30 Fun National Holidays in September That Your Kids Will Love

There are some really fun national holidays in September to celebrate as a family! 

Check out our fun printable National Holidays calendar bundle and some great ideas for things you can easily do with your kids to celebrate every day of the month. 

September means that summer is over, school is back in session, and fall is on its way!

Even if your kids have the back-to-school blues, there are still lots of great ways you can brighten their days – and one of the best ways is to celebrate a few national days throughout the month.

National days are great for kids because they give them something small and simple to look forward to.

At Jen Bradley|MOMs, we’re all about doing small and simple things that can have a big impact!

Keep reading to check out the best September National Holidays to celebrate with your kids this month.

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What are National Days? 

While the United States only actually recognizes 10 official national holidays and 44 national observances per year, National Days have been growing in prominence since 1984.

That was the year when President Ronald Reagan created National Ice Cream Day, which was supposed to be a one-time thing (and this July will be the 38th anniversary of National Ice Cream Day, by the way!).

Today, thanks to websites such as National Day Calendar and the popularity of social media, self-proclaimed National Days have become very popular and widespread.

Each day of the year has at least one unofficial National Day associated with it, and most days have three or four different National Days to celebrate.

While some National Days aren’t the most family-friendly (National Dive Bar day, anyone?) we’ve picked the most kid-appropriate National Days in September right here for you!

September National Days for Kids Free Printable

To easily choose which days you want to celebrate with your kids in September, be sure to get your copy of the FREE September National Days for Kids calendar!

These free printable National Days for Kids calendars are accessed by thousands of families every month, so don’t miss out!

The Best National Holidays in September to Celebrate with Kids

September 1 – National No Rhyme or Reason Day

Start the month off with a day your kids will love: National No Rhyme or Reason Day! This is a day to do something silly and out of the ordinary.

Serve dinner for breakfast or wear your clothes backward. Drive around the roundabout a few extra times. Have a marshmallow fight.

Whatever you do, find do unexpected that’ll make your kids smile!

September 2 – National College Colors Day

Do you have a favorite college?

Don the colors of your alma mater today with your kids and show your school spirit!

national college colors day

September 3 – National Tailgating Day

Whether you enjoy college, high school, or pro football, have a tailgate party today to celebrate National Tailgating Day!

And while you’re at it, check out these super fun College Football Trivia Games from our Etsy shop too! They’d make a great addition to any tailgate party.

September 4 – National Wildlife Day

To celebrate National Wildlife Day, you can keep it simple and head outside to your own backyard. See what evidence of wildlife your kids can find. Maybe they’ll see bird feathers, spider webs, or animal tracks.

If you’d rather take a family outing, the local nature preserve, animal park, or zoo would be perfect.

national wildlife day

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September 5 – Labor Day

Often viewed as the official last day of summer, Labor Day is a great day to have a family BBQ.

If your kids are wondering what Labor Day is all about, here’s what we found on History.com:

Labor Day pays tribute to the contributions and achievements of American workers and is traditionally observed on the first Monday in September. It was created by the labor movement in the late 19th century and became a federal holiday in 1894.

September 6 – National Read a Book Day

Schedule ten to fifteen minutes of family reading time before bed, and you’ll be celebrating a national holiday!

For younger kids, simply read a favorite storybook or two to them.

If your kids are older, have everyone grab their current book and snuggle together on the couch as you read individually.

national read a book day

September 7 – National Salami Day

To celebrate National Salami Day, throw together a quick salami sandwich for your kid’s lunch today!

Some great things to pair with salami are:

  • black forest ham and provolone cheese
  • pesto and tomatoes
  • ciabatta bread, honey dijon mustard, and jack cheese
  • sharp cheddar and green bell peppers
  • Italian dressing and pastrami

September 8 – National School Picture Day

Check to see if your kids’ school pictures are scheduled for today and help them get their hair just right!

If not, mark the date on your calendar so you don’t forget!

September 9 – National Teddy Bear Day

National Teddy Bear Day is a great day to have a teddy bear picnic with your younger kids. Spread out a blanket for lunch and invite their teddy bears to join in the fun.

For older kids, get out their old favorite teddy bears and put them by their pillow so they see them before they go to bed. They’ll love the sweet memories of their old teddy bear!

national teddy bear day

September 10 – National Swap Ideas Day

This is a fantastic day to have a family brainstorming session!

Maybe you want to get ideas for your next family vacation, plan your Halloween costumes, or revise the family chore chart now that the school year is underway.

Whatever it is, today is a great day to let everyone in the family share their great ideas!

September 11 – National Grandparent’s Day

For National Grandparent’s Day, have your kids call or Facetime their grandparents, send them a note, or draw them a picture.

Remember, observing this sweet national holiday in September can be easy – it is the thought that counts!

national grandparents day

September 12 – National Chocolate Milkshake Day/ National Video Games Day

September 12th is a great day for homemade chocolate milkshakes!

Tastes Better From Scratch has some great recipe variations for the traditional chocolate milkshake right here.

If you have kids who are lactose intolerant or you’re trying to limit, this is also National Video Games Day, which your kids will probably enjoy celebrating too!

September 13 – National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day

If you’re tired of cooking, National Kids Take Over the Kitchen Day is a fun way to give yourself a break!

Of course, you’ll want to be sure your kids are safe in the kitchen, so be sure to provide supervision if needed. But other than providing a few menu options, it might be really cool to let them come up with dinner for the evening!

national kids take over the kitchen day

September 14 – National Parent’s Day Off

If a break from the kitchen wasn’t enough, September 14th is National Parent’s Day Off.

Honestly, we’re not quite sure what this might look like, since we all know parents never really get a day off.

But chat with your kids about it and see what they think they can do to celebrate this September national holiday.

Who knows? You might end up being surprised with some extra R&R!

September 15 – National Online Learning Day

Since the pandemic, online learning has been super mainstream. There are almost limitless ways to learn online.

We highly recommend checking out Khan Academy. Not only is it free, there is a wide range of classes your kids can take!

(If you’re in a jam and need some quick online learning, hop on over to YouTube and see what you can learn with your kiddos!)

national online learning day

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September 16 – National Play-Doh Day

To celebrate National Play-Doh Day, you could always make your own play dough at home with your kids.

Or you could gift them this adorable Play-Doh Kitchen Creations Ice Cream Party Play Set for a fun and unexpected surprise!

September 17 – National Dance Day/ National Gymnastics Day

Whether you have dancers or gymnasts at your house, this is a great day to get out and get active!

If your kids are interested in dance or gymnastics, today is the day to see if any local studios or gyms in your area are enrolling new students.

But if other sports are your forte, you could always watch a cool Olympic gymnastics video or two on YouTube.

national gymnastics day

September 18 – National Cheeseburger Day

Yum! We love national holidays that also help you plan your menu for the week!

Add cheeseburgers to your dinner plans and you’ll be celebrating a simple and fun September national holiday at the same time!

September 19 – Talk Like a Pirate Day

How fun would it be to talk like a pirate all day?

Say hello to your kids with a hearty “Ahoy, matey!” and encourage them to “Heave ho!” when it’s time to do their daily chores.

For a full list of pirate lingo, check out this link right here.

national talk like a pirate day

September 20 – National Pepperoni Pizza Day/ National String Cheese Day

Here’s another menu-helper national day that your kids will probably love: National Pepperoni Pizza Day!

You could celebrate by placing an order with your favorite local pizza place.

Or you could try making individual homemade pizzas with these awesome 8-inch individual pizza pans available on Amazon!

No matter which way you slice it (see what we did there?), this is one of those national days that are pretty easy to celebrate as a family!

September 21 – National Pecan Cookie Day

If you’re a soft and chewy kind of cookie-lover, you’ll want to give these Butter Pecan Cookies a try on National Pecan Cookie Day!

national pecan cookies day

September 22 – Elephant Appreciation Day

If you have an elephant lover in your house, be sure to do something fun to celebrate Elephant Appreciation Day!

Here are some of our best elephant-related activities to do with your kids:

P.S. We also have to mention that today is also National Hobbit Day, just in case you have some big Lord of the Rings fans at your house too!

elephant appreciation day

September 23 – National Snack Stick Day

What’s a snack stick, you ask?

We had the same question, so we looked it up!

Basically, a snack stick is just a long and thin version of beef jerky.

But you could also interpret it as a snack that you eat in stick form, such as a cheese stick.

To each their own!

September 24 – National Family Health & Fitness Day

National Family Health and Fitness Day is a wonderful time to get outside and enjoy the cooling temperatures of September with your kids!

You could try a new sport together as a family or stick to an old favorite.

Or you could go for a walk or hike. Whatever you choose, get your body moving with your family and have fun!

national family health and fitness day

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September 25 – National Daughter’s Day

Let your daughters know how much you love and appreciate them on National Daughter’s Day!

Schedule a special outing together, play a game together, or give them their first bouquet of flowers.

(And if you have a houseful of sons, today is also National Comic Book Day, so there’s still something for you to celebrate too!)

September 26 – National Pancake Day

We are so glad there is such a thing as National Pancake Day.

If you’re in the mood to try a new pancake recipe, we highly recommend this one from Fifteen Spatulas.

But if you’re in the mood for some fall-inspired pumpkin pancakes, give this recipe from Once Upon a Chef a try instead!

national pancake day

September 27 – National Chocolate Milk Day

Make up some chocolate milk before your kids go to bed and celebrate this simple national holiday together.

Studies show that drinking warm milk before bed can help your kids get better sleep. And making it chocolate milk every now and then makes it feel extra special!

September 28 – National Good Neighbor Day

We love national days that promote kindness and service towards others.

National Good Neighbor Day is a wonderful day to help your kids do something thoughtful for your neighbors.

Have your kids pay attention to your neighbors and decide what they can do to help them. Maybe they need their leaves raked, a garden weeded, or a package brought to the door.

Help your kids carry out their little service project and teach them the impact a small act of service can have!

national good neighbor day

September 29 – National VFW Day

The VFW in National VFW Day stands for Veterans of Foreign Wars. This is a day to honor those who have served in the military and participated in wars across the ocean.

The VFW website has lots of good ideas for things you can do to honor and support our veterans! Check it out with your kids and get involved!

September 30 – National Chewing Gum Day

On National Chewing Gum Day, surprise your kids with a pack of gum waiting on their seats at school pickup or on the kitchen counter when they get home.

Then celebrate the day by seeing who can blow the biggest bubble, the smallest bubble, and more!

national chewing gum day

Why Kids Love National Days

Kids are often pleased with the smallest things, which is why National Days seem to resonate so well with them!

In his beautiful essay, “Small Things Matter,” Kelly G. Wilson, Professor Emeritus of Psychology at the University of Mississippi, wrote:

See if you can remember times, moments, activities, when you knew you were loved.

Did someone read to you? Snuggle with you a minute before bed? Did they let you help cook pancakes and let you stir? These are the landscapes of love. Not big things, rather these patterns of small moments.

While celebrating National Chocolate Milk Day may seem insignificant to you, it may be just the thing that will create a lifelong memory for your kids.

Final thoughts about September National Days

As with all things here at Jen Bradley|MOMs, we encourage you to keep your National Days celebrations super simple!

Do NOT think for a second that you have to create a Pinterest-worthy event for any of these days!

Just choose one or two fun days to celebrate each week or month, and view it as a great way to connect with your kids in ways that you might not otherwise.

If you want any more information about the National Days in this article or want to see what other National Days are happening in September, visit the National Day Calendar right here!

Finally, don’t forget to download and print out your September National Holidays for Kids printable calendar today!


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30 Fun National Holidays in September That Your Kids Will Love30 Fun National Holidays in September That Your Kids Will Love30 Fun National Holidays in September That Your Kids Will Love30 Fun National Holidays in September That Your Kids Will Love

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