150 Amazing Positive Affirmations for Kids That You Can Use Right Now

Positive affirmations are getting lots of attention lately – but did you know that positive affirmations for kids are a thing too? 

What are positive affirmations?

It’s actually pretty simple! Positive affirmations are positive phrases or statements repeated frequently to yourself. Affirmations work to challenge any external negative messages and unhelpful or unkind thoughts internally. 

One of the very first scientific studies about self-affirmations was done all the way back in 1988 by Claude Steele, a psychologist at the University of Washington.

Over the years, research has shown that repeating positive affirmations habitually can result in long-lasting changes to the way that we think and feel. Cool, right?

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Why are positive affirmations for kids important?

Because we know that children’s brains are developing from day one, it is hugely important to help them develop positive beliefs about themselves at a young age! 

As stated on RippleKindness

“As important as it is for parents to encourage, love, and support their children, it is just as important that children learn to create these positive emotions within themselves. It is very empowering for a child to create positive thoughts and feelings of self-worth, so it is much harder for people to tear them down.”

Of course, we want to empower our children and help them be prepared mentally for the negative messages they’ll encounter in the world. 

How to start using positive affirmations with your kids:

Read over the list of these awesome 150 positive affirmations for kids and choose 15-20 of them that stand out to you. 

Better yet, read through the list of affirmations with your kids and have them choose the 15-20 most impactful affirmations for them personally! 

You can download your copy of our Positive Affirmations for Kids Printable right here:

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Once you have your list of positive affirmations for kids, put it in a conspicuous place where your kids will see it often! 

(If your kids aren’t reading age, put the list in a place where you will see it often!)

Then have your kids read the list aloud every day at a specific time. 

Some great times to do positive affirmations could be:

  • around the breakfast table
  • after brushing their teeth in the morning or evening
  • at a gathering for family prayer or devotional
  • in the car on the way to school
  • in front of a mirror after getting dressed

Honestly, the time and place your kids recite their positive affirmations doesn’t matter – as long as it happens. Consistency is key here!

Okay, let’s dive into the list of 150 positive affirmations for kids:

Positive affirmations about worth and value

1.I am enough.

2. I matter.

3. I am worthy of love.

4. I love myself. 

5. I am unique. 

6. I have purpose.

7. I am a good person.

8. I am here for a reason.

9. I am important.

10. I am filled with love.

11. I believe in myself.

12. I take pride in my strengths.

13. I can accept my weaknesses.

14. I do not have to be perfect.

15. I am in charge of how I feel.

16. I am creative.

17. I’m proud of myself.

18. I am worthy of respect.

19. I have a great personality.

20. I can learn anything.

21. I can work.

22. I am powerful.

23. I am respectful.

24. I am valuable.

25. I am helpful.

26. I am a problem solver.

27. I am comfortable in my own skin.

28. I have great ideas.

29. I believe in myself.

30. I can do amazing things.

31. My opinion is important.

32. I am grateful for all that I have.

33. My thoughts become my reality.

34. I am doing my best.

35. I am worthy of good things.

36. I am thankful for the body that I have.

37. My life is a miracle.

38. I allow myself to be me!

39. My mind is full of brilliant ideas.

40. I am making a difference in the world.

41. I am at peace with who I am.

42. I am allowed to ask for what I want and need.

43. I am good and getting better.

44. I am responsible for myself.

45. There is something in this world that only I can do.

46. There is no one else on earth like me. 

47. I talk to myself like I’m my own best friend.

48. My life is a journey, and I’m a brave traveler.

49. My smile is a gift to the world.

Free Printable Positive Affirmations for Kids

To download your one-page list of Positive Affirmations for Kids, fill out the form below!

Positive affirmations about relationships

50. I celebrate the good qualities in myself and others.

51. I encourage myself and others.

52. My life is not a competition.

53. There is no one better to be than myself.

54. I am loved just because I am me.

55. I am a good friend.

56. I am courageous and I stand up for myself.

57. It’s okay if someone doesn’t like me because I know other people love me.

58. No one else’s opinion defines me.

59. I have people in my life who love me.

60. I am good at helping others.

61. I have respect for the people around me.

62. I can share my happiness with others.

Affirmations about choices and learning

63. I can choose my attitude.

64. I can try new things.

65. I love to learn.

66. I can do this.

67. I can keep an open mind.

68. I am brave for trying something new.

69. I have the power to create change.

70. I can choose to be happy.

71. I love myself for working to improve.

72. I can reach my goals.

73. I am a problem solver.

74. I can think outside the box. 

75. I can push myself a little further. 

76. Doing my best is enough.

77. It’s okay not to know everything.

78. I am confident in my ability to learn new things.

79. I give myself space to grow and learn.

80. I am learning every day. 

81. I am surrounded by opportunities to grow.

82. My mind is ready to grow.

83. I can ask for help when I need it.

84. I can always improve. 

85. I can keep practicing.

86. I’m proud of myself for trying new things.

87. I get better every time I practice.

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Positive affirmations about hard work and overcoming challenges

88. I can take the next small step. 

89. I can cope with stress.

90. I can work through challenges.

91. I don’t sweat the small stuff.

92. I can push past obstacles.

93. I’m becoming a better version of myself.

94. I’m proud of myself for working hard.

95. I am strong and capable of success.

96. I will figure this out. 

97. Failure is just another way to learn how to do something right.

98. When I fail, I learn.

99. I have a great imagination.

100. I can do hard things with hard work.

101. Difficult times don’t last.

102. I can learn from my mistakes.

103. I can try again.

104. I am smarter than my mistakes.

105. I can persevere through challenges.

106. I am capable of doing great things.

107. I’m proud of my progress.

108. I can work through this problem.

109. I can stick to it and persevere.

110. I love a challenge.

111. I know I’m doing my best.

112. I am not afraid to keep going.

113. This tough moment is just one moment.

114. I haven’t come this far to only come this far.

115. Every experience I have can help me grow.

Morning affirmations for kids

116. I can create a wonderful day today.

117. I am creating a wonderful future for myself.

118. I am in charge of how I live each day.

119. I can make today better than yesterday.

120. I am improving every day.

121. I will be kind to myself and others today.

122. Good things are coming my way today.

123. Every day can be a good day.

124. Every day can be the best day of the year.

125. I am learning valuable lessons every day.

126. I’m thankful for the lessons I will learn today.

127. Today is a fresh start.

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Positive affirmations about the future

128. My possibilities are endless.

129. I will not worry about things I can’t control.

130. I can grow my talents.

131. I will always do my best.

132. I believe in my dreams.

133. I am willing to accept change.

134. My potential to succeed is infinite. 

135. My future is full of light and laughter.

136. I am better than I used to be, and I’ll be even better tomorrow.

137. Nothing is impossible.

138. I am made for victory.

139. My life is not a race.

140. I have unique talents that I can use to help the world.

141. I have the power to change my story.

142. I strive for growth, not perfection.

143. I am thankful for new experiences.

144. Happiness is everywhere I choose to see it.

Positive affirmations about emotions

145. I can accept my emotions and work through them.

146. It’s okay to be scared.

147. It’s okay to be sad.

148. It’s okay to be happy. 

149. I am ready to find joy.

150. I can choose to focus on good thoughts.

151. I can choose how I feel.

152. I can choose how I respond.

Workbooks and resources for teaching a positive mindset for kids

In addition to consistently repeating positive affirmations, there are some amazing resources available to help your kid develop a positive mindset.

Here are a few that we love:

Growth Mindset Workbook for Kids – this awesome workbook has over 55 quizzes and activities for kids to do to help them see themselves and the world with a positive outlook. We’ve done this in a group setting with kids ages 5-12, and it has always been a great experience.

The Girls’ Guide to Growth Mindset – this fabulous book aims to help girls ages 8-12 with developing confidence, grit, and confidence. We highly recommend reading through it with your daughter!

Your Fantastic Elastic Brain – this is arguably the best-known growth mindset book for kids and describes how we all can grow our minds and abilities with work and effort.

Final thoughts about positive affirmations for kids

With all of the negativity your kids are bound to encounter in the world, it’s never too early to help them prepare now to develop a positive outlook and a growth mindset!

Positive affirmations have been proven to make a difference and are a great place to start developing this positive mindset. Don’t forget to download and print your FREE Positive Affirmations for Kids printable, so you can get started today!

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Have you considered using positive affirmations with your kids?

150 Amazing Positive Affirmations for Kids That You Can Use Right Now150 Amazing Positive Affirmations for Kids That You Can Use Right Now150 Amazing Positive Affirmations for Kids That You Can Use Right Now150 Amazing Positive Affirmations for Kids That You Can Use Right Now150 Amazing Positive Affirmations for Kids That You Can Use Right Now

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