6 Simple Ways to Look More Polished as a Mom

Alright mamas, let’s start off with this: these simple ways to look more polished as a mom are REALLY simple. They take just minutes to accomplish and are so easy that I’m almost a little afraid you’ll be underwhelmed. But because I know the power of feeling put together and in charge of the day, I’m gonna share them with you anyway! If you’re looking for a quick win, you’ve come to the right place! 

Now before we go on, let me just say that I get it. There are some days that are just tough. On those days we don’t give a darn what we look like. And that’s totally understandable.

Try these six simple ways to look more polished as a mom.Polished and Professional Moms

But I’m also a firm believer that motherhood is a profession. And because it’s such an important role, I believe we need to treat it as such. For more on WHY we should make it a priority to get dressed, be sure to read this post here: 7 Reasons All Moms Need to Get Dressed Everyday.

If I’m going to be a professional mom, I need to dress for myself and my kids as if care what I look like. I’m not talking runway model, but I think we all know that we have many days that we dress for our kids in a way that we’d NEVER dream of showing up to our co-workers.

Too many moms think getting dressed with intention takes tons of time out of their already hectic day, but I promise that it really only takes a few minutes. Let’s assume you are already pulling on some clean clothes every morning … since you’re already investing the time to get dressed, let’s get a bigger return on that time investment, okay? 

Here are my quick and simple ways to look more polished as a SAHM:

#1. Wear jewelry.

I’m not talking about anything huge, bulky, fancy or expensive. My favorites are a pair of simple stud earrings like these from Kate Spade. Or you could opt for a jewelry-style watch like this one from Anne Klein to add some polish to your look too. You and I both know that it takes less than a minute to throw these on. 

If you have a baby who is teething, check out these fun necklaces called Chewbeads. They’re made of safe-for-chewing rubber and are super stylish! My kids loved them when they were little. 

#2. Tuck in your shirt.

If you are wearing a top that hits at your hipline or above, tucking it in immediately makes your outfit look more polished. If you don’t want to tuck all the way, that’s perfectly fine! Try a simple half tuck in the front instead. Not only is it super comfortable and you don’t need to worry about re-tucking the back of your shirt all day, it also is a flattering look to most figures as it helps to create the appearance of a gentle waistline.

#3. Take care of your fingernails.

You know I’m a mom too and I GET IT: with dishes to do and bathrooms to clean, manicures don’t last! But there’s a big difference between a perfect manicure and unkempt, ratty nails. Once a week after you shower or do the dishes, take 10 minutes to push your cuticles back, give them a trim, clip your nails and file them. I often put on a quick coat of clear polish to give them a bit of shine, and no one notices when it starts to chip. If I have 10 extra minutes on Sunday morning, I’ll polish with a light, nearly nude shade like this one from Essie and blow it dry before we head out the door for church. 

#4. Put on a touch of makeup.

You probably expected I would go here. I’m not advocating that you spend 30 minutes putting on makeup everyday … moms rarely ever have time for that. But I do think that the vast majority of us can admit that makeup makes a positive difference in our appearance. So adopt a quick makeup routine … my foundation/highlight/blush/eyeshadow/eyeliner/eyebrow pencil and mascara takes less than 6 minutes. And it has a HUGE impact on how I polished I feel. Sometimes I throw all my makeup in a little bag, drop my kids off where they need to go and put on my makeup in the car. Seriously, six minutes for a day of feeling more confident? I’ll take it. 

#5. Wear a simple dress or skirt.

Look for a cotton dress that suits your body shape, but that you can easily move around in – something you can easily get up and down off the floor while wearing. Be sure its machine washable. I also recommend looking for a cute, small print that can hide tiny spills throughout the day! Search for something that will look just as cute with tennis shoes as with sandals or comfy booties. Just a word of caution – shapeless dresses that fit you like a bag do not increase your polish (unless you add a belt!). 

#6. Keep activewear for ACTIVITY.

I know, it’s the bomb for comfort, right?!  But here’s the thing: it’s not the ONLY type of clothing that can be comfortable. Honestly, I think our love for comfort is often just an excuse to not put any effort into getting dressed. When was the last time you wore a cute, figure-flattering maxi dress or a fun pair of shorts and a flowy summer top? Y’all, that’s comfort, right there!

If you are a hardcore activewear mama, we can still be friends, but let me just challenge you to expand your horizons and get dressed a couple times a week. Yes, leggings and a tunic (especially with cute shoes and accessories) can TOTALLY count.

These 6 simple ways to look more polished as a mom are very quick and easy to do.

Are you ready to elevate your polish? I promise, it will help you feel more put together and intentional on the daily. Let me know which of these you already do or are going to try! 

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