5 Amazing You’ve Been Booed Ideas

These Halloween you’ve been booed ideas will make you want to start this fun tradition in your neighborhood! 

Have you ever received a Halloween Boo or seen a We’ve Been Booed sign in someone’s front window? 

If you have, then you’re in the right place to get some great ideas to start the Halloween Boo in your neighborhood.

If you haven’t heard or seen anything about the You’ve Been Booed tradition … you’re still in the right place!

We’ll walk you through what it is, why it’s great, and how you can start this cute Halloween tradition where you live. 

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How the Halloween Boo tradition works

Basically, the You’ve Been Booed Halloween tradition starts when one family in the neighborhood delivers a bag, bucket, or plate of Halloween goodies to a neighbor anonymously. 

Yes, this means ding-dong ditching – something most kids absolutely LOVE to do! 

Additionally, a note is included with the goodies, telling the recipient that they’ve been Booed.

The family who receives the Boo is then encouraged to pass on the favor to someone else.

Also, the person who has been booed puts up a sign in their window that says “We’ve Been Booed” so that they don’t receive a repeat gift.

Over the course of a few weeks, the gifting spreads from house to house – similar to the game Telephone or even a chain letter.

If you’re thinking of creating the You’ve Been Booed tradition in your neighborhood, you’ll want to start in the first half of October. This way there will be enough time to see it spread from house to house. 

You’ve Been Booed Printable Kit

So, where do you get a You’ve Been Booed printable letter, signs, and all that good stuff?

Right here from the JBMoms Designs Etsy shop, of course!

(And the entire Halloween Boo Kit is 50% off in the month of October, by the way!)

Our adorable You’ve Been Booed Printable Kit includes:

1.You’ve Been Booed Instruction sign – 5×7″
2. We’ve Been Booed sign – 5×7″
3. Large We’ve Been Booed sign – 8×10″
4. You’ve Been Booed gift tags (3)
5. You’ve Been Booed circular gift tags (3)
6. We’ve Been Booed door hanger
7. You’ve Been Booed pennant flag
8. Halloween decorative tags (6)

Once you’ve printed your signs, you’ll want to choose who you want to surprise with a You’ve Been Booed basket. 

To get the Boo off to a good start, it’s a great idea to choose two families if you possibly can.

Get a Halloween Boo bucket or bag

After you’ve got your You’ve Been Booed printables and picked who you want to Boo, the next step is to get the perfect container to hold the goodies you’ll include. 

Here are some of our favorite ideas for a Halloween Boo container: 

Gift bag

A simple gift bag is a great idea because it can hold a lot of cute things, it’s inexpensive, and it’s easy for kids to carry.

These cute orange gift bags also come with a sheet of Halloween stickers so kids can decorate the bag itself. 


Another great choice to hold all of your You’ve Been Booed treats is a medium-sized plastic Halloween bucket!

It’ll be good and sturdy and can hold lots of your favorite Halloween treats! This affordable 3-pack of Halloween buckets from Amazon is perfect. 

Trick-or-treat bag

If you really want to get clever, use a trick-or-treat bag like these ones! Not only are they super festive, but they’ll also be completely reusable for Halloween night! 

Once you choose your bag or bucket, it’s time to fill it up with goodies! Keep reading to see our favorite things to include in a You’ve Been Booed basket!

5 Great You’ve Been Booed Ideas

1.Include some fun printable Halloween activities

Don’t you love it when your kids get something easy, fun, and festive to celebrate an upcoming holiday?

From cute Halloween coloring pages to Halloween bingo games or scavenger hunts, there are tons of great Halloween printable activities available for kids!

Click on the image to learn more about any of these great printable sets you could include in your You’ve Been Booed Basket!

Also, to keep the Halloween Boo moving through the neighborhood, it’s a great idea to print up an extra copy of the You’ve Been Booed printables for the recipient to use when they pass on the Boo to the next person.

(Of course, you can always direct them back to this article too!)

2. Cute Halloween picture books to include

Since kids everywhere will be getting lots of candy and sugar during the Halloween season, why not include a non-sugary treat, such as a favorite Halloween book?

These cute Halloween titles are all available on Amazon and are really inexpensive!

Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson – Delightful rhyming text and endearing characters text make this book one your kids will want to read over and over again! Year after year, it is our favorite family Halloween book!

Click, Clack, Boo by Doreen Cronin – This clever and funny book is a Ready-to-Read book, so it’s perfect for families with young kids.

How to Catch a Monster by Adam Wallace – This USA Today Bestseller is a delight for both parents and kids to read!

3. Put in some tasty Halloween treats

While non-sugary gifts are good, there are so many fun Halloween treats, that it’s perfectly fine to include a few!

An even better idea is to put in a treat for the family to make themselves!

Here are some fun Halloween treat ideas:

  • cake mix – look for the quintessential Halloween Funfetti cake mix for an especially festive treat!
  • Halloween cookie cutters – this set comes with six adorable shapes: pumpkin, cat, ghost, bat, witch hat, and pumpkin man
  • brownie or chocolate molds – one perfect mold with pumpkins, a ghost, a skull, and a bat
  • Halloween cupcake wrappers – you could divide this set of 600 cupcake wrappers among all of your Boo recipients
  • Halloween-colored sprinkles – a perfect addition to anything else you’ve included from this list!

halloween cookies

4. Non-candy Halloween goodies

  • bandaids – these ghost-shaped bandaids are more than adorable
  • tattoos
  • stickers
  • Halloween socks – this pack has six festive pairs!
  • pencils
  • gift card for an event – something like miniature golfing, going for ice cream, or a trip to the movies

  • One of the best places to look for inexpensive Halloween toys and gifts is the Target Dollar Spot!

5. Add in some trick-or-treating supplies

Finally, you can also put in a few trick-or-treating supplies that kids might need on Halloween night.

Here are a few ideas:

  • glowsticks – this pack of 100 is super versatile
  • pumpkin carving kit
  • mini flashlights – this pack of 10 could be divided between your different bags

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trick or treat supplies

Final thoughts about this list of fun You’ve Been Booed ideas 

Of course, the You’ve Been Booed tradition isn’t as necessary to Halloween as costumes and trick-or-treating.

But it is a simple and wonderful way to add a new tradition to your Halloween festivities!

Additionally, it can help teach neighborly kindness and being aware of others.

Your You’ve Been Booed baskets don’t have to be anything crazy or elaborate. But the simple thought and the goodwill they promote in your community are definitely worth it!

Let us know your thoughts about these You’ve Been Booed ideas in the comments below and don’t forget to grab your You’ve Been Booed Halloween Printable Kit here!

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What are some of your favorite You’ve Been Booed ideas?

5 Amazing You\'ve Been Booed Ideas5 Amazing You\'ve Been Booed Ideas5 Amazing You\'ve Been Booed Ideas5 Amazing You\'ve Been Booed Ideas5 Amazing You\'ve Been Booed Ideas

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