The Ultimate Winter Bucket List for Kids

101 Fun Winter Activities Ideas for Your Family

After the excitement of the holidays, winter can seem cold and boring for kids. When you’ve got this awesome Ultimate Winter Bucket List for Kids, you’ll always have something fun for them to do!

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What is a Bucket List? 

The term “Bucket List” refers to making a list of things that someone has not done but wants to do during their lifetime.

Thanks to the 2007 movie called Bucket List with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman, the term “bucket list” has become more popular in recent years.

This Winter Bucket List for Kids here on Jen Bradley|MOMs are a bit more light-hearted than a typical adult’s lifetime Bucket List.

Instead, you’ll find tons of great ideas for family winter activities that can help your kids feel excited about the season ahead.

Free Printable Winter Bucket List for Kids

To download and print your copy of our Winter Bucket List from our Free Printable Library, simply click right here or on the image below!

You’ll find two different versions available to you. One is brightly colored and festive and the other is mostly grayscale if you need a more printer-friendly copy.

free printable winter bucket list for kids

Once you’ve got your free printable Winter Bucket List for Kids, keep reading to get more details on each of the activities we’ve listed.

With over 100 ideas on the list, you’ll be able to choose the winter activities that are the best fit for your family!

We’ve organized our list into four categories:

  • Winter indoor activities
  • Outdoor activities ideas
  • Fun winter treats
  • Winter service opportunities for kids

winter bucket list for kids free printable

101 Great Ideas for Your Winter Bucket List 

Let’s get started with our indoor ideas for the Winter Bucket List for Kids! There are over fifty to choose from!

Indoor ideas

1.Have an indoor campout

Pull out the tent and sleeping bags and set them up in the living room for a night! You could even make indoor S’mores in the fireplace and tell stories by flashlight.

an indoor camping trip

2. Have a board game marathon

When it’s too cold to go outside, spend an afternoon playing board games together! Check out this Amazon Idea List to see our favorite family board games for kids of all ages. (Right now our favorites are Splendor and Gnomes at Night!)

3. Indoor snowball fight

This awesome set of 40 soft play snowballs brings a traditional winter activity inside where it’s warm and cozy! Set a couple of ground rules (like no aiming for someone’s face!) and let your kids have a blast.

4. Go ice skating

Look for an indoor skating rink used by a local hockey team or at a large mall, and take the kids ice skating for a few hours. Even though you’ll be indoors, you’ll still want to bundle up!

5. Visit the library

Spend some time at your local library together. You could take turns choosing a book for the other person, or find a quiet corner to read next to each other.

6. Go bowling

Head over to your local bowling alley and have your own little family bowling tournament. Instead of focusing only on the score, give little awards for the most creative bowling stance or most snacks eaten!

7. Have a fashion show

Let your kids have access to all the clothes closets and put together some wacky outfits. Then turn on some music and watch them strut their stuff in their creative get-ups!

8. Movie marathon day

Cozy up on the couch with a blanket and watch some of your kids’ favorite movies. (You could even stay in your pajamas if you want!)

9. Ask Would You Rather questions

For a great dinner time activity, ask some fun Would You Rather questions! Not only do these drum up some good conversation, but you might also learn something new about your kids too!

Related article: 301 Super Fun Would You Rather Questions to Ask Your Kids

10. Have a theme day

Theme days are so much fun and are really easy to carry out. Simply choose something your kids are really interested in (like Harry Potter, Marvel, Disney Princesses, LEGOs, etc.) and pull out their toys, movies, games, books, and other activities that have to do with that theme. Then spend the day doing all the things related to that topic.

11. Do a puzzle together

Pull out a puzzle and put it together. You could make this more challenging by setting a timer and racing against the clock! Or for a more relaxing experience, turn on some relaxing music and ask Would You Rather questions while you’re putting pieces together.

puzzle day

12. Take drawing lessons

Grab some paper and pencils and take some drawing lessons. There are literally hundreds of free drawing lessons on YouTube!

13. Make a music video

Choose a favorite song and make a music video with your kids! Think about adding special effects like flashing lights or dressing up in crazy costumes.

It might be a good idea to focus on the chorus and go for a short-form video instead of using the whole song!

Or if you have older kids, learn a TikTok dance together and make a video of that!

14. Play with LEGOs

Spread a large blanket all over the living room floor and dump a big pile of LEGOs in the middle. Spend some time creating whatever comes to mind with your kids!

15. Listen to an audiobook

Spend a warm afternoon inside listening to an audiobook together. Even if it’s a book your kids are familiar with, hearing it in a different format can make it feel new again!

16. Make homemade playdough snowmen

Make some homemade play dough and use it to create some cute or creative snowmen!

For a great homemade playdough recipe, try this one from Living Well Mom. It’s quick, easy, and designed for non-crafty moms too!

17. Create an indoor obstacle course

Let your kids pull off the couch cushions and create an indoor obstacle course! (Be sure to check out their course before they run it so you can make sure there aren’t any safety hazards.)

18. Have a family read-aloud

Have each member of your family choose their favorite picture book. Then read them aloud by the fireplace or cuddle up on the couch together for an enjoyable winter indoor activity.

19. Make friendship bracelets

This inexpensive friendship bracelet-making kit from Melissa & Doug contains everything you need to make up to ten cute friendship bracelets!

20. Cut out paper snowflakes

Grab some white paper and some kid-safe scissors and cut out some paper snowflakes together! To make some really pretty, follow this easy tutorial from Easy Arts and Crafts!

21. Declutter your kids’ rooms together

After the holidays is one of the best times to declutter! Spend some time decluttering your kids’ rooms together – it really can be more fun than you might think!

Check out this article here to get our best tips for Decluttering With Your Kids!

22. Hold a family read-a-thon

Choose a favorite chapter book and take turns reading it aloud. Or if your kids prefer independent reading, have everyone bring a chapter book to the living room and read together.

23. Watch the classic Frosty the Snowman

Introduce your kids to a blast from your past by watching the original Frosty the Snowman movie together.

Pair this activity with making some paper snowflakes or throwing indoor snowballs and you’ve got yourself a fun little snowy theme going on!

24. Make your own snow

If you live somewhere that it doesn’t snow, you can still let your kids enjoy snow by making it at home! This easy just-add-water snow kit can bring tons of fun to your little ones.

(One thing we learned: Be sure to set up a big tarp wherever your kids will be playing with the snow.)

25. Build a blanket fort

Bring out some cozy blankets and help your kids make an awesome blanket fort in the house. Once the fort is built, you could read some cute winter picture books to your kids inside their fort!

26. Watch the Winter Olympics

In February 2022, the Winter Olympics will be held in Beijing, China. Check out some of the lesser-known events, such as ski jumping or skeleton with your kids!

27. Make fleece blankets

Try this awesome and inexpensive no-sew fleece blanket kit from Melissa & Doug! Not only will you have a fun crafty activity to do with your kids, but they’ll also remember spending time with you every time they use it!

28. Learn some cool magic tricks

If your kids are interested in magic, give the Deluxe Edition of Marvin’s Magic Tricks a try! With over 225 different magic tricks for your kids to learn and perform, this is an indoor winter activity that you could use again and again.

29. Play party games

For some free and old-fashioned winter fun, play some favorite party games as a family. Think charades, Pictionary, and 20 Questions.

30. Create an at-home movie theater

Choose to watch a winter movie as a family and create an at-home theater. Your kids could make tickets out of construction paper, and create a simple snack bar with popcorn and a few goodies. You could also tape “aisles” on the floor with masking tape and have a no-phone-zone announcement before the film begins!

have a birthday movie night

31. Learn the alphabet in sign language

Spend a little time teaching or learning the alphabet in sign language with your kids. Check out StartASL right here to get some free downloadable sign language ABC charts. You may be surprised how quickly your kids can learn!

32. Have an indoor picnic

This is one of our favorite (and easiest!) winter activity ideas for kids! Instead of eating lunch or dinner at the table, spread a blanket on the floor and have a picnic instead. Your kids will love the novelty of it!

33. Go to an indoor pool

Check to see if your local YMCA or rehabilitation facility has an indoor pool with open swim hours. Your kids may really appreciate the chance to do a summertime activity in the middle of the winter instead!

34. Do a home escape room

Have you ever tried a home escape room? There are tons of options available, but our family really enjoyed these Star Wars UNLOCK! Escape Room games last year. Each of our kids, ages 5-15, was able to get involved!

35. Have a dance party

There’s nothing that can add some fun to a winter’s day like a dance party! Crank up your favorite tunes and rock out with your kids. It’s a great way to get some energy out!

36. Build an igloo out of sugar cubes

Buy a box or two of sugar cubes from your local grocery store and build some igloos!

37. Have a backwards day

Your kids might really enjoy having a Backward Day to break up the winter monotony. Start the day by reading a bedtime story, putting on pajamas, taking a bath, and eating dinner. At the end of the day, have breakfast and get dressed!

38. Visit a museum

Choose any local museum (it doesn’t matter if it’s big or small!) and go for a visit. Even if the museum topic seems a little random, you can still learn something and have a great time as a family.

39. Learn how to play chess

To learn how to play chess, we definitely recommend a fun kids’ chess set or game like No Stress Chess. Once your kids learn about the different pieces and how they move, you can flip the board over and play regular chess!

If you’re already familiar with the game, have a chess tournament instead.

40. Have a Super Bowl party

Whether you are football fans or not, you can still have a fun Super Bowl party! Because let’s face it, kids love any opportunity to have a party, don’t they?!

41. Celebrate National Days

While some National Days may seem silly, there are some really fun ones that you could easily celebrate with your kids during the winter months. National Brownie Day, anyone?

Related post: The Best National Days in January to Celebrate with Your Kids

42. Make coffee filter snowflakes

Use some extra coffee filters to cut out some pretty snowflakes. You could also let your kids use blue and purple watercolor paints to make their snowflakes extra pretty.

43. Read winter picture books

Check out some winter-themed picture books from the library and read them as bedtime stories to your kids! For an awesome list of winter picture books for kids, check out this list here from The Reluctant Homeschool Mama!

mommy morning time is a great way to spend individual time with your kids

44. Make a collage

Give your kids some old magazines, a piece of construction paper, some glue, and let them make a collage representing things that they like. When they’re finished, have them explain why they included each item in their collage.

45. Style some wacky hair-dos

Bring a kitchen chair into the bathroom and let your kids give each other some crazy hair-dos. You may let them use gel or hairspray, or any fun headbands, bows, or clips too.

(And if you’re feeling extra brave, let them style your hair, too!)

46. Have a DIY spa day

Kids of many different ages may appreciate the opportunity to have a foot soak or try a different facial mask. You could also do manicures and pedicures, too!

47. Do a Perler bead craft

Do you remember Perler beads?! They’re still around and cuter than ever! This great Perler bead kit has everything you need to make little woodland creatures like raccoons, foxes, and more!

48. Have a paper airplane contest

Fold some paper airplanes and see how they fly.

When everyone has an air-worthy craft, line up on one end of the living room or hallway and have a contest to see whose plane can fly the farthest. You can also come up with awards for best design, craziest landing, and more!

49. Write in code

Learn how to write in Morse code or try the Pigpen cipher. Then encourage your kids to leave secret messages for each other around the house!

50. Have a meditation session

Take some time to have a fun guided meditation session with your kids! We really like the New Horizons Meditation for Kids YouTube channel.

51. Start an indoor garden

You don’t have to wait for spring to arrive to have a garden! Instead, your kids can start seeds indoors a few weeks before you want to put them outside! Some of the best plants to start indoors are lettuce, tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage, eggplant, and peppers.

52. Create your spring bucket list!

While your kids are waiting for warmer weather, why not start your spring bucket list together, too?!

Outdoor winter ideas

For these outdoor Winter Bucket List ideas for kids, be sure that everyone bundles up well before going out into the cold!

53. Build a snowman or snow family

If you have snow, it’s likely your kids will want to build a snowman. But why not take it to the next level and build a snow family that represents your own family too?!

54. Make snow angels

Before the yard is full of snowprints, lay down and make snow angels together!

55. Winter scavenger hunts

Use the cute Winter Scavenger Hunts from the Jen Bradley|MOMs Free Printable library to enjoy an afternoon outside!

56. Go on a winter hike or walk

Pull on some warm boots and go for a walk through a local park or hiking trail!

57. Sidewalk chalk

It’s not too cold to draw some pretty pictures and liven up the sidewalk with some color!

58. Make a snow fort

If you’ve got some good, sticky snow, help your kids build a snow fort to hide behind during their next snowball fight.

59. Go sledding or tubing

Grab your sled (or inner tube) and head to the nearest hill for some fun sledding.

60. Make a bird house

Put together this simple and inexpensive birdhouse kit as a family. Then keep a close watch for the birds who come to live there!

61. Go skiing or snowboarding

If you live near a ski hill, check to see if they offer ski or snowboard lessons for your little ones. (Most kids can start around ages 4 or 5!)

62. Go on a sleigh ride

Nothing says old-fashioned wintertime fun like a horse-drawn sleigh ride through the snow!

sleigh ride

63. Outdoor tic-tac-toe

Draw a tic-tac-toe board in the snow. Then collect acorns, sticks, or leaves (you’ll need at least seven of the same type) and use these in place of X’s and O’s!

64. Try geocaching

If you’ve never geocached before, wants you to know that yes, geocaching is still a thing! Head on over to their website to find out how to get involved with the world’s largest treasure hunt!

65. Build a snow maze

If you have a lot of snow, try building a snow maze for your kids to find their way through!

66. Snowball fight

For a fun shortcut, check out these fun snowball makers that easily scoop up some snow and form perfect snowballs!

67. Go to the zoo

It can definitely be worth it to brave the cold and visit the zoo during the winter months! The animals are often more active than they are in the summer, and some zoos offer discounted admission in the off-peak months.

68. Ride a chair lift

You don’t have to live near a ski hill to find a mountain chair lift! If you’ll be near a mountain this winter, search for “scenic mountain chair lifts near me” on Google and you might find a fun activity for the whole family. (Of course, be sure to follow all safety precautions.)

69. Have a bonfire

There’s something special about sitting around a fire and feeling its warmth on a cold winter evening!

70. Try snow painting

Give your kids some spray bottles filled with water and food coloring and let them “paint” the snow. They could be entertained for hours!

snow painting

71. Play hockey

Whether you sign your kids up to play ice hockey or give them some brooms and have them go at it in the driveway is totally up to you!

72. Make squirrel treats

If your kids love watching squirrels, why not set out some squirrel feeding stations throughout your yard? The best foods to feed squirrels are walnuts, hazelnuts, beechnuts, sunflower seeds, chestnuts, raisins, apple, pear, carrot, cucumber, and broccoli.

73. Frozen colored ice globes from Run Wild, My Child

For a really neat STEAM project, have your kids fill water balloons with colored water (using food coloring), and let them freeze. Then pop the balloon and you’ll have a really cool ice globe for your kids to play with or decorate outside.

74. Stargaze 

Bundle up tight and pull out the telescope one evening to check out the winter constellations. (The great thing is, you won’t have to wait too late for it to get dark outside!)

75. Create a snow castle

Get out the summer sand toys and help your kids make a “snow castle” instead of a sandcastle. And the best part is, you won’t have to worry about the tide coming in.

76. Have a treasure hunt

Bury a few fun snow toys or waterproof objects in the snow for your kids to find. Making a treasure map is definitely optional!

77. Search for animal tracks

Go on a walk in the woods and look specifically for animal tracks. Pay close attention to puddles to see if you spot any footprints around them!

78. Make a giant snowball

Work together to create the world’s biggest snowball.

79. Visit a neighborhood park

Usually, the neighborhood park is pretty empty in the winter, but that doesn’t mean it still can’t be a fun place for your kids!

(Be aware that anything metal, like monkey bars, could be potentially frozen or really cold, so review with your kids which activities would be the safest.)

80. Sit in a hot tub

Sitting in a hot tub and watching the steam rise into the cold air can be an almost magical experience for kids!

It’s recommended that kids under the age of 5 should not use hot tubs, so keep this idea in mind for your older kids.

81. Go on a dogsled ride

You don’t have to live in the Arctic to go on a dogsled ride! If you’re visiting a ski area, look to see if there are any touring dog sledding companies nearby. Your kids will likely remember this for years to come!

Fun and EASY winter treats

These sweet winter treat ideas would be great to include on your Winter Bucket List for kids!

82. Fancy hot chocolate bar

Instead of just serving up regular hot chocolate, set out some cute marshmallows, chocolate shavings, peppermint bits, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and more!

83. Make and decorate sugar cookies

Christmas isn’t the only time to make sugar cookies! Instead, make snowflake shapes in January or heart-shaped cookies in February.

Our favorite sugar cookie recipe is from Sally’s Baking Addiction.

Related article: How to Decorate Sugar Cookies with Kids (and Not Get Too Stressed Out!)

84. Make a winter-themed charcuterie board

Grab these cute small snowflake-shaped cutters and let your kids make snowflake cheese shapes while you pile on the crackers, grapes, and whatever else you want to add!

85. Create snowman pancakes

Use your normal pancake recipe and make snowman pancakes. All you need to do is position three small pancakes in a vertical row, and add a few chocolate chips for eyes, mouth, and buttons.

86. Make individual pizzas

Have a pizza night and let your kids put their own toppings on their individual pizzas.

87. Try some cute snowman smoothies

These adorable snowman smoothies from Eats Amazing are easy, festive, and delicious!

88. Make snow cones

Instead of eating snow outside, use this snow cone and slushie machine to make snow cones for your kids indoors!

89. Popcorn balls

For a less-sugary treat, make some popcorn balls with your kids for a fun winter snack.

90. Homemade chocolate fondue

Chocolate fondue is super easy and delicious! Set out some marshmallows, pretzels, orange slices, pineapple cubes, apple slices, and more, and let your kids go to town!

91. Cinnamon sugar snowflakes 

This simple winter treat from Happy Hooligans uses a simple tortilla and some cinnamon and sugar. Your kids could get involved by cutting their own snowflake shape too!

Small acts of service

Adding some service is a great way to round out your Winter Bucket List for Kids!

92. Take a treat to a neighbor

Have your kids think of someone in your neighborhood who could use a pick-me-up and make them a cute winter treat. (We recommend the cinnamon sugar snowflakes or some decorated sugar cookies!)

93. Shovel a neighbor’s driveway or sidewalk

If it snows where you live, have your kids join you in clearing off your neighbor’s driveway or sidewalk one morning!

shoveled sidewalk

94. Leave a thank you note for the postal worker

Our postal workers are out in the elements nearly every day of the year. Why not have your kids write your postal worker and thank you note acknowledging how much they appreciate them braving the winter weather?!

95. Paint and leave kindness rocks

Find a few flat rocks and have your kids paint them in bright colors. They could paint a happy message such as “Smile,” “You are loved,” “You matter,” and more. Then leave the rocks at a local park or in a neighbor’s flower bed for others to find.

96. Write and mail a letter

Have your kids write a letter or draw a picture for a grandparent or family member who lives far away. Receiving a real piece of mail will probably make their day!

97. Return someone’s shopping cart

While you’re in a store parking lot with your kids, offer to return someone else’s shopping cart. You never know how this one small action might make a difference in someone else’s day.

98. Make homemade Valentine’s 

Pull out the construction paper, scissors, and glue, and help your kids make homemade Valentine’s for family members, teachers, or friends.

99. Host a winter coat drive

Reach out to friends, church members, community members, team members, family, and more to collect gently-used winter coats for those in need! Then donate them to a local homeless shelter.

100. Volunteer at the food bank

Many local food banks are in need of volunteers in the winter. If you have older kids or teenagers, take them with you to stock shelves or pass out food for a few hours on an afternoon or weekend.

101. Coordinate a sock drive

Collect new, warm winter socks for the residents at a local shelter. Reach out to friends, teachers, sports team members, coworkers, church, and community members, and post about it on social media!

Why Kids Love Bucket Lists

Bucket lists are great for kids for several reasons:

  1. They give kids something to look forward to after the excitement of the holidays.
  2. Kids look forward to the personal interaction with you
  3. Having a list can help kids visualize what’s coming up in the next few months
  4. They help kids understand the importance of planning

Final thoughts about this Winter Bucket List for kids

As with all things here at Jen Bradley|MOMs, we are here to help you find meaningful ways to connect with your kids WITHOUT adding a ton of extra work to your already-too-busy life!

We hope you and your kids will enjoy these ideas on the Winter Bucket List for Kids. If you haven’t had a chance to download it yet, you can do so by joining our Free Printable Library right here:

free printable winter bucket list for kids

Remember, whatever activities you choose from our Winter Bucket List for Kids, keep it simple! What your kids really want most is the opportunity to connect with you and have a little fun in the process!

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The Ultimate Winter Bucket List for KidsThe Ultimate Winter Bucket List for KidsThe Ultimate Winter Bucket List for KidsThe Ultimate Winter Bucket List for KidsThe Ultimate Winter Bucket List for Kids

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