The 15 Best Things about the Capsule Wardrobe Collaboration

Friend, are you ready to create a wardrobe that you will love? Let me just share the 15 best things about the Capsule Wardrobe Collaboration right here.  

1. You will save time every morning. 

Have you ever stood in front of your closet and thought, “I have NOTHING to wear?” And then you continue to stand there, staring at your clothes, wasting time until you decide to just pull on your faithful yoga pants and oversized tee for the fourth day in a row? I KNOW THOSE DAYS. Even more frustrating were the times when I’d actually try to put on real clothes, hate the way they looked or how nothing coordinated, and then leave them all in a big heap on the floor to pull on said yoga paints. And then I’d be frustrated with myself for wasting time. Does this sound at all familiar? Most likely, it does. Three in 5 women report feeling this way on a regular basis, according to a recent study by ING Direct and Capital One Banks.

When you have a beautiful capsule wardrobe, these days will be behind you for good! Imagine being able to open your closet doors, reach in, and pull out an outfit that is already coordinated? You’ll even have shoes and outerwear to compliment your look. No more overthinking whether to get dressed every morning (and here’s why you should!). You’ll actually look forward to getting dressed everyday! That, my friend, is one of the best things about the Capsule Wardrobe Collaboration for sure. 

the 15 best things about the capsule wardrobe collaboration is a great list.


2. You will save money every month.

Did you know that the average woman buys 5 clothing items for her wardrobe every MONTH? Recent surveys also reveal that the average woman will spend $125,000 on clothing and accessories throughout her lifetime. And that number is much higher ($200,000) for those women unde the age of 25! 😳

With the Capsule Wardrobe Collaboration, you will learn how to purchase only the items that you need to round out your capsule. And with one capsule per season, you will only need to purchase clothes 4 times a year. Now that my capsules are well established, I buy one or two items for them each season, making my total number of clothes purchased a year around 8 total pieces. How awesome is that?!

3. Your confidence will grow. 

When I created my capsule wardrobe almost 4 years ago, I was at a pretty low point, as I shared here. I’d just had my fifth baby and felt so detached from my own body. I knew I needed to do something to help pull myself out of the post-baby gloom. As I started my capsule wardrobe research and decluttered my closet, I began to feel a huge surge in my daily confidence. I knew the clothes I was wearing were flattering to my body shape and coloring and that they coordinated nicely together. It was the start of a very important path towards confidence!

While I believe that confidence comes from the inside – from our mind and heart – I also fully believe that how we take care of ourselves on the outside can have a huge impact. I love the study by … . In her experiment, half of a group of children wore a Superman t-shirt, while the other half wore a regular plain tee. Not surprisingly, the kids wearing the Superman t-shirts said they felt much more courageous and strong than those kids who were wearing the plain tees. 

4. You’ll have an awesome support group.

Have you ever experienced the fun and the power that a group of motivated women can generate? Although the goal of the Capsule Wardrobe Collaboration is to curate a wardrobe that is personalized to you, we are going to do this as a group. You will have the opportunity to gather with like-minded women online to cheer each other on. You can share your experiences with the course and discuss your insights and takeaways. We all have different bodies and have different lifestyles, but we can all be a positive impact on other amazing women!

You never know, you may just meet your new style bestie inside this collaboration! Seeing intentional, motivated women come together to support each other is one of the best things about The Capsule Wardrobe Collaboration I have seen!

5. You will learn to identify your personal style.

You may not even think you have a style.  Don’t worry, friend, I’ll show you that you do! This process was really an enjoyable one for each of my Beta group testers and one of their favorite parts of the course.

Understanding your personal style helps so much with creating a capsule that works for your lifestyle. There are many programs and plans out there that show you how to create a very specific capsule. But I have yet to see a large group of women where a one-size-fits-all approach to style is a flattering plan for every member of the group. 

6. Your closet will be decluttered once and for all.

Okay, don’t freak out! We will break this down into simple actionable steps, I promise. We do this important step because I’m not an advocate of starting your capsule wardrobe from scratch. Rather, I believe much of your capsule is already sitting in your closet. We just need to sift through the clutter you may have there and find what suits you best. (Oh, and there’s a prize drawing for everyone who completes this task! How fun is that?!) 

7. You will learn how to dress for your body shape.

If you are like me and your body shape has changed over the past decade or so (hello, giving birth to 5 kids?!), learning how to flatter your shape is a key ingredient in boosting your confidence. Whether you’re petite or tall, in shape or out, there are ways you can use clothing to bring out the best in your body! 

8. You will determine your personal color palette.

You will learn what colors look best on you based on your undertones and value contrast in your skin, eyes and hair. I have a step-by-step process to help you do this, but I also am offering a Premium course option where I provide this service – as well as your body shape consultation – and create a printable 5 page customized color report for you. I can’t tell you how much I value the color guide I received from my online color consultant in Australia 4 years ago. Every time I tweak one of my capsules, I get my color guide out to review.

9. You will learn how to create a color palette for your capsule wardrobe.

Once you know your personal color palette, you will learn how to narrow it down and select your color palette for your capsule wardrobe. Creating a palette is essential for helping your clothes to coordinate with each other. In addition, choosing a color palette for your wardrobe will also be a big factor in making your shopping become laser-focused and effective. 

10. You’ll know the approximate number of pieces to include in your capsule.

While the number of pieces you select for your capsule will depend on your personal preference, I do give some direction. Part of creating a capsule wardrobe is increasing our intentionality and overcoming the tendency to indulge in “retail therapy.” This is why having a target number of pieces is helpful. You will be able to set that target number of pieces yourself though! 

11. You will learn how and where to shop.

Whether you prefer to shop online or in store, you’ll receive lots of suggestions about how to stay focused on shopping from your list. I’ll also give you a run down on which stores are best representations of your personal style type. Finally, I will show you how to save money over time by investing in the pieces that matter most for your capsule. 

12. You will understand how to style your clothes for maximum impact.

It’s one thing to create a lovely wardrobe, but it’s definitely another thing to know what to do with it! I’ll teach you all about the Rule of Three, the 5-piece French wardrobe, and the Third Proportions Trick to help you know how to best style your new amazing wardrobe!

13. You will know how to troubleshoot your capsule.

Now, you may find over time that you need to add an extra item to your capsule. Or maybe you want to tweak your capsule color palette just a bit. That’s perfectly a-okay! I’ll teach you exactly how to add new items and edit your capsule so that it will be a simple process for years to come.

14. You will learn how to plan and create future seasonal capsules.

I have 4 separate capsules that I wear throughout the year. One of the most common questions I receive is whether I have any clothes that I carry over from one capsule to another. And the answer is a resounding YES! I have many things that I wear at least 2 seasons of the year. There are even a good number of pieces that are in 3 of my 4 capsules. I’ll teach you which pieces can easily carry over from one season to the next.

15. You will grow more intentional in your life.

It is an absolute fact that after I created a capsule wardrobe, I got a LOT more intentional with my life. My closet decluttering led to a deep and lasting decluttering of our entire house! I stopped looking at physical things with an emotional attachment. I took my ten extra minutes from being able to get dressed quickly and started wearing a touch of makeup everyday. The effects of feeling put together have helped me to act more put together. 

I’ll teach you all of these things and more through 21 videos and slideshows, and we will all meet together often during the course in our private Facebook group. 

Every week you’ll receive a new workbook to download and print to help you through the course. And remember, for anyone who wants my personal consultation for body shape and coloring, I’ll be offering that service for a limited number of students as well. Oh, and everyone in the Premium group will get a one-on-one capsule consultation call from me at the end of the course.  It’s going to be so awesome!!! Check out all the details right here

Tell me, which of these sounds like the best thing about the Capsule Wardrobe Collaboration to you?

P.S. Remember to mark your calendar for Monday, January 27th! Sign up here to get the early bird discount I’ll be offering that day only! 


Which of the 15 best things about the capsule wardrobe collaboration sounds best to you?

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4 thoughts on “The 15 Best Things about the Capsule Wardrobe Collaboration”

  1. I love this idea, but I’d be interested to know if you have tips for doing it on a budget, when you can”t necessarily buy all new clothes! I think for me, decluttering the closet is going to be the first step.

    1. Thanks for asking, Catherine! This is a great question and one that is very common. I tell every woman that the majority of your Capsule Wardrobe is almost always already sitting in your closet. Like you said, decluttering is the first step. From there, I recommend examining your lifestyle and your style preferences to see what would be smart pieces to add to what you already have. I had one mom in my course last fall who didn’t buy anything new for four months! So it can be done!

  2. I love the idea of a capsule wardrobe! I think it would simplify things and take a lot of the guesswork out of planning outfits. Such a fab idea.

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