Let's be real: All moms struggle.

But I believe ALL moms can find joy in motherhood.

Hi, I'm Jen.

I’m a homeschool mom of five kids, a military wife and a woman who believes that living an intentional mom life is absolutely worth it.  I’m so excited to share your motherhood journey with you!

What is a capsule wardrobe?

It’s a collection of carefully curated clothing that complements you and your lifestyle! This is a 4-week hands-on course that will teach you how to create a seasonal capsule that you will love for years to come. Look for this premier course to debut early 2020. 

Tune into my Instagram stories every week for Mom Tip Monday, check the blog every Tuesday for new content and IGTV every weekend for a fun tutorial that features another way to get more intentional with your life and in your home!

Everything we take in has an effect on our body, heart and mind – whether it is the food we eat, the media we consume, the books we read, the music we hear, or the conversations we are in. This program will bring like-minded mamas together for friendly support and encouragement as we get intentional about everything we are feeding our body, heart, and mind.


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How to Teach Your Kids to Be Grateful

How to Teach Gratitude to Your Kids

I love Thanksgiving. Every year, I enjoy the opportunity to focus on the things I am grateful for – from my amazing husband and five kids to my favorite grey house slippers and the electric blanket on our bed. As I try to increase my own feelings of thankfulness, I find myself wondering, “How can I teach my kids to feel and express gratitude?”  Recent research from the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

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How to style your wardrobe to look more expensive

How to Style Your Wardrobe to Look More Expensive – Part 2

Welcome back, friend! I’m so excited to go through the last 5 steps of how to style your wardrobe to look more expensive! If you missed it, you can read Part 1 of How to Make Your Wardrobe Look More Expensive right here.  If you are hoping to freshen up your wardrobe without buying a ton of new clothes, you are in the right place! These ten tips to spruce up your wardrobe have been divided into

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How to Make Your Wardrobe Look More Expensive

First off, who wouldn’t want a wardrobe that looks and feels more expensive, right? I’ve got some super exciting news for you today: You don’t have to buy super high-end clothes to make your outfits look expensive! (Cue the angels singing, right?) If you are hoping to spruce up your wardrobe without buying any clothes at all, you are in the right place! These ten tips will be divided into two parts: How to take

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What to Do With All of That Halloween Candy

In just over two weeks, we will all be wondering, “What in the world do we do with all this Halloween candy?” Am I right?  I can see it now: my 5 kids still in their costumes, staring at their gigantic piles of candy they’ve dumped from their pumpkin bags all over the living room floor. They will be rejoicing, their eyes wide, anticipating which pieces they’ll eat first as my hubs and I quickly

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7 Reasons ALL Moms Need to Get Dressed Everyday

Okay, friend, I know you may be thinking, “I totally DON’T care what I look like on the daily! The only people who ever see me are my kids!… And maybe the mailman.” But let me just tell you, getting dressed everyday IS worth it. How you show up to your kids and others around you absolutely DOES matter! About a dozen years ago, I coached the high school cheerleading squad. One day, one of

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