15 Awesome (and Free!) Printable Chore Charts for Kids

If you want to help your kids learn responsibility, start with one of these great printable chore charts for kids!

One of the hardest parts about getting your kids to do chores is figuring out how to implement a chore routine. This is where a printable chore chart can come in handy. 

In this article, you’ll find 15 different chore chart ideas, as well as tons of info about why doing chores is important for kids, what chores are appropriate for kids to do at specific ages, and tips for carrying out their chore charts. 

Free chore chart printable

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You’ll see examples of each of the chore chart printables for kids below.

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Why chores are important for kids

While it’s probably true that your kids are going to complain about doing chores (ours do!), it’s still really important that our kids have them.

According to a recent article in Psychology Today, there are several reasons why giving our kids chores is a good idea:

  1. Giving our kids responsibilities makes them feel special and trusted
  2. They can learn new and essential life skills
  3. Gaining new skills and confidence helps our kids grow their self-esteem
  4. They earn respect and validation for their hard work
  5. They’re filling an intrinsic drive to become independent over time

It can be really helpful to focus on the fact that chores are simply responsibilities.

Also, be sure to make the distinction that chores aren’t busy work or punishment, but that each family member is expected to do their responsibilities on behalf of the family team.

(This would be a good time to share your responsibilities and what you contribute to the family team as well!)

When kids see their chores as responsibilities, they may have a better attitude about doing them (we can hope, right?!).

But even if your kids complain, you can remember the big reasons why chores are important and pull out a new chore chart to motivate them!

Keep reading to check out the printable chore charts below!

Individual printable chore charts

All of these chore charts in this section are intended for one kid for one week.

1. Bright printable chore chart

bright printable chore chart for kids

This bright and playful chore chart is intended for tracking one child’s chores for one week.

With spaces for 5 different chores that you can write in as you please, this is a great chore chart for kids of all ages.

2. Weekday chore chart for kids

weekday chore chart idea

If your child doesn’t respond well to the idea of chores, this chore chart is great because it also features the words “tasks” and “to-do’s.”

Also, this printable chore chart is for weekdays only, allowing your kid to have the weekends off.

Finally, there are 8 editable spaces to fill in with the appropriate tasks for your child.

3. Weekly printable chore chart for girls

printable chore chart for girls

It’s ideal for weekly tracking, with the week beginning on Sunday.

4. Weekly printable chore chart for boys

weekly printable chore chart for boys

5. Detailed printable chore chart for kids

detailed printable chore chart for kids

We love this chore chart because it does a great job of breaking up your kids’ responsibilities throughout the day.

With a section for two morning chores, two afternoon chores, and two evening chores, it can make six daily chores seem less overwhelming.

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6. Organized daily chore chart tracker for kids

organized daily chore chart

This great printable chore chart also breaks up the day into morning, afternoon, and evening. Instead of having just two chores per time period, there are three.

The encouraging “Look what I can do!” can help you and your child focus on skills he or she is gaining by doing daily chores.

7. Simple printable chore chart for kids

simple chore chart printable

Another great chore chart for younger kids, this one has spaces for four daily chores.

There’s enough room that you could make multiple checks in the “Done Yet?” column throughout the week.

8. Minimalist printable chore chart for kids

minimalist chore chart

This simple chore chart is perfect for the minimalist home!

Just like all the others here, you can type in your child’s chores in the left-hand column.

9. Balloons printable chore chart

balloons printable chore chart for kids

This fun daily chore chart is a great way to keep track of your child’s chores each day during the week!

10. Rainbow chore chart for kids

detailed chore chart for older kids

This colorful chore chart is best for older kids with more responsibilities!

You can personalize this chart with your kid’s name, keep track of weekly points, and even write down a reward for motivation.

Remember, to get access to any of these great chore charts, fill out this form right here:

Family chore chart ideas

These chore charts below are perfect if you have multiple kids and want to keep track of their chores on the same page!

12. Two siblings’ printable chore chart

printable chore chart for two kids

This great chore chart printable has space to record and track chores for two kids at once!

13. Four siblings’ printable chore chart

This chore chart allows you to list chores for up to four people (you can always include mom and dad, if needed!).

While this chore chart isn’t a tracker, it does allow everyone in the family to see who is responsible for what throughout the day.

14. Family printable chore chart

family printable chore chart

This great chore chart is perfect if you have three or five kids who each have one big responsibility you want to track over one week.

15. Busy bee family chore chart

printable chore chart for families

You can track one chore for up to four people, or two chores for two people.

(It would be great to introduce this chore chart with a short discussion about bees and how every bee has something different to contribute to the hive!)

Age-appropriate chores for kids

Now that you’ve seen the wide variety of printable chore charts for kids available in our FREE printable chore chart bundle, it’s time to figure out what chores are best for kids of different ages!

Here’s a great list, based on a great article from Parents.

Chore Ideas for Toddlers

Although toddlers are young and super dependent, they often love to please their parents and can feel a sense of accomplishment.

You could have them learn to:

  • put away their toys and books
  • help feed the family pet
  • put their clothes in the hamper
  • clean up small spills or messes
  • help set the table
  • get clean laundry out of the dryer
  • put their shoes away

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Appropriate chores for 4-7 year-olds

Young kids can do a lot more to help around the house and are getting a lot more independent.

You may consider having them learn these chores:

  • make their beds
  • sort laundry
  • set or clear the table
  • put away their clean laundry
  • water the plants
  • sort the mail
  • collect small trashcans and bins

Chore ideas for 8-11 year olds

Kids ages 8-11 are becoming very capable and can help a lot around the house!

Here are some ideas that could go on their chore charts:

  • empty the dishwasher
  • make their own simple breakfast or lunch
  • sweep the floor
  • take out the garbage
  • weed the garden
  • unload and put away groceries
  • wipe counters
  • clean glass and mirrors
  • dust furniture
  • start the laundry
  • get the mail

Chore ideas for kids 12 and up

By the time kids are teenagers, they may resist doing chores – but that doesn’t mean they should be off the hook! This is an important time for kids to gain important life skills they’ll need after they leave the house.

Remember to present chores as important responsibilities and follow up to make sure they get done. Of course, using a chore chart is a great way to do this!

Chores for tweens and teens:

  • fold the laundry
  • wash and clean the car
  • mow the yard
  • clean the bathroom
  • read to a younger sibling
  • cook basic meals
  • vacuum
  • clean the pool
  • babysit younger siblings

What not to do about kids and chores

While some parents offer an allowance for chores, others don’t.

It depends on the age of your kids and whether you feel chores are an expectation for being a part of the family team or not.

The older your kids are, the more likely that an allowance will be positive reinforcement for chores and give your kids a chance to learn good budgeting skills.

So while giving allowance for chores is entirely up to you, there are a few things that parents should avoid doing when it comes to kids and chores according to the WebMD archives:

  1. Don’t expect perfection. Allow your kids to learn and grow as they experiment with new responsibilities.
  2. Don’t be inconsistent. This is where an awesome chore chart comes in handy!
  3. Don’t withhold praise. Look for opportunities to compliment your kid on his or her work.
  4. Don’t delay. Kids are often more capable than we give them credit for, so let them start doing chores at an early age.

Final thoughts about these printable chore charts for kids

We hope these awesome FREE printable chore charts for kids will make the process of starting chores as easy as it can be. Don’t forget to fill out this form to get your hands on them!

Having an ideal chore routine may not happen overnight, but stick with it and remember that you can tweak it as needed. Give your kids room to learn and grow – when you stay consistent, they’ll be able to contribute in meaningful ways and develop a sense of responsibility too!

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Which of these printable chore charts for kids is your favorite?

15 Awesome (and Free!) Printable Chore Charts for Kids15 Awesome (and Free!) Printable Chore Charts for Kids15 Awesome (and Free!) Printable Chore Charts for Kids15 Awesome (and Free!) Printable Chore Charts for Kids15 Awesome (and Free!) Printable Chore Charts for Kids

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