The Ultimate Decluttering Checklist – 101 Things You Can Get Rid of ASAP

If you’re taking on a decluttering project, you need this awesome decluttering checklist! 

Decluttering can definitely be a daunting task – but with this free Decluttering Checklist, you’ll be able to easily declutter more than 101 things from your home!

To download your own printable copy of The Ultimate Decluttering Checklist, simply click on the image below to gain access to all of the Free Printables in the Jen Bradley|MOMs Free Printable library!

ultimate decluttering checklist

In addition to the Decluttering Checklist, you’ll find a free six-step mini-course to help you do the harder work of decluttering your closet, as well as tons of other organizational help for moms. 

Clutter statistics (you’re not alone!)

According to NBC News, one in four Americans has a “clutter problem.” 

In fact, 84% of Americans are concerned that their homes are disorganized, and more than a majority of these people say disorganization is a BIG cause of stress. 

Thankfully, there’s a simple action we can take to beat the stress of disorganization: DECLUTTERING. 

And with over 300,000 items in the average American home, there are plenty of items we have to get rid of!

So let’s dive in and take a look at the Ultimate Decluttering Checklist – 101 things you can get rid of ASAP!

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household decluttering checklist


Household decluttering checklist

You’ll find the items on the household decluttering checklist scattered throughout your house. Look for these items in laundry rooms, offices, living areas, entryways, junk drawers, nightstands, desk drawers, and more:

  1. old cell phones
  2. old batteries
  3. magazines
  4. newspapers
  5. half used candles
  6. expired coupons
  7. old lightbulbs
  8. outdated calendars
  9. random charging cords
  10. old vases
  11. outdated decor
  12. unneeded papers
  13. duplicate household tools
  14. extra pieces/parts/screws for DIY furniture
  15. pens that don’t work
  16. dried out markers/highlighters
  17. dried up glue sticks/glue

If you’re thinking of doing a whole house decluttering, be sure to check out Decluttering Simplified! It’s an affordable, amazing online course that takes you through the process step by step! Don’t miss it! 

Decluttering Simplified


Kitchen decluttering checklist

There’s no doubt that a kitchen is an easy place for clutter to collect! 

And it’s a great place to start decluttering because our emotional attachments to kitchen items is often less than it is to other items, such as clothes and toys. 

Take a look at what you might be able to declutter from your kitchen:

  1. recipe books you never use
  2. old pots and pans
  3. mismatched plastic containers 
  4. unused utensils
  5. duplicate kitchen tools
  6. seldom used small appliances (waffle makers, crock pots, immersion blenders, bullet blenders, griddles, indoor grills, hand mixers, etc.)
  7. unused kitchen gadgets
  8. worn-out kitchen towels
  9. unused pot holders/trivets/oven mitts
  10. outdated spices
  11. teas and coffees you never drink
  12. any expired or unwanted food (check the refrigerator and freezer too!)
  13. unused ice packs/blocks in freezer
  14. chipped or unused mugs
  15. chipped dishes
  16. unused “fancy” china
  17. travel mugs with no lids
  18. unused can coozies/coasters
  19. take out menus (you can see them online!)
  20. single-use condiment packets
  21. plastic take out “silverware” and chopsticks
  22. sippy cups and kids’ plates/cups/utensils if your kids have outgrown them
  23. ugly magnets


living room decluttering checklist


Things to declutter from living areas

Living areas include your living room, den, family room, game room, media room, etc.

(And just in case you’re wondering – I definitely do NOT have all of these rooms in my house! This is just a list of possible living areas in any given house!)

  1. old video game systems/controllers
  2. DVDs
  3. VHS tapes/players
  4. cassette tapes/players
  5. CDs/players
  6. random remotes
  7. old PCs/computers
  8. outdated digital cameras
  9. knick-knacks that have no meaning
  10. old or broken picture frames
  11. stained or worn blankets
  12. shabby throw pillows
  13. books you never read
  14. board games/puzzles with missing pieces or that you don’t play


Bathroom decluttering checklist

The bathroom is another easy place for clutter to collect. 

And it’s also a great place to declutter quickly because our emotional attachments to these types of items are also quite low. 

Take a look at the bathroom decluttering checklist:

  1. almost empty toiletries
  2. old toothbrushes
  3. travel-size toiletries
  4. dental care packets from the dentist’s office
  5. old perfume/cologne
  6. skincare/makeup samples
  7. broken makeup/powder compacts
  8. duplicate shades of lipstick/nail polish
  9. dried out nail polish
  10. hair accessories you don’t wear
  11. crimpers/curlers/curling irons you don’t use
  12. unused hair care products 
  13. stretched out hair bands
  14. stained or ragged washcloths
  15. threadbare towels

decluttering checklist for bedroom


Bedroom decluttering checklist

When it comes to decluttering, it is tempting to only focus on decluttering areas that are more public, like the living area and kitchen. 

But having a decluttered bedroom can actually help you to sleep better

Because we spend about one-third of our lives in our bedrooms, it’s definitely worth it to give them a good decluttering.

Here’s a list to help you get started decluttering your bedroom:

  1. alarm clocks/clock radios
  2. flat pillows
  3. bed skirt/dust ruffle
  4. trophies/awards
  5. wall decor that you don’t like
  6. knick-knacks
  7. old school projects/papers
  8. duplicate/unfocused photos
  9. old birthday cards
  10. old certificates

decluttering ideas checklist



Toys to declutter

Oh, the toys. Sometimes I think they must magically multiply overnight. 

How about you?

Toys can often be one of the most difficult things for moms to part with because of the memories connected to our kids. 

The checklist below is a great starting point for decluttering toys that you most likely don’t have a strong emotional attachment to. 

  1. unused/outgrown toys
  2. board games/puzzles with missing pieces
  3. toys with missing pieces
  4. broken toys
  5. toys from fast food restaurants
  6. duplicate toys
  7. used up coloring books/sticker books (you can tear out the best page and keep it, if you must! Better yet, take a photo of it!) 
  8. broken crayons/dried out markers

decluttered closet


Things to declutter from closets

The closets in our house are magnets for clutter!

Because they have doors to hide the clutter from before our very eyes, it is definitely worth it spend some time decluttering the various closets in your home. 

Keep reading for decluttering checklists for your linen closet, coat closet, and clothes closet.

(And if you don’t have any one of these closets, declutter these items anyway – wherever you may store them!)

Linen closet

  1. stained/threadbare sheets
  2. old blankets/comforters
  3. flat pillows
  4. stained towels
  5. ratty washcloths
  6. anything you don’t like anymore

Coat closet

  1. broken hangers
  2. dry cleaning hangers/plastic bags
  3. ill-fitting coats
  4. ragged, worn, stained coats
  5. mismatched mittens/gloves
  6. outgrown cold weather gear (snow pants/boots)
  7. broken umbrellas

clothes decluttering checklist


Clothes to declutter

Please note, decluttering clothes can be tricky!

We tend to form strong attachments to our clothes, making it hard to declutter them. 

For extra help with decluttering your clothes closet, check out the simple 6-step mini course all about decluttering your closet (and keeping it that way)! 

mini course to get rid of closet clutter

For now, here’s a great closet decluttering list to start with: 

  1. mismatched socks
  2. socks with holes
  3. old undergarments (underwear/bras/camis/etc)
  4. tights/pantyhose with runs
  5. old pajamas
  6. anything that you haven’t worn in the past year
  7. old formal dresses
  8. event t-shirts
  9. clothes that don’t fit or are uncomfortable
  10. clothes that don’t match anything
  11. anything that needs repaired (missing buttons/need stitching/etc)
  12. clothes that don’t match your lifestyle (for example, if you’re a SAHM, you probably don’t need 8 pencil skirts)
  13. scuffed/worn shoes
  14. shoes that don’t fit or are uncomfortable
  15. shoes that don’t match anything
  16. duplicate clothing (you really don’t need 5 long sleeve black tees!)
  17. swimwear that’s losing its elasticity
  18. worn out belts
  19. costume jewelry you don’t wear
  20. scarves you never wear
  21. old handbags
  22. ties your hubby never wears
  23. clothes your kids have outgrown
  24. stained, ratty kids’ clothes

It may also be a good idea to consider how well your current closet is serving your clothes and shoes – and whether it may be time to upgrade the design of your closet.

Would adding drawers be helpful? Or perhaps some extra hanging racks? 

The best place to go for closet design inspiration is Easy Closets!

With everything from slide-out shoe shelves to belt racks to drawers and baskets, they’ve got a ton of made-to-order products and a free design service to help you create the closet of your dreams!

Use code CLOSETS165 to get a 5% discount and free shipping from Easy Closets


Miscellaneous decluttering checklist

There are still a few more places that clutter tends to crop up! 

Craft items to declutter

  1. fabric and ribbon scraps
  2. wrapping paper scraps
  3. dried out stamp pads
  4. old, uncompleted projects
  5. supplies you no longer use (special scissors, paper punches, etc.)

purse decluttering


Your Purse

  1. expired coupons
  2. loyalty cards
  3. trash
  4. old receipts
  5. keychain cards
  6. anything that doesn’t belong there!

Digital decluttering checklist

  1. delete apps you don’t use
  2. get rid of duplicate photos 
  3. delete long videos you’ve recorded
  4. unsubscribe from unwanted emails (especially store emails that try to get you to buy MORE STUFF!)
  5. delete rarely-used playlists
  6. empty recycle/trash bins

Final thoughts on the Ultimate Decluttering Checklist

I’m not sure if you’re keeping track, but this article has WAY MORE than 101 items you can declutter right now! 

(There are 141 actually!)

To make this process so much easier for yourself, be sure to join the Jen Bradley|MOMs printable library so you can grab the Ultimate Decluttering Checklist and get started decluttering your home ASAP!


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What area of the house will you use the decluttering checklist for first?

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