3 Awesome Valentine’s Heart Attack Door Ideas for Kids

Try this sweet Valentine’s Heart Attack to help your kids feel extra special! 

A Valentine’s Heart Attack door is both adorable AND easy to do! 

That’s why we’re huge fans of it here at Jen Bradley|MOMs, where we believe you should be able to celebrate any holiday with your kids simply and easily. 

What is a Valentine’s Heart Attack Door?

First, a Valentine’s Heart Attack Door has nothing to do with an actual heart attack!

Instead, this type of “heart attack” consists of putting lots of paper hearts all over someone’s door. Usually, the paper hearts have cute messages written on them, such as words of encouragement or appreciation.

Valentine's Heart Attack door

You can make a Heart Attack Door for anyone at any time during the year, but we especially like to do a Valentine’s Heart Attack on our kids’ room doors to show our kids some extra love.

Heart Attack Door supplies

To create a paper Heart Attack Door, you’ll need the following supplies:

  • colored paper in pink and red, such as construction paper or cardstock
  • red heart-shaped doilies
  • scissors
  • markers
  • paint-friendly adhesives, such as masking tape or blue sticky tack
  • a printer, if you’re using our free Heart Attack Door printables

Once you have your supplies, you’ll cut out a bunch of hearts, about three to four inches wide.

You can also use our Heart Attack Door printables from our Free Printables Library to make this extra simple! You’ll get a page of hearts with printed messages, plus a separate page of blank hearts so you can write your personalized messages too!

Valentine's Day free printable

Additionally, you could use some red heart-shaped doilies to write your messages on too! (Nothing to cut out with these!)

After you have your hearts cut out, it’s time to write your messages.

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What to write on your Valentine’s door paper hearts

You can write anything you want on your paper hearts!

Simple messages like “Happy Valentine’s Day!” or “I love you!” are great!

You can also write more personal messages about things your kids have recently done or accomplished.

Here’s a look at all of the messages I wrote to my five-year-old daughter last year:

  • “I had fun playing LEGOs with you in the morning!”
  • “Congratulations on making it to the intermediate gymnastics class!”
  • “You did a great job at homeschool today!”
  • “You are so happy and fun – even with a runny nose! Get better soon!”
  • “Thanks for reminding me to write on these hearts!”
  • “I love doing reading lessons with you!”
  • “Great job at your first intermediate gymnastics class!”
  • “I loved coloring with sidewalk chalk with you today!”
  • “Thanks for snuggling with me at church every week!”

You can see that you don’t have to write anything elaborate. Just a simple positive message is all you need!

3 Valentine’s Heart Attack Door Ideas

There are at least three different ways you can do a Valentine’s Heart Attack:

  1. One-a-day Valentine’s Heart Attack
  2. All-at-once Heart Attack
  3. Gift a Heart Attack to a friend or neighbor

Keep reading to check out a few details about each type of Valentine’s Heart Attack idea:

1. One-a-day Valentine’s Heart Attack

The one-a-day Valentine’s Heart Attack centers on you putting one new paper heart message on your kid’s door every day. You could do this every day from February 1st-14th.

Even if you don’t start right on February 1st, you could start 10 days or a week before Valentine’s Day.

You could choose to prepare all of your messages at one time before you begin the Heart Attack Door, or you could write them each night after your kids have gone to bed.

No matter when you start, your kids will love to see their little sweet messages multiply every day!

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2. All-at-once Heart Attack Door Idea

If you prefer, you could also do an all-at-once Heart Attack Door. This means that you put up all of the paper heart messages all at once.

You could do this on the night before Valentine’s Day when your kids are asleep so they’ll be surprised when they wake up!

Or you could put up all the paper hearts while they’re at school on Valentine’s Day so they come home from school to find their surprise.

What if your kids share a door?

If you have kids who share a room, you can still create a special, personalized Valentine’s Heart Attack Door for each of them!

Start by writing their name on each of their paper hearts. Then write a simple message intended just for them. They may love the added aspect of finding their special hearts on their door!

Or, you could write out a specific message for each child and put their paper heart at their seat at the breakfast table. After they read their special message, stick it on their door.

3. Surprise a friend or neighbor

Another great Heart Attack Door idea is to work together as a family to create a Heart Attack surprise for a friend or family member.

All you need to do is prepare a bunch of hearts with messages and stick them on a neighbor’s or friend’s front door!

Doing service as a family is a great way to help increase feelings of love and togetherness too!

Free Valentine’s Heart Attack printables

To start your Valentine’s Heart Attack Door for your kids, snag the free Heart Attack Door printables right here! 

Final Thoughts about Valentine’s Heart Attack Door Ideas

Kids always love to hear or read words of affirmation. During the season of love, there’s no better time to tell your kids how great you think they are!

We’ve done a Valentine’s heart attack door for our kids for four years now, and they still look forward to it every year.

It is very sweet to watch them wake up in the morning and come to the kitchen table to find their paper heart with a little message. After they read the message, they stick it on their door!

All you need to download and print your Door Heart Printables, cut them out, and get to writing some sweet messages for your kids!

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3 Awesome Valentine’s Heart Attack Door Ideas for Kids3 Awesome Valentine’s Heart Attack Door Ideas for Kids3 Awesome Valentine’s Heart Attack Door Ideas for Kids3 Awesome Valentine’s Heart Attack Door Ideas for Kids3 Awesome Valentine’s Heart Attack Door Ideas for Kids

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