Free Valentine’s Bingo Printable + 5 Fun Valentine Printable Games for Kids

This free Valentine’s bingo printable and 6 more Valentine printable games can help you make this grown-up holiday a ton of fun for your kids!

On Valentine’s Day, it’s wonderful to focus on your significant other and celebrate your special relationship.

But it’s also a great opportunity to help your kids feel loved and appreciated too! 

That’s why we’ve prepared these 7 great Valentine’s printable games for you!

Here’s a quick list of the 7 printables you’ll see in this article:

  1. Valentine’s bingo
  2. Valentine’s word unscramble
  3. Scattergories Game of Love
  4. Valentine’s word searches
  5. Valentine’s I Spy
  6. Cupid Name Generator
  7. Valentine coloring pages

free valentine's printables

Let’s take a closer look at all of the Valentine’s printable games now.

Valentine’s Bingo free printable

So many kids love bingo!

The free printable Valentine’s bingo is part of our FREE Valentine’s Printable Games bundle and contains 8 different full-size bingo cards, as well as a page of small calling cards to cut out and use.

valentine's bingo printable

To play bingo, you’ll need some type of bingo marker. We love these reusable, colorful bingo chips! They’re transparent, so you can easily check over a little one’s bingo card to make sure they’ve covered the correct pictures!

Here are some other great ideas for bingo chips or markers:

  • small pieces of candy, such as M&Ms
  • bits of colored paper
  • small LEGO pieces
  • raisins
  • peanuts
  • chocolate chips

When you play this version of Valentine’s bingo, be sure to be very specific about each item that you call out!

Instead of just saying “heart,” you’ll want to say “pink heart with a red arrow.” This can help your kids to develop good listening skills and sharpen their focus!

One of our favorite things about these bingo cards is that they’re full-size, and they’re easily reusable! (Plus, If you choose to laminate them, they could last for years and years!)

Get your FREE Printable Valentine’s Games for Kids right here!

Valentine’s Word Unscramble

The free Valentine’s word unscramble is not as difficult as it looks!

valentine's word scramble

(P.S. – If your kids are getting stuck on any of the answers, they can always use the word bank on our Valentine’s word search puzzle for some extra help!)

Valentine’s Scattergories game

Scattergories is a fun game that can help kids build their vocabulary skills and think independently.

This free printable Valentine’s printable game is for kids who can read and write quickly, about 8 years and up.

To play Valentine’s Scattergories, you’ll need a timer, copies of the Scattergories printable, and one writing utensil per player.

valentine's scattergories

With this Valentine’s Scattergories printable, there will be four different rounds of the game.

You’ll start by setting a time limit for each round. Two minutes should be enough, but if you want a less rushed game, set the timer for three minutes.

In the first round, players will need to think of a word that starts with the letter “L” for each of the categories that are listed.

For example, a cookie that starts with “L” could be Lemon, Ladyfingers, or Linzer cookies.

Players go through the list, writing down as many answers as they can. (Be sure to let your kids know that it’s okay to skip and come back to ones they may not have answers for at first!)

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When the time is up, everyone takes turns comparing their lists.

If more than one person has written the same answer, they don’t get a point for their word, so it’s a great idea for players to be unique and original!

Finally, players can get bonus points by using an adjective that also begins with the same letter in their answer.

For example, for a cookie that starts with “L,” Lemon Ladyfingers could be worth two points (as long as no one else thinks of them!).

Once the “L” round is completed, it’s time to move on to the “O” round and so on until the last round of words that will begin with “E.”

Valentine’s Word Searches

There are two versions of these free Valentine’s word searches for kids: one for older kids and one for younger kids.

Words can go up, down, diagonal, backward, and forward.

valentine's word search

In the printable Valentine’s word search for older kids, the grid has 20 letters per row and column.

There are 20 different Valentine-related words for your kids to find.

With only ten letters per row and ten words to find, the simpler word search is much easier!

Simply give kids a highlighter or colored pencil and let them go to town!

You could also have kids complete these Valentine’s word searches in pairs or set a timer to make it more of a game.

Valentine’s I Spy Game

There are several different versions of I Spy games out there, but we like this one for younger-elementary-aged kids.

Start by simply printing this out (we recommend cardstock if you have it!) and put it in a plastic page protector.

Instead of having your kids find items around the room like with traditional I Spy, have them look at this page. 

Valentine's I Spy

Choose one item on the page, and then say “I spy with my little eye, something that is _____.” Fill in the blank with a color, so your kids can guess which item you’ve spied. 

You may add size descriptors as well to help your kids figure out which item you’re spying!

Then pull it out for your kiddo when you’re stuck in line at the grocery store, or anywhere that you might need a quick diversion!

Cupid Name Generator

This Cupid Name Generator is sure to generate some laughs for your family! This fun printable shows what your names would be if you were magically turned into little cupids on Valentine’s Day!

cupid name generator

All you need to do is look at the first letter of your first name to find the first part of your cupid name. Then look at your birth month to find the second part of your cupid name.

For example, my first name starts with “J” and my birthday is in November, so my cupid name is Charming Lovebug.

Your kids might enjoy this so much that they end up figuring out names for your extended family and friends too!

Valentine Coloring Pages

Just like the free printable Valentine’s bingo, your kids will love these simple Valentine’s coloring pages too!

valentine's printable coloring pages

They could even color the picture, cut it out, and paste it onto a larger card for teachers or grandparents.

Final thoughts on these Valentine’s printable games for kids:

Don’t forget, you can access these fun Valentine’s printable games by filling out the form below!

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Free Valentine\'s Bingo Printable + 5 Fun Valentine Printable Games for KidsFree Valentine\'s Bingo Printable + 5 Fun Valentine Printable Games for KidsFree Valentine\'s Bingo Printable + 5 Fun Valentine Printable Games for KidsFree Valentine\'s Bingo Printable + 5 Fun Valentine Printable Games for KidsFree Valentine\'s Bingo Printable + 5 Fun Valentine Printable Games for Kids

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