15 Fun St. Patrick’s Day Games for Kids You Can Pull Off Quickly

Even if St. Patrick’s Day isn’t a major holiday at your house, you can easily make it festive with these simple St. Patrick’s Day games for kids.

Kids seem to love even the smallest reason to celebrate, so these St. Patrick’s Day games for kids will be a great fit for your small or large celebration at home! 

Free St. Patrick’s Day printable games for kids

To help you live our mantra of “motherhood simplified,” there are some great printable St. Patrick’s Day games for kids in the Jen Bradley|MOMs free resource library! 

To grab your copy of St. Patrick’s Day bingo or the Lucky Leprechaun Categories game, click right here or on the image below! You’ll also find a St. Patrick’s Day word search, I Spy game, and a word unscramble.

free St. Patrick's day printable games

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15 St. Patrick’s Day games for kids

1. St. Patrick’s Day Bingo

Bingo is a perfect for the lucky holiday because it relies solely on luck! Download the 6 free St. Patrick’s Day bingo cards from the Jen Bradley|MOMs Printable Library right here!

(For the full 12 card set, visit the Shop.) I highly recommend these rainbow bingo markers as well – they fit perfectly with the cards and can be used over and over again. 

2. St. Patrick’s Day Life-Size Tic-Tac-Toe

Supplies: duct tape, 5 large paper shamrock cutouts and 5 large paper rainbow cutouts

Preparation: Using duct tape, outline a large tic tac toe game on the floor or carpet. Then give each team (or player if you have a large group) the shamrocks or the rainbows. 

How to play: Each team places either one shamrock or rainbow on the grid at a time, taking turns and trying to get three in a row.

3. Four Leaf Clover Hunt

Supplies: 11 3-leaf paper or felt clovers and 1 4-leaf felt paper clover

Preparation: Hide all 12 clovers around the house or yard where kids will be able to find them.

How to play: Let kids search for all of the clovers. The one who finds the lucky 4-leaf clover gets to have extra special luck (or an extra small prize) for the day!

This is one of my favorite St. Patrick’s Day games for kids because the kids love it and it’s so easy to do.

happy St. Patrick's Day

4. Rainbow, Rainbow, Leprechaun

Supplies: none

How to play: Have everyone sit in a circle on the ground and play classic “Duck, Duck, Goose,” but change the words to “Rainbow, Rainbow, Leprechaun.” 

One person is “it” and walks around the circle, tapping each person’s head and saying “Rainbow.”

When he or she touches one person’s head and says “leprechaun,” that person jumps up and chases the person who is “it” around the circle, trying to make it back to his or her original spot. 

It’s is always amazing to see how much kids love this simple twist on the old favorite, “Duck, Duck, Goose!”

fun St. Patrick's day games for kids

5. Pot of Gold Coin Toss

Supplies: duct tape, plastic black cauldron, gold coins

Preparation: Set the cauldron on the floor and make a 1-foot line of duct tape several feet away from the cauldron. Players try to toss as many gold coins into the cauldron as they can in one minute. 

Variations for multiple ages: If you have a wide range of ages, make additional marks as necessary to increase difficulty for older kids.

pot of gold St. Patrick's Day game

6. Who’s the Leprechaun? Dance Game

Supplies: fun musical playlist

How to play: Have one child leave the room. Then choose one of the kids in the room to be the “leprechaun.”

He or she then chooses a fun dance move and everyone copies it, changing dance moves from time to time and everyone following along. Invite the person back into the room to watch the dancing.

After a few minutes, have that person guess who the leprechaun is. You can keep playing as long as kids want to keep switching up who is “It” and who gets to be the Leprechaun. 

Adapted from: The Spruce

7. St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger Hunt

Supplies: St. Patricks Day scavenger hunt from the Jen Bradley|MOMS shop, pencils, and cameras/phones

How to play: Divide the group into teams of 3-4 people and give each group a copy of the St. Patrick’s Day Scavenger hunt and a pencil. Groups need to find as many things on the list as possible in 5 minutes’ time. 

Fun variation: Make this a photo scavenger hunt and have teams take a photo of everything they find. Encourage them to be creative and try to act out anything on the list they can’t find and take a photo of them acting it out. 

8. Pot of Gold Relay

Supplies: at least 4 cauldrons (2 per team), lots of gold coins

Preparation: Place two cauldrons full of an equal number of gold coins at one end of the room or yard. Then put two empty cauldrons across the room. Players divide into two teams and stand behind their empty cauldron.

How to play: At the word “go,” one player per team runs to the full cauldron and picks up a gold coin, runs it back to the empty cauldron and drops it in.

As soon as this happens, the second player runs to get another coin. Keep playing until the first team has carried all of their gold coins to the originally empty cauldron. 

15 fun St. Patrick's Day activities for kids

9. Shamrock Scramble

Supplies: 4 large paper shamrocks (these window clings would be great!), fun musical playlist

Preparation: put the 4 large paper shamrocks on the walls around the room, as far apart as possible and within easy reach for kids

How to play: Have the kids dance or jog around the room while the music plays.

When the music stops, everyone needs to scramble over to shamrock on the wall and touch it.

The last person to reach a shamrock is out. Keep repeating the process of dancing and scrambling until one person is left.

Source: The Spruce

10. Lucky and Charmed

Supplies: Lucky Charms cereal, 1 plastic spoon per player, 2 small bowls per players, timer

Preparation: Fill one bowl per person with Lucky Charms cereal and set a small empty bowl beside it.

How to play: Using just one hand, players must scoop only the marshmallow pieces into the empty bowl as they can in one minute. Any non-marshmallow pieces count as -1. The person with the most marshmallow points at the end of the round is the winner.

If you love Minute to Win It games, this one is the perfect St. Patrick’s Day version!

Variation for older kids: Instead of holding their spoon in their dominant hand, have them put the spoon in their non-dominant hand or in their mouth!

11. Lucky Categories Word Game

Supplies: free printable Lucky Categories word game from the free Printable Library (one copy per team), one pencil per team, timer

Preparation: Divide the kids into groups of two or three and give everyone a copy of the game

How to play: In this cute game, players have three minutes to come up with answers for each of the categories listed.

The only catch is, the answers they write down must begin with the letter L-U-C-K or Y, depending on which column everyone is working on!

Similar to the popular board game, Scattergories, teams can get extra points by combining words that both begin with the specified letter. For example, “Lucky Leprechaun” would be worth two points if used in the L column.

12. Leprechaun, Leprechaun, Where’s Your Shamrock?

Supplies: one small paper or felt shamrock, blindfold if you’d like

Preparation: Have all the kids sit in a circle on the floor. Choose one child to be the “leprechaun” and sit in the middle of the circle. 

How to play: Have the leprechaun child close his or her eyes (or put on a blindfold).

The other children then pass a paper shamrock from person to person until the Leprechuan says, “Stop!”

The kids in the circle then say together, “Leprechuan, leprechaun, where’s your shamrock?”

The leprechaun then has three tries to guess who is holding the shamrock. Regardless of whether the guess is correct, the person holding the shamrock becomes the next leprechaun.

Source: Kids Activities

st. patrick's day games for the whole family

13. Gold Coin Memory Match

Supplies: an even number of gold coins, 2 sets of St. Patrick’s Day or rainbow themed stickers

Preparation: Put pairs of stickers on one side of plastic gold coins. Then arrange the coins in a square grid shape, with stickers facing down toward the table or floor. 

How to play: One player picks up two gold coins, one at a time, trying to find two matching stickers.

If she or he is successful, they keep those gold coins and try to find another match. If the two stickers don’t match, the next player gets a turn.

The player with the most matches when all the coins are claimed is the winner. 

14. Rainbow Sweep

Supplies: 1 hula hoop and 1 broom per team, lots of balloons in every color of the rainbow 

Preparation: Blow up the balloons and place the hula hoops on the floor. 

How to play: One player per team takes a broom and tries to sweep one balloon for each color of the rainbow into his or her designated hula hoop in one minute. Rotate players for each team so everyone gets a chance to participate. 

Source: The Spruce

15. Create the Rainbow

Supplies: two sets of 6 crepe paper rolls in different rainbow shades, such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple

How to play: Divide the group into two teams. Have half of each team stand on either side of the room. Give the red, yellow and blue rolls of crepe paper to players on one side of the room and orange, green and purple crepe paper to the kids on the other other side of the room. 

At the word “go,” the players with the red crepe paper run towards their teammates and unroll the red crepe paper across the room as they go.

When they reach their teammates, the next person runs the orange roll across the room, lining it up just below the red crepe paper on the floor. Repeat this process, switching off runners and colors until a rainbow of crepe paper is complete.

The team to complete their rainbow first is the winner! 

Source: The Spruce

Final thoughts about St. Patrick’s Day games for kids

These fun St. Patrick’s Day games for kids can help you have a fun and simple celebration with your kids and perhaps a few friends as well. 

Add a few decor items to round out your celebration like the ones below and you’ll be all set!

Glittery Shamrock Banner

This cute banner would look great hanging from your mantle, or on the wall behind a table full of fun St. Patrick’s Day treats!

It’s just over 8 feet long too!

Buffalo Check Table Runner

Buffalo check has been all the rage for awhile now – and this cute green and white version is adorable too!

Lay this across your table for some extra quick festive vibes.

St. Patrick’s Day Door Wreath

Whether you choose to put this cute St. Patrick’s Day wreath on your outside door to greet your friends, or you put it inside to add to the ambience of your St. Patrick’s Day games for kids, this wreath is full of festive fun.

Finally, don’t forget to join the Free Printable Library to grab the printable St. Patrick’s Day games for kids, and be sure to check out the Ultimate St. Patrick’s Day Printable Pack in the Shop too! It has tons of extras – coloring pages, cupcake toppers, and of course, extra St. Patrick’s Day games too!

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St. Patrick's Day ideas for kids

Which of these easy St. Patrick’s Day ideas are you going to try?

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