you rather be in control of the remote or the Thanksgiving dinner menu?

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41. Would you rather have an actual Pilgrim or George Washington join you for Thanksgiving dinner?

42. Would you rather make a list of what you’re thankful for or say it out loud?

43 Would you rather be invited to a celebrity’s house or host a celebrity at your house for Thanksgiving dinner? 

44. Would you rather live in a world without sweet potato casserole or mashed potatoes?

45. Would you rather be able to cook without a recipe or run in a Turkey Trot without feeling tired?

46. Would you rather go to school dressed as a turkey or dressed as a Pilgrim?

47. Would you rather have to go without eating any leftovers or watching any TV for the entire Thanksgiving weekend?

48. Would you rather invent a new recipe for Thanksgiving dinner or a new board game to play afterward?

49. Would you rather score the winning touchdown in the Turkey Bowl or win the prize for best homemade rolls?

50. Would you rather be a mouse watching Thanksgiving dinner from your mouse hole in the floor or a fly buzzing around the table?

51. Would you rather help set the table for Thanksgiving dinner or help make the food?

52. Would you rather wear a t-shirt that says “Gobble till you Wobble” or “Grateful, Thankful, Blessed”?

52. Would you rather eat pie right after Thanksgiving dinner or wait an hour or two? 

53. Would you rather have Thanksgiving dinner on the International Space Station or in an underwater submarine?

54. Would you rather have Thanksgiving dinner without anything to drink or without any place to sit?

55. Would you rather get up early for Black Friday shopping or sleep in and eat leftovers all day?

56. Would you rather watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving or Garfield’s Thanksgiving?

57. Would you rather decorate the house for Christmas before or after Thanksgiving?

58. Would you rather have assigned seats for Thanksgiving dinner or eat wherever you want?

59. Would you rather be a turkey that survives Thanksgiving or a pig that survives Christmas?

60. Would you rather skip Thanksgiving or Valentine’s Day?

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61. Would you rather wear an itchy sweater vest or a cape made of turkey feathers to Thanksgiving dinner?

62. Would you rather dye your hair orange and brown for Thanksgiving or green and red for Christmas?

63. Would you rather find an old, hidden Pilgrim document that belongs in a museum or a scientific formula that changes the world?

64. Would you rather have a day that rains mashed potatoes and gravy or apple pie and vanilla ice cream?

65. Would you rather visit Plymouth, Massachusetts, or Plymouth, England?

66. Would you rather invite your favorite YouTuber or your favorite sports star to Thanksgiving dinner?

67. Would you rather visit a beach or a ski resort for Thanksgiving?

68. Would you rather have to eat Thanksgiving dinner blindfolded or with one hand behind your back?

69. Would you rather help feed a toddler mashed potatoes and gravy or help feed a skunk pumpkin pie?

70. Would you rather have Thanksgiving with a group of people who don’t speak your language or who don’t know what Thanksgiving is?

71. Would you rather have the ability to turn invisible during Thanksgiving dinner or read other people’s thoughts?

72. Would you rather never eat turkey and gravy again or stuffing and mashed potatoes?

73. Would you rather eat Thanksgiving dinner at 9 o’clock in the morning or at 9 o’clock in the evening?

74. Would you rather find a hair in the stuffing or two dead flies in your green bean casserole?

75. Would you rather go for a family walk or bike ride after Thanksgiving dinner?

76. Would you rather host Godzilla or Frankenstein for the Thanksgiving weekend?

77. Would you rather eat Thanksgiving dinner while hanging upside down or balancing on a tightrope?

78. Would you rather cook the Thanksgiving meal for 100 people or for 1 hungry giant?

79. Would you rather eat an entire turkey in one sitting or never eat turkey again?

80. Would you rather live in a pumpkin patch or a turkey corral for a week?

Why Would You Rather questions are awesome

Here are some of the top reasons why these types of conversation-starting questions are so great:

  • They foster a sense of connection between parent and child. Taking the time to talk to your kids and getting to know them in a lighthearted and silly way helps them feel important. 
  • They inspire creativity and imaginative thinking. Oftentimes Would You Rather questions are based on funny or silly ideas that can help kids see themselves in a fun, fictitious situation. 
  • Would You Rather questions can invite critical thinking as your child chooses which would be the better option for him or her.
  • They are exceedingly EASY to ask. You don’t need any special game boards or pieces or supplies to have a great Would You Rather question session!
  • There is no correct answer. This means kids can feel safe sharing their opinion without being evaluated for being correct or not. 
  • They can help defeat boredom.

Anytime your kids say they’re bored, pull out our FREE Printable list of Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions for Kids! You can grab them from the Jen Bradley|MOMs Free Printable Library right here

free printable thanksgiving questions for kids

Final thoughts about these our Thanksgiving edition of Would You Rather:

We hope you have a great time discussing these fun questions with your kids!

So often our kids can feel loved with small and simple gestures, like spending a few minutes engaging in conversation together.

At Jen Bradley|MOMs, we believe that helping families have fun together – in small and simple ways – is our most important mission!

Don’t forget to grab your free printable Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions download before you go!

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Which of our Would You Rather: Thanksgiving Edition questions are you going to ask your kids? 

80+ Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions for the Whole Family80+ Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions for the Whole Family80+ Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions for the Whole Family80+ Thanksgiving Would You Rather Questions for the Whole Family

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