Fun Christmas Family Feud Game for the Whole Family

You can play this Christmas Family Feud game with friends or family and make some great Christmas memories this year! 

Whether you’re hosting a family Christmas event, a classroom or company Christmas party, or a church youth group activity, Christmas Family Feud may be exactly what you need for some great entertainment! 

In this article, you’ll find everything you need to know about how to play Christmas Family Feud. You’ll also learn how to modify it for a virtual version and get a great list of Christmas survey questions and answers from real-life respondents!

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What is Family Feud? And why do people love it?  

Ranked number three on the list of the 60 Greatest Game Shows of All Time by TV Guide, Family Feud is a super fun TV game show that’s been around for more than four decades!  

On the TV show, two families play against each other to win a cash prize. 

Each team gains points by correctly guessing the most popular answers to simple survey questions given to 100 different people. 

Here are a few sample survey questions:

  • “Name something you’d do in front of a mirror.”
  • “What is something you never leave home without?”
  • “Name something you’d bring to the beach for your kids.” 

Players have to think quickly – which often results in completely hilarious answers! 

It’s also a fantastic game because you get to cheer on your teammates and build some family unity at the same time! 

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get into how you can make Family Feud a part of your Christmastime celebrations.

What is Christmas Family Feud? 

Christmas Family Feud is an at-home (or virtual!) spin-off of the popular TV game show. 

While there won’t be any TV cameras rolling, studio lights blazing, or fancy digital scoreboards, you can absolutely recreate Family Feud at home! 

The survey questions and answers we’ve provided all have a Christmasy theme, so you’ll be able to keep your activity feeling festive too. 

How to Play Christmas Family Feud


To prep for your own Christmas Family Feud, you’ll need survey questions and answers all centered on a Christmasy theme. 

Thanks to the help of Jen Bradley|MOMs social media followers, email list respondents, and family and friends, we collected over 200 survey responses!

We’ve whittled everything down and created 3 full Christmas Family Feud games you can play with your family or friends this holiday season.

christmas family feud

This printable game gives you question cards for the host, display cards for the guests, detailed instructions, and a scorecard to keep track of points throughout the game.

If you wish to use the display cards (which we definitely recommend!), you’ll want to cover each individual answer with a separate strip of paper so the players can’t see them.  Blue sticky tack like this works perfectly. 

Finally, if you’re going to be offering prizes, you’ll need to get those in advance too (check out our list of cute “cash” prize ideas at the bottom of this article!). 


Next, you’ll need to set up your space. 

Simply set out chairs on either side of the living room (or move the couches!), so the two teams can sit together in a row and face off against the other team. 

You’ll need a small space for two contestants to come to the front of the room to answer the Face-Off questions (more on that soon!). 

And if you can get your hands on two buzzers, that’d be great too, but they’re not necessary. (This fun set of four colorful buzzers is really inexpensive!) 

Finally, since you’ll have all the answers, it’s best if you are the host of the game. 

It’s also a good idea to have another person help you manage your posters and pull off the strips of paper as the game progresses. 


Before you start to play, divide your guests into two teams. 

On the TV game show, teams are limited to 5 people and players need to be 15 years or older.

But you can definitely have more than five people per team. (Do keep in mind that every player may not have a chance to do a Face-Off though.)

Also, all of our Christmas Family Feud questions are super kid-friendly, and kids ages 6 and up should be good to participate. 

Let each team know that it’ll be helpful if they stay seated in the same order throughout the game, so everyone can easily keep track of whose turn it is to answer next or do the next Face-Off. 

Once you have your teams settled on opposite sides of the room, it’s time for Christmas Family Feud to begin!

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Family Feud Face-Off

To start the game, each team will send one player up to the front of the room for the first Face-Off. 

As you begin to read the first question, either player can buzz in with their answer. (If you don’t have buzzers, the players can either smack a table or clap or raise their hands.)

If they get the first-place answer at the top of the board, their team automatically gets to finish the round. 

But if the first person to answer doesn’t get the first-place answer, the other player gets a chance to guess the first-place answer. If they get a more common answer than the first player, their team gets to finish the round instead. 

If neither player guesses the first-place answer, the player’s team that got the highest-place answer in the Face-Off gets to finish the round. 

Each team receives points for the answer they give according to how many people gave the same answer on the survey. (Use the handy scorecard in the Christmas Family Feud printable to keep track!)

Question Round

The team that won the Face-Off gets to finish the question round. This means that each player on the team gets a chance to answer the same question, trying to guess all 5 of the top answers listed on the board. 

If a player gives an answer that isn’t on the board, the team receives one strike. 

After three strikes or incorrect answers, the other team gets a chance to confer together and try to guess any of the correct answers on the board. If they offer a correct answer on the board, they get to steal all of the points. 

At this point, all of the remaining answers are revealed and it’s time for another Face-Off!

On the TV show, usually, only 4 rounds of questions are played so different families have a chance to be featured. 

Since you probably don’t have the same time constraints as a network TV game show, you can definitely play more than 4 rounds if you’d like! 

Fast Money Round

You certainly don’t have to include a Fast Money round. Fast Money is designed to help the winning team increase their overall score and win more money. So if you want to offer some bigger prizes, keep reading! 

Just know that the game can feel complete after playing 5-7 Face-Off with question rounds! 

To play Fast Money, the winning team chooses two people to participate. One of them must leave the room so they can’t hear what is being said. 

The first Fast Money player is then asked 5 survey questions within a 20-second time limit, giving one answer for each question. If needed, the player can pass and move on to the next question.  

Points are earned based on how many people gave the same answer, just as in the question rounds of the game. 

After the first Fast Money player is done, the second player comes back into the room and is asked the same 5 survey questions. For the second time around, the time clock is set for 25 seconds. If the second player gives the same answer as the first player, they can try again. 

Once both Fast Money players are done, their total points are tallied. If they get more than 200 points combined, their team wins the grand prize! 

Survey Questions and Answers 

Here’s a look at 8 of the 15 questions we asked in our Christmas Family Feud survey. 

  1. Name one of Santa’s reindeer, other than Rudolph.
  2. Name a word that rhymes with “jingle.” 
  3. What is a gift you do NOT want to receive for Christmas?
  4. Name something you might see at the North Pole.
  5. Name someone Santa would invite to a party.
  6. What is a popular Christmas cookie shape?
  7. Name a favorite well-known Christmas song. 
  8. What is a word that begins with “snow?” 

We had over 200 responses, thanks to our social media audience, email list subscribers, and family and friends! 

To get your pre-printed copy of Christmas Family Feud from our Etsy shop, click right here!

christmas family feud

Prize Ideas for Christmas Family Feud

Whether you choose to play Fast Money or not, it’s a great idea to have a few prizes on hand for the winners! 

Here are some of our favorites, all available on Amazon: 

Family Feud 6th Edition Bundle – comes with the main game, the Family Feud Strikeout card game, and a buzzer! (You could easily split this bundle by giving the main Family Feud game to the winning family and the Strikeout card game to the runners-up!) 

Family Feud Disney Edition – If you have any big Disney fans coming for Thanksgiving, this prize would be perfect for them! 

Family Feud Kids’ Edition – Intended for ages 8 and up, this game also includes a complimentary app that allows you to access sound effects used on the real TV show! 

$100 Bill Erasers – If you can’t give out real $100 bills to the winning team, how about these cute erasers instead? 

$100 Bill Playing Cards – This set comes with 12 individually packaged sets of 52 playing cards, all with $100 bills on the back!

Money Mazes – You can put a small cash prize in the center of each of the 6 mazes for the winning team! 

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Variations for  Christmas Family Feud

It’s really easy to adapt Christmas Family Feud to almost any type of Christmas gathering! 

Whether you’re hosting a large group celebration or participating in a virtual Christmas event, keep reading to see how Christmas Family Feud can work for you. 


If you’re having a virtual event, you can have several people in one location form a team, or you can assign people in completely different places to be on the same team. 

During a Face-Off on Zoom, the first player to raise their virtual “hand” gets to give their answer first. 

If a team needs to confer with each other after the opposing team gets three strikes, they can either break into a separate Zoom room or they can make comments to each other using the chat feature as well. 

Fast Money is a little trickier via Zoom, but the second Fast Money player would have to be on the honor system to either mute their sound or go into another room so they can’t hear the questions before it’s their turn. 

Large group

If you have a very large group of more than 14 people, you may want to consider breaking the group into smaller teams of 4-5 people. Also, you may need to play fewer question rounds, just like they do on the TV game show. This way, everyone will get a chance to participate in a Face-Off. 

If your group doesn’t want to break into smaller teams, that’s perfectly fine. But be sure to make it clear that with a team of more than 6 or 7 people, not everyone will get to do a Face-Off or participate in every question round. 

Final thoughts about Christmas Family Feud

If you enjoy playing Christmas Family Feud, you can always audition for the real TV game show right here

Who knows?! Maybe your family will make their amazing TV debut and win the $20,000 grand prize! 

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Fun Christmas Family Feud Game for the Whole FamilyFun Christmas Family Feud Game for the Whole FamilyFun Christmas Family Feud Game for the Whole FamilyFun Christmas Family Feud Game for the Whole FamilyFun Christmas Family Feud Game for the Whole Family

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